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Arjun greets Panchal naresh Dhrupad and says he is his guru’s friend once, so he will be respected like a guru’s friend. Dhurpad asks Drona has 5 favorites, but only one came, who is he. Arjun says if elder Pandav Yudistra or younger one would have defeated him, he would have thought it is injustice, so a middle one came and his name is Arjun. Dhrupad asks to start fight.

Karn and Jarasand’s fight starts. They shoot arrows and arrows strike in between and destroy. Jarasand thiks he did not such a brave archer, for sure his speed is more than air speed. Vaishali asks Bhism he is on whose side now. Bhism says his dharm is to be on Hastinapur’s side. Vaishali it is sad to say that his dharm does not come to protect Ang people.

Arjun and Dhrupad’s

fight continues and Dhrupad’s bow falls by Arjun’s arrow. Dhrupad praises him. Arjun says he will feel these arrow repeatedly and shoots again. Dhrupad falls down from chariot.

Karn and Jarasand’s fight continues. Ang people come out of hide out and old man says Karn is really their raja who is fighting for them. Bhism says Jarasand will attack people now. Jarasand shoots arrow and it converts into multiple arrows and is about to pierce people when Karn shoots his arrow and destroys them all. People chant Ang raj Karn ki jai ho.

Dhrupad gets afraid seeing Arjun’s special arrow. Drona says it is snake arrow. Arrow converts into snake and ties Dhrupad. Dhurpad is dragged into Drona’s feet. Arjun asks Drona to accept his guru dakshina. Drona orders to bring Ashwathhama and make him raja right now.

Jarasand provokes Karn by saying he could not save his brother, how will he save his praja/people now. Karn gets very angry. Bhism says karn should not get angry, else it will be difficult to defeat Jarasand. Vaishali says Karn’s anger is his strength. Karn fumes in anger, but closes eyes and reminisces guru Parashuram’s words that he should use his anger and pain as his weapon. Jarasand shoots arrow. Karn holds it and breaks. He then shoots arrow and Jarasand falls down from chariot. He shoots next and breaks chariot. Another arrows hits Jarasand but breaks. Jarasand asks if he has an arrow that can pierce his body. Karn shoots and arrows pierces his chest. He says he now realized that he found a warrior whose arrow can pierce his chest.

Sunset happens and Karn says they will fight tomorrow morning. Jarasand says he does not know all this rules and shouts that he will wrestle with him now till either of them dies and throws chariot wheel on Karn and Karn falls down from chariot. Jarasand starts hitting Karn. Vaishali asks Bhism till when this battle will continue. Bhism says till one of them dies. Jarasand throws Karn and asks if he still wants to fight. Karn says he will as his wish is to destroy whoever makes injustice in this world.

Drona makes Ashwathtama Panchal’s raja and says Dhrupad that he wants to break is arrogance and says he is raja’s father now and Dhrupad is nothing. He donates half panchal to Dhrupad and says he fulfilled his promise and now Dhrupad is adha/half panchal naresh. He chants bolo hastinapur ki jai and asks Dhrupad to repeat it reminding that he should praise whoever donates him. Dhrupad chants hastinapur ki jai ho. Drona says it is better and says ashwattham’s raj abhishek is finished, now he will return to hastinapur and finish yuvraj abhishek. He looks at Dhrupad and Duryodhan once and leaves with pandavs.

Jarasand continues beating Karn, throws into dirt and throws him repeatedly. Karn falls down energyless injured. Vaishali pleads Bhism to stop his fight and protect Karn. Bhism picks his bow. Karn signals him not to. Bhism asks what is his intention. A child requests Karn to get up and attack for him. Old man says he promised to attack for his son. Everyone shout to get up and attack. Karn gets up from dirt and smiles seeing people encouraging him and says Jarasand that he won his first battle of removing Ang people’s fear and now it is his turn. He closes eyes and reminisces Radha’s word that he has to defeat his enemy for his mother and his clan.

Duroydhan angrily tells Dushyasan that he will not accept Yudistra snatching his yuvraj throne. Dushyasan says he will kill them all. Duryodhan says now he will use dam, dand, bhed to win and asks to inform shakuni and his powerful friend Karn.

Karn beats Jarasand and throws him into dirt repeatedly. Rain starts. Karn picks Jarasand on his shoulder and then throws on ground and beats him repeatedly again reminding about his brother’s murder, etc.. Jarasand laughs and says he did not accept defeat and he cannot kill him. Karn says he knows he should be torn and holds his leg to tear him. Jarasand pleads and accepts his defeat. People jump in happiness seeing Karn’s victory.

Precap: People happily pick Karn after his victory. Jarasand stops Karn and gets ready to fight again.

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