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Ravan challenges Kaal Dev for a war. Kaal Dev’s servant stops him. Kaal Dev is doing puja. Ravan ruthlessly kills whoever comes in his way. Kaal Devi stops Ravan. What do you want? Ravan greets her. She mocks him. You should leave from here if you want your good. Ravan refuses to go back without completing his mission. I need my death arrow. She tells him that he will have to die from her hands then, that too before it is decided. She dismisses all his energies. He challenges her to kill him. She holds her arrow. She stops after hearing Aakashvani. You cannot break Lord Brahma’s boon. Ravan is blessed by him. Ravan laughs. You could not complete what you started but do my work. Give me that arrow. He laughs evilly as he holds it in his grip. She asks him to take the mrityu baand

of his entire family. He takes them all from her and turns to go. She talks about the nar avatar of Narayan; the vanar kid who is killing all his Asuras; the planets that are turning against him. Ravan is overconfident of his win.

Ma Parvati asks Lord Shiva to do something. Ravan is bent upon doing everything wrong. He reasons that Lankesh’s acts are paving his end only. Ma Parvati is worried that his acts might affect the world in a negative manner. All the Gods appear there. Narad ji expresses his concern over Ravan’s act. No God is able to stop him. Lord Shiva says we are all helpless as we have to respect Lord Brahma’s boon. Vishnu Dev too cannot do anything before its time. Hanuman too wont be able to do anything too. Narad ji is clueless what to be done. Lord Shiva says the biggest power is the one who does the right thing. Hanuman needs the boon of Devi’s so he can help the world.

Hanuman is hungry. He cannot see anyone in the kitchen. He begins to look around for something. Ma doesn’t even make laddoos anymore. Sakha playfully holds out a bottle guard. Hanuman says it is to be cooked. Look for some fruit or sweets. Hanuman finally notices some apples. Narad ji appears there. You are still hungry. Should I suggest you something? Hanuman denies as he thinks of the past. Narad ji points out that that is how he got so many boons. It is good if the end is good. Marjarika hides seeing him. Narad ji does not notice her. Marjarika is tensed as Narad ji can recognize her. Kesari joins Hanuman and Narad ji. All three of them head towards the courtroom. Marjarika is worried as Narad ji is crossing by from there only. Narad ji stops for a second as he senses something but then he moves forward.

Atibal and Marjarika try to think of a solution to this problem. A daasi comes to call Anjana. Atibal hides while Marjarika turns herself into Anjana’s form once again. Daasi gives Kesari’s message to Anjana. ANjana tells her to tell Kesari that she is leaving for Kuldevi Temple.

Narad ji advises Kesari to organize Nav Durga Puja in Sumeru so they can seek Ma’s blessings. Rajpurohit ji enters jus then. He too has come to give the same suggestion to Kesari. Hanuman asks her about Nav Durga. Marjarika overhears from a distance. Rajpurohit directs Hanuman to Narad ji. He is the best person to do so. Narad ji thinks that Hanuman has to know it all and pray to Ma. Ravan must have started creating troubles already.

Narad ji begins the story. First Devi is Shailputri. Goddess Parvati took birth as the daughter of Lord Himalaya. She later married Mahadev. Hanuman recognizes Devi Parvati and Mahadev to be the parents of Ganesha. Narad ji nods. She had broken the arrogance of Gods once. Flashback shows where Agni Dev, Varun Dev and Indra Dev were too overconfident and arrogant over their powers. They all notice a lady. She is holding a bunch of a wooden stack over her head. One sticks fall down. She requests them to help her. All the Gods fail in doing so. Devi Shailputri says you all were talking so big yet you couldn’t pick up this small stick. All the Gods bow down before her. pardon us mother. You are no ordinary woman. We were blinded by arrogance. Please bless us by coming in your original form. Devi Shailputri comes in her real roop and blesses them all. Hanuman understands that Narad ji sent him to break Surya Dev’s ego. This also teaches us that we should never become overconfident. Narad ji nods.

Next roop is Brahmacharini. She did tough tapasya to get Shiv ji. That is how she got that name from the Gods. She suffered all the torments of nature while performing the penance. Sacrifice, values are what you adapt by praying to them. Hanuman gets the second lesson. If we decide upon something and work hard on it then we get it. And then she married Mahadev. Narad ji nods.

Third Devi is Devi Chandraghanta. She rides on a lion. She has a half lion on her forehead which is why she is referred by that name. An incident is shown where a few Rishi’s praying to Devi Chandraghanta when some Asura’s attack them. Ma Chandraghanta appears there and plays her bell. The Asuras cannot bear that sound and die. Hanuman too recalls killing Chakrasur using that kind of a noise. The sounds of bells, conch and Damru end all the Asur powers. They all are very pious instruments. One should be always ready for any situation. Narad jia dds that Devi Chandraghanta ends the pains and sorrows of everyone.

Devi Kushmanda is the fourth avatar of Ma. A sage reaches a temple and is very ill. He prays to Devi Kushmanda to help him. I pray to you daily. Please help me. Devi Kushmanda appears there. The sage greets her. He is all fit and healthy the next second. He says Kushmanda Mata ki Jai! She is believed to improve health, and bestow wealth and strength.

Mata Skandamata is always there to help her devotees. A kid is unwell. His mother prays to Skandamata. I got this son after praying to you for many years. I will die if anything happens to my son. Devi Skandamata comes to give the guy a medicine saying that Vaid ji has sent it. The kid gets fine as soon as he drinks it. The couple get happy. They realise that it was Ma herself. They all thank Ma. Ma Skandamata appears before them on their request and blesses them. Body gives up when you give up mentally.

Hanuman is excited to know about the next avatar of Ma. Narad ji says Katyayani Devi is the sixth form of Devi Durga. Mahishasur stops all the Rishi’s from praying to Gods. You will all pray to us. Ma Katyayani asks Mahishasur to let go of the Rishi’s. She kills them all and thus frees the Rishi’s. Hanuman cheers for Devi Katyayini.

Narad ji talks about Ma Kalratri next. She is considered as the most violent form of Goddess Durga but she is also knows as Shumbhamkari or good thing. All the negative energies like ghosts go away when we pray to them. A few rishi’s are praying. A few ghosts surround them. The disciples are scared but the Guru is sure they cannot harm them as they are praying to Devi Kalratri. Ma Kalratri takes care of all the ghosts.

Precap: Hanuman too decides to keep fast for Ma from tomorrow onwards. Narad ji tells Kesari to help Hanuman in the same. Marjarika vows to ruin his plans. Anjana prays to Ma. The Navratre starts from tomorrow. Please bless my son.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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