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Sanskar gets angry and holds Ragini’s neck. Dadi tells Shekhar that Ragini is not in her room. They see Ragini shouting and goes to rescue her. Sanskar tells she has crossed all limits today. Swara asks have you gone mad? Laksh says Ragini asked me not to hurt anyone, and this Swara is provoking her husband to hurt others. He promises Ragini to give her wifey rights. Ragini gets happy. Laksh and Ragini take Shekhar’s blessings and leaves. Annapurna tells they should have reached now. Sujata comes and informs her that Sumi tried to kill Dadi. She says I am feeling bad for Ragini. Annapurna is shocked. Swara gets upset and is in her tent. Sanskar tells that he will do her work. Swara asks if he will kill her or suffocate her. Sanskar says he got angry as Ragini badmouthed about her. Swara says if

he takes wrong step then he will go to jail and her parents will never be separated. He says if you don’t trust me, then why we are together, end this story. Swara tries to stop him, and sees Ragini standing. Sumi comes to Shekhar’s house. Shekhar stops her, but Dadi says let her come inside else she will make drama. She says Laksh has decided to give wifey rights to Ragini, failing Swara’s conspiracy. Shekhar says your daughter’s life is also ruined because of you. He says it will be too late, when you try to rectify your mistake. Sumi hears everything silently.

Sanskar thinks about Swara’s words and walks on road tensedly. Ragini tells Swara that no one trusts her, and asks her to leave from there. She says even Sanskar left you, and you can’t go to Baadi also. She says Laksh promised to give me wifey rights and then you can’t do anything. Swara asks why you are wasting time on me, and asks her to take her rights from Laksh. She says may be then you can understand that I didn’t come here to separate you both. Ragini asks why did you wear that ring which Laksh made you wear it. Swara takes ring out and gives in her hand. She sees ring in Ragini’s hand and says it is the samw ring which was lost during engagement. She says no problem, keep both of the rings. She asks herself to be strong. Ragini comes to room and asks shall I bring milk for you. Laksh says no. He says I love Swara……….Ragini gets shocked. Laksh says I used to love her, but now I hate her very much. He says you have to bear much because of my hatredness. He holds her hand to get closer to her, and says he will fulfill his promise. Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage plays………………….Ragini closes her eyes…….Laksh is about to kiss her, just then they hear Swara shouting Sanskar’s name.

Swara tries to stop Sanskar from burning the tent. Sanskar says he will burn everything. Laksh comes there and tries to stop him. Everyone rush out and see the tent on fire. Durga Prasad asks have you gone mad? He sprays water on Sanskar and asks him to come in his senses. Sanskar says it is enough now, and says I don’t understand why can’t you see truth. He says everyone think that I tried to kill Ragini, but don’t understand why did I do this. Laksh intervenes. Sanskar says I will tell and you all will listen. Sanskar says I came here to take revenge, and I was wrong, this girl Swara showed me right path. He asks them to think why he hurt Ragini? Sujata asks him to go and sleep. Sanskar says I will tell the truth and that too with proofs. He calls someone and asks to bring someone. He tells Swara danced on her sangeet day in drugged state and he used to give her medicine. He tells I used to give her medicine daily. He says whatever Ragini said was truth. Laksh asks him to stop talking rubbish. He says it was my and Ragini’s plan to separate you and Swara. Ragini gets tensed. Sanskar says I thought Kavita died because of Laksh, and that’s why thought to snatch his love from him.

He says Swara showed him right way and he rectified his mistake. He shows the medicine bottle and says Ragini kept this medicine in Swara’s almari. He says Swara did what I asked her to do. He took her to club and then asked her to dance. He asks Laksh, who made Swara eat the laddoo. The Inspector comes and says he is proof of the truth. He tells Inspector gave you some video, and tells truth was something else. Inspector tells that he raided the hotel on Sanskar’s saying, and it was a family hotel. Doctor comes who saved Swara’s life, after she was rescued by the women. He shows the plate which Ragini threw near the river. He tells Ragini made Dadi recall the ritual and took Swara. She then came back and told that Swara left alone. Ragini says he is lying. Laksh asks Sanskar to keep quiet. Sanskar says not today and says he got this plate near the river. He tells Ragini talked to Swara and asks her to return Laksh. She then pushed her in river. He pushes her, but holds her hand. He says everyone don’t doubt on her because of her innocent face, but she is very clever from inside. He says Ragini is responsible for your marriage with her, she is responsible for separating her parents, and doing bad publicity about Swara.

Sanskar says I proved infront of you all. Swara says innocent, and guilty is me and Ragini. He tells Sujata is with me in all this. Laksh says Chachi…….Sanskar tells Durga Prasad that Sujata and Ragini hired a Dayan who came to Baadi, to kill Swara, but he saved her. He apologizes to Swara for her heart break, and says I love you Swara………Swara is shocked. Sanskar says he don’t know how did he fall in love with her, but he can’t think of life without her. He falls on her hugging her. Swara is shocked. Durga Prasad asks Ram to make Sanskar sleep in his room. Ragini eyes something. Durga Prasad tries talking to Ragini, but Laksh stops him saying Sanskar’s statement can’t be true. He asks Inspector if Ragini was with Sanskar. Inspector says he didn’t see Ragini with him. Laksh says Swara might have fallen in the river and might be acting. He says no one has proof against Ragini, and I don’t want you to question Ragini. Durga Prasad says I will come to your police station to file complaint against you. Laksh assures Ragini that no one will doubt her, and says I am with you. Annapurna says I am with Laksh.

Parineeta says Swara is a liar and have framed Adarsh. She says both are big conspiracy creators. Durga Prasad says I tried to hear you completely, and says he has taken a decision. He will tell his decision in the morning, and asks Swara to get inside for tonight. After everyone is gone, Ragini tells Swara that everyone believes her and says you are alone. Swara says I am not alone, but my truth is with me. Ragini finds Sanskar bracelet and picks it up. Swara recalls Sanskar confessing love. Swara hears Sujata blaming her for Sanskar’s condition. Ram says I am with Durga Prasad this time, and will agree with his punishments. Sujata asks Swara to leave in the morning alone. Swara asks what did you do? Sanskar says I told everything and that too with proofs. He says I really love Swara…………..while still in drunk state. Swara cries.

Laksh asks Ragini not to cry as everyone is with her. Ragini keeps her head on his shoulder. Laksh promises to bring her smile back on her face and says that day we will start our relation. He asks her to sleep. Ragini takes Sanskar’s bracelet and goes out recalling Sanskar’s accusations. She goes to kitchen, open the window, tears her blouse, rubs her lipstick, opens her hairs before throwing bracelet in the kitchen. She shouts fro help. Swara asks what happened. Laksh comes out. Ragini asks Laksh to save her. Ragini says she went to kitchen to drink water, when someone attacked her from behind. Parineeta covers her torn blouse. Annapurna says everything will be fine. Laksh gets bracelet which she threw in the kitchen. Adarsh says it might be that man. Ragini says that man held me from behind. Laksh tells that he has eloped, but left proof. He shows the bracelet. Ram tells it is Sanskar’s bracelet which I gifted him. Ragini looks on.

Laksh lifts Sanskar and beats him up accusing him for molesting Ragini. Sanskar says he is innocent and asks Swara if she don’t say anything. Laksh raises his hand to beat him up, but Swara holds Laksh’s hand. She tells Durga Prasad to give her one chance to proof Sanskar’s innocence. Durga Prasad agrees. Swara turns to Ragini.

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  1. Chiiii!!! Wat da hell was this???!!!!!!
    Lyk srslyyyy!!!!! I thot at least today everyone will believe sanskar………BUT!!!! Even after soo many proofs no one is ready to believe them!!!! How stupid yaarr!!!????

    N rags! U toh had crossed ur limits earlier only……….,wat to say bout u!!!

    N that scene of laksh n ragini!!!!! Waattttt the hellllllllllll has happened to laksh????????? He was not soo foolish b4!!????
    He was about to…………!!! My gosh!!!!!

    This clearly shows that laksh never loved swara!!!! Coz if he loved he wud not have gone to such a height of shamelessness!!!!!!!!!

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