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Siya Ke Ram 31st January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with a huge snake approaching Urmila. The sisters get shocked. Urmila screams. Laxman shoots arrows at the snake and shuts its mouth. Urmila turns to see Laxman. Mandvi and Shruthkirti look on. Urmila runs to them being scared. Laxman looks on, daringly at the snake. The snake throws the arrows away and sees Laxman’s godly avatar(snakes Lord Seshnath) Laxman stares at the snake. The snake goes away. Urmila is shaken up by her sisters and sees Laxman. Mandvi says I felt we lost you today. Shruthkirti says I m still shivering recalling the sight of that huge snake. Mandvi says its good Laxman was with us, else don’t know what would have happened. Laxman gives the flower to Urmila. Urmila takes the flower. Music plays……………..

Urmila turns away. Laxman asks her

is she fine. Mandvi smiles. Urmila says thanks for protecting my life. Laxman says this was my duty.

Sita says my sisters would have come back till now. Ram says don’t worry, Laxman is with them. She says its not about worry, we sisters have always been together since childhood, if we stay away, heart gets restless. Ram says we four brothers have same relation, Bharat and Shatrughan stayed in Kaikaya for some years, and Laxman and I stayed in Ayodhya, but our connectivity and bond did not get affected by this distance.

Laxman brings the sisters back. Urmila comes running. Urmila hugs Sita. Sita asks what happened. Mandvi says Urmila would have not been alive if Laxman was not there, and tells what happened at the lake, when Urmila went to take the lotus. Sita goes to Laxman and thanks him for protecting her sister. Laxman says this was my duty, don’t embarrass me with thanks, and don’t call me Aap, call me tum. Shruthkirti tells Sita that we cry resting on your shoulders now, what will happen when you go Ayodhya. Sita says we should leave now, and asks Urmila to come. Ram looks on. Sita leaves with her sisters.

Ram says Laxman, there are magical powers staying/hiding in these jungles, we have to be alert Laxman says sure. Ram says there is a good news, Bharat and Shatrughan are coming to Mithika. Laxman says that’s great, when we four brothers are together, no magical powers can harm us.

Raavan tells Malyavaan that Tatik would have killed Janak’s family till now, I m curious to hear this from Tatik. Tatik comes to him and greets him. Raavan blesses him and says I knew you will ruin Janak’s kul and give me the good news. Tatik sahs no, I have returned being unsuccessful. Raavan says Tatik. Tatik says I was attacking Sita’s sister Urmila, I have witnessed my Devta Seshnath and I could not kill anyone innocent there in my Lord Seshnath’s presence. Raavan shouts Tatik and gets angry, taking a weapon. He says you know I hare failure. A man informs him that Mata Kaikesi wants to meet him. Raavan goes to meet Mata Kaikesi and greets her.

She gets angry. He asks why this anger, did I do any mistake. She says mistake and fumingly comes to her. She says I gave you birth by some motive, and now you are moving off your way, being your mother, its my duty to bring you back on the way. He asks what did I do. She asks him to forget what happened in Mithila, why is he giving importance to such small Rajya, he will lose his control on three loks. He says I can forget everything, but not my insult, if I suppress my anger, I will burn, if I don’t take revenge for my insult, none will be afraid of me.

She says is this anger for not lifting Dhanush or not getting Janak’s daughter. He asks Janak’s daughter. She says I heard she is very beautiful and laughs. She says I m your mother and know you well, beautiful women make you weak, I m seeing Kaal on your head by my tantric powers, that Kaal shadow is in woman’s avatar. He asks who is she, I will find her, wherever she is, she will get death by my hands. He leaves. She screams.

Malyavaan talks to Raavan about his kaal. Raavan asks him to find that woman. Many pandits check his kundli and one says its impossible, how can this happen. Raavan asks what did you see, that you have become so scared. He checks the address and time, by nakshatra. He asks what is in this. The man says something happened there, that is related to you. Raavan recalls that he was going to punish Indra that time. FB shows Raavan flying in his airplane, and going to punish Indra. He hears a sweet voice of a lady. He thinks if the voice is so sweet, she will be very beautiful. He sees a lady chanting.

He says why do beautiful women waste life in Tapasya, when she sees me, she will fall in my feet and I will take her to Lanka along with me. He goes to that lady and stares at her. He says Sundari… open your eyes and see, your prayers are accepted, Sundari…. She continues chanting. He calls out Sundari… she opens her eyes and sees him. He smiles and says everyone fell for me, its first time I fell for someone, think its your luck, your place is not in these mountains, but in my gold Rajya, I will marry you. She says sorry Lankesh, I have regarded Lord Vishnu my husband and do tapasya to get him, you did not do right to break my tapasya. Raavan laughs and says beautiful women don’t waste live by tapasya. She says you are wasting my time. He says if you don’t agree, I will use my power. She says don’t dare to come close to me. He laughs and holds her. She says leave me Lankesh, and shouts. She gets away and calls him a sinner, as he has made her impure by his touch, now her life is waste. She says you insulted a woman today, you broke my life long tapasya, so I curse you today, your death reason will be a woman. The lady Vedvati burns. Raavan looks on. FB ends.

Raavan says Vedvati I will not let your curse turn true. Kaikesi tells Raavan that they will try to see that woman’s location. They use powers and can’t bear to see Sita’s face. Kaikesi says she is very powerful, even after our powers, we could not see her. He hears that that woman is born, and his end is destined. Raavan asks Kaikesi to say how can he get info about that woman. She says Yamraj can tell you about that woman. He says I will even go to Yamlok to find out about that woman. He leaves.

Narad goes to BrahmaDev and tells him that Kaikesi told Raavan that a woman will be responsible for Raavan’s death, so Raavan is finding that woman. Dev says powerful people have weakness too, Raavan’s weakness is Maya. Raavan climbs some stairs and enters Yamlok. He calls out Chitragupt and goes ahead even after warning. He kills the guards. Chitragupt stops him, and says entrance in Yamlok is only after death, go from here as your death still has time Lankesh. Raavan freezes him with his powers and says I m Lankesh, I m Swami of three loks, I can go anywhere. He turns over the papers of the book, and sees blank paper. He asks why am I not able to see, where is Yamraj and calls him out. Yamraj comes and says I m here Raavan. Chitragupt runs to Yamraj. Raavan asks who is that woman who is going to kill him. Yamraj says I can’t answer you, you have gone close to your death, your end is destined. He laughs and says don’t you know, this is my Yamlok. Raavan says you have pride about this Yamlok, if I change it then. He starts laughing and Yamlok starts getting ruined. Yamraj says you can change this lok by your magical powers, but not your death. Goddess Kaali/Mrityu Devi appears there. Raavan sees her. She comes infront of him, while the lok is burning hot by fire flames. Raavan hits on the ground by tapping his feet and his army appears behind him. He signs them to go ahead. Mrityu Devi kills them by fighting single handedly with many soldiers. Raavan looks on. Raavan flies and hits her. They both get in air and have a powerful fight, with light beams from their magical weapons. Raavan’s powers fail infront of her. He shouts and tries hard. She screams and creates waves. Raavan looks on.

A fire balls falls down and Raavan too falls down. He sees the goddess and thinks this is goddess of death/Mrityu Devi, I can’t win over her. She goes to him and is about to stab him. Raavan captures Yamraj and laughs. Yamraj asks her to go, as its not time for Raavan’s death yet. She disappears. Raavan laughs and lifts Yamraj in air. He says now I have held Yamraj, I will capture even Navgraha(The Nine Planetary Deities in Hindu Astrology).

Malyavaan asks why did he detain Yamraj and Navgraha here. Raavan says I will keep him under my feet, who will harm me now, I can’t die, I will know that secret, Yamraj will say who is that woman who is marrying Vishnu…. Brahmadev appears there. Raavan greets him and asks did you come to take Yamraj. Bhahmadev says not just Yamraj, but also Navgraha. Raavan says sure, tell me who is that woman who will become reason for my death. Brahmadev says you took Vardaan from me what no human, animal, bird, thing or anything else can kill you, and still you are so scared, what are you thinking being such a powerful king.

Brahmadev says when you came to take the vardaan, I felt you are Gyaani, but I feel you are Agyaani seeing you today, is this true. Raavan shouts Agyaani? Brahmadev says just Agyaani can doubt on my vardaan, that’s why you are feeling insecure. Raavan says no, I don’t have any doubt on your vardaan. Brahmadev says but you fear of death, that’s why you are finding that woman, and kept Yamraj and Navgraha here. Raavan says no way, I will not go after that woman. Raavan greets Brahmadev and laughs. He says I m immortal, my death is impossible.

Guru Vashist says Dasharath, tomorrow is good mahurat to head for Mithila. Dasharath smiles. Shathanand reads Dasharath’s letter to Janak that he approves the marriage. Janak gets glad. Laxman gives this good news to Ram, and Urmila tells Sita that Dasharath give his approval for Ram and Sita’s marriage. Ram and Sita smile.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Really the MAHAAAA EPISODE. Finally LAXMILA started.

    1. wellwisher (ww) Siya ke ram fan

      congrats dude u r 1st

  2. Awesome epi.. specially lakshman n urmilla❤

  3. today laxman and urmilla scene is very nice.loved it.

  4. Superb finally urmila likes laxman….

  5. can anyone tell me who will kill raavan and how.

    1. of course ram will kill ravan…. ram along with is monkey army defeat ravan and free sita from his captivity…… and then go back to ayodhya as they would have completed their 14 yrs of vanvas….

    2. Sita will destroy Raavan’s ego in Ashokvatika.

    3. wellwisher (ww) Siya ke ram fan

      Ram kills Ravana…………..

  6. I like laxman saving urmila and bharat and shatrugna heading towards mithila.we can expect two more love stories i.e bharat-mandavi,shatrugna-shrutakeerti.nice episode.i am eagerly waiting for next episode.i am waiting to see four couple marriages.

  7. Mahe dr

    acc to the epic lord Ram will kill ravan as he will kidnap sita
    Now bharat mandvi nd shatrughn shrutkirti scns wud lso b thr

    nd i m luving Ram…he is super cute

    nd his smile

    haye rabba

  8. ram killed ravan with a special arrow.. which was his achilis hill…in Raven’s naval… most of the people dont know that naval thing..

    1. wellwisher (ww) Siya ke ram fan

      ya its true………..

  9. It was really nice epi but full of ravan scenes……. bt the way laxman saved urmila . I like that… they look nice together.

  10. Can anyone tell which version of ramayan (they usually write below) tells about this snake attack by ravan over mithila ?

    1. wellwisher (ww) Siya ke ram fan

      NO IDEA………………

  11. Wow what a episode i just love a lot

  12. Those of you who loved Urmila try reading the book Sita’s Sister. You will love her even more. It is Ramayan from her point of view.

    1. wellwisher (ww) Siya ke ram fan

      oh vow………. really???????

      thanks buddy………..

  13. Loved the rocked especially Ram and Sita and Laxmans interaction with Urmilla 🙂

  14. Nice episode.

  15. Nice Epi and nice scenes of ram-sita and laxman-urmila.

  16. But raavan vardaan that no do v human birds can kill him

    1. wellwisher (ww) Siya ke ram fan

      ya but Ravana would have got varam of absolute invulnerability(not able to get killed or hurt) from and supremacy over gods, heavenly spirits, other rakshas, serpents, and wild beasts……………. but he didnt mention human beings as he was so scornful of human beings……………… So lord Vishnu took the human avatar to kill him………. he killed all the 10 heads at a stroke……………. JAISHRIRAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM


  17. Guys what is the ship name for ram and Sita?? I was thinking how about Raita?

    1. I think it will like that
      Tara as sita and ram
      lakmila as lakshman and urmila

      1. wellwisher (ww) Siya ke ram fan

        actually Sitaram Urmilakashman Mandavibharata Shruthakirtishatrughna but since all these are long……

        SIAM r RATA r TARA




  18. wellwisher (ww) Siya ke ram fan

    loved the scenes of Urmilaka……………….

    superb epi………


    diya where r u???????

    does anyone know about Kan??????????

    1. how r u dr??? remember me???

      1. wellwisher (ww) Siya ke ram fan

        yes sis………..

        i m fine………….

        how r u and jiju????????

        i will update Beintehaa by this Saturday………. i will be back……….

        sorry couldnt read any of ur other fan fiction……….. busy with my exams………..

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