Maha Epi – Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 1st November 2015 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 1st November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rahu and Ketu start extracting all energies from Chandra Dev so they can attack Hanuman better. They then attack Hanuman. He stays all calm and composed all along. Chandra Dev looks worried. 3 Devi’s from Navdurga appear there. Chandra Dev greets them. Hanuman breaks their attack in one go. He greets all the Devi’s (Devi Shailputri, Devi Chandraghanta and Devi Brahmacharini). It is Hanuman’s turn to give a fitting reply to Rahu and Ketu now. They are unable to bear it. Sakha ties both Rahu and Ketu. They request Hanuman to free them. Hanuman returns Chandra Dev all his powers. Chandra Dev smiles in relief. I will forever be indebted to you. Hanuman says you are an ornament of Shiv ji. We all are indebted to you. You show everyone path at night. You nurture the plants / herbs.

They help in treating well. Chandra Dev says I will resume my old course now. He blesses Hanuman and disappears. Hanuman takes promise from Rahu and Ketu that they will return to their original position if he frees them. They promise him. Sakha frees them both. Hanuman allows them to go. But you know Sakha now. Don’t think of changing your positions again. They agree.

A spy updates Ravan on the same. he is angry. Things wont change if he changes the position of 3-4 planets. He wont be able to set everything back in its original place till Purnima. I will have to stop him somehow till then. There will be catastrophe by the time Purnima comes. No one will be able to stop the nar and vanars to die! Wake up my brother, Kumbhakaran. He will kill that vanar kid now!

Hanuman is on his way to meet Surya Dev. Surya Dev is happy to see Hanuman. I was sure Sankatmochan will come to take care of all our Sankat (problems). Back then, I had thought of him to be my enemy. Today the same Hanuman has come to free me from Ravan’s clutches. Hanuman thinks that he got all the powers from these Gods only. Now these powers will be used to help you all only. He greets Surya Dev as he reaches near them. The Asura warns Surya Dev not to reduce his heat. You and your powers are under our control. Increase your heat. You know Lankesh’s powers. Surya Dev mentally apologizes to Hanuman. I am forced to do it. Surya Dev increases his size and heat. Hanuman decides not to hold back. He is having trouble in looking around but continues to fly forward. He lands on Surya Graha. He is unable to see things properly though. The Asura pushes Surya Dev to raise the heat more and more. Hanuman can only see bright light now. He suddenly notices someone coming there (Kumbhakaran) and smiles. He hides the heat of Surya Dev from reaching till Hanuman.

The water has reached the gates of palace. The citizens panic. A few bats come flying inside the room. Everyone gets scared. They are actually Asuras. They surround everyone. Kesari tries to attack one of them when they all go invisible. Kesari assures everyone that he will take care of the Asuras. He challenges them. you all have come here but wont be able to go out of here. He fights the Asuras. The commander and soldiers also help him. One Asura catches hold of one of Hanuman’s friend.

Hanuman thanks Kumbhakaran for saving him from Surya’s excess heat. Who are you? Kumbhakaran gives his intro. My brother’s enemy is my enemy. I don’t accept thanks from my enemies. I have come here to kill you. Hanuman has no enmity with him. Kumbhakaran says you have enmity with my brother. It would have been fun if you were grown up. You are no less than a toy for me. Hanuman gets excited hearing about playing. Hanuman enjoys playing / fighting with Kumbhakaran. This irks Kumbhakaran. All his attacks fail to hurt Hanuman. All the Gods are watching it from above. Narad ji is worried. Last time Surya Dev had reduced the heat. But this time he is forced not to keep the heat high. Plus this Kumbhakaran! What will happen now?

Marjarika (in Anjana’s form) fights with one Asura. She warns him to leave or be ready to face the consequence. I am not with Ravan anymore. She hits him. He decides to tell her truth to Kesari. She doesn’t mind it. Marjarika realises that it might hurt Kesari a lot. He might get into a fight with Indra Dev as well. The Asura tries to tell Kesari about Anjana but he gets angry hearing Anjana’s name from his lips. He hits him badly. All the Asuras fly away. People cheer for him. They are also worried for Hanuman. He should have been back by now. Marjarika gives them hope.

Hanuman thinks of putting the practise lessons to test here. He attacks Kumbhakaran using his mace. Kumbhakaran tries to squash Hanuman under his feet but he is too swift to move aside. He gets his mace next. He hits Hanuman’s mace. Hanuman loses his grip on his mace. It flies away. He tries picking Hanuman in his hand but Hanuman instead stands on top of his fist. Kumbhakaran tries to hit him using his mace. He hurts his own hand in the process. Hanuman next stands on Kumbhakaran’s armour (on the shoulder) side. Kumbhakaran keeps hitting himself only. Hanuman jumps on his head excitedly. All the Gods smile as Kumbhakaran beats his own head in an attempt to hurt Hanuman. He challenges Hanuman to come in front of him. Hanuman takes round of him. Kumbhakaran swirls around trying to look for him. He feels dizzy. This vanar is too smart and naughty. Hanuman had fun. He now gives Sakha a chance.

Sakha extends itself and tickles Kumbhakaran. He slaps himself hard on both the sides. The other Asura calls Hanuman clever. He is getting Kumbhakaran beaten by his own hands. Sakha tickles Kumbhakaran around his waist. In the end, Kumbhakaran is all fed up. I cannot even see where he is! Till when will you hide and attack me? Sakha pulls one of Kumbhakaran’s feet. He ends up falling. Narad ji is thoroughly enjoying it. Hanuman teases Kumbhakaran. He is all angry now. You have played enough games. Now you will see my anger. He manages to pick up Hanuman. Now I will send you where I had sent your mace. Hanuman tries but is unable to free himself from Kumbhakaran’s grip. Kumbhakaran throws him down. The other Asura laughs. That vanar will burn to death because of Surya’s heat. Kumbhakaran laughs. Hanuman is falling deep in Surya Graha. He cannot even stop himself from falling. He remembers one boon that was given to him from one of the Goddesses. They were special eyes (or vision). It will help him see things clearly in any rough situation (bright light or pitch black). Hanuman opens his eyes. He looks around. He finds Mata Kushmanda Devi there and greets her. Narad ji had told me that you stay here in the depth of Surya Dev. She blesses him. Hanuman gets her message. He says Jai Mata Kushmanda Devi and then flies upwards.

Kumbhakaran decides to give the good news to his brother. Hanuman is out of his way for once and for all now. The very next moment he is shocked to see Hanuman back before him. How can this happen? The other Asura is also boggled to see him there. All the Gods smile. Kumbhakaran is furious.

Precap: Kumbhakaran uses his special powers. He binds Hanuman using them. No one can escape this, not even you! Hanuman looks at him.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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