Maha Epi – Piya Albela 15th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Piya Albela 15th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anand came to Pooja ,hugging her from behind and saying why do I feel this is not the right ending of this story, will have to make this ending right. Pooja says we don’t have time to change the ending now, everything happening is right. Pooja says we should go, mamaji must be waiting at venue. Anand says You can’t go without meeting your friend. Go meet him, and take your time…
Naren drinking in his room, pooja comes , Naren turns away seeing her, he is about to fall down when pooja steps towards him .. Naren says, stop, I can handle myself…
Pooja says can’t we forget every fight in our last moment together.. Naren gets emotional and comes to her. Yesterday’s Precap scene plays out..

Rahul has sensed some thing suspicious about Guruji’s plan.

He tells Neelima about it… Guruji is talking to Bandhu on phone. Rahul overhears and says I have not played less guruji.Now its my time.. Rahul frees Mayank from place where he was kept. And looks like Anand has been kidnapped in place of Naren

Pooja getting ready and thinking about Naren. Rahul has taken Mayank away and tells him that he will be the one marrying Pooja and he has brought sherwani for him… Guruji finds out Mayank is missing and here Bandhu sees that Naren is not kidnapped . Naren’s sehra bandi going on

Anand wakes up and finds himself at a secluded place. He freez himself from rope using some broken glass pieces. Bandhu calls goons and tells them that they have kidnapped the wrong guy. Anand overhears them, and realizes that they were trying to kidnap Naren. He thinks about informing Naren that his life is in danger. He tries to run away and is being beaten by goons . Anand’s parents arrive at Pooja’s house. And she asks Pooja if she knows when will Anand come Naren’s baraat arrives

Goons are beating Anand but anand manages to escape. He is thinking how to inform pooja or Naren.. He collides with the car of Rahul in which Mayank is also there. It’s the time for feras and people waiting for Anand.
Anand’s mom calls in hospital, and they inform her he didn’t come to hospital today..
Rahul asks mayank to beat him so hard that he is not able to reach the Mandap.
Anand’s mother asks her that she was with anand last night, how can she be unaware of his whereabouts.
Mayank beating Anand.
Anand hits his head on a rock lying on the roadside. rahul is shocked,goes to him and realizes he is dead
Rahul asking mayank to go away

Pooja is afraid and episode ends

Precap- Varnamala of Naren and Surbhi is about to happen and suddenly lights are switched off. Rahul comes there, takes Naren away and tells him that anand has not reached the Mandap as yet. Naren immediately runs away from there, his parents calling him but to no avail
That was over dramatic.. Without any logic.. Just watch it for conversation between Pooja and Naren at the beginning.

Update Credit to: stellaV

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  1. please update pooja and naren reomatic conversation

  2. why did thy kill anand character…..god…..i hated it…..

  3. Where Hasan right thx Stella
    Raghul to day u speak to guru correctly…but u did mistake u released mayank . u and mayank should help.
    anand. Insiead of helping ukilled anand. … and u stopped naren’s marriage also…..
    Guru. U r plan 100%flap….sothapal…
    Anand is third person .but when he heard naren is going to be killed…he wanted to save him . But mayank .raghul.naren r cousins. Very shame jealous.greedy.
    Pangali chandai. ….
    Anand roll is super…..
    Naren and pooja part is heart touching ……imagination.wearing bangles…etc…..epi 1. I saw naren. ..that naren is completely changed…..I love this naren….expressions controlling his feelings… Super…… what will next wait and watch….

  4. Aanya amirt shristi …krithika….ammu and others …plz u r comments tomorrow is a holiday take u r own time ….I give you time just like dr .
    Dr lastly left her from his hand slowly . Pls watch his face…..definitely we will cry……director .writerand others even back ground music to dayalso every one have done their job well…so good….

  5. Really anand’s death is the worst thing

  6. Anand was so adorable. Why did they kill his character.

  7. hawalulhassan875

    Ohh! writer you have done wrong thing surely you couldn’t have kill Dr Anad nd it’s very sorrowful

  8. Good morning guys plz write pooja and naren conversation. Super he sold his bike and bought the jewel..this is the last chance .after that then I ger a chance or not . So many minute conversation plz any body else write……

  9. Please update Pooja and naren conversation

  10. Hii guys,
    After a long break I am back …
    Me and my mom cry a lot last night.Anand was a good character created by writer a kind hearted understanding sensible person who understand Pooja and naren bonding as well as their love,but from now onwards we didn’t saw him in show. His death scene was very bad I hate mayank and rahul they didn’t even realize that they killed a good person without any what mayank did will not help him to get Pooja even he lost naren trust. Now he went to jail,rahul went to jail of America and our cute couple unite finally. But feeling very sad for Anand……
    I love his character played by suraj kakkar…

    1. Hiiiiiiiiiii. Welcome back.
      Comment regularly Haa.

  11. I cannot bare this kind hearted man death… good….very nice guy ….understanding person….death . Good people never live in this world..

  12. very sad for Dr.anand…
    waiting for tomorrow epi

  13. Rahul,mynk both r so bad. Poor Dr. Anand. Gys i think nw NV’ll mary to pooja. Feeling bad for Dr. Anand. Don’t knw wt’ll hapen next bt m exited to knw that.nw bt about Dr. Anand’s mom she’ll definatly blame pooja. Gys agr Dr. Anand ki deth hui hi naa ho vo sirf behosh ho i mean ho skta hai rahul ne apna rsta clean krne k liye mynk se jhooth bola ho is it posibl gys?

  14. Hi br mam,amrit di,shristi,anne,[email protected] to aap cment kyun nhi kr rhi n aako meri injury k baare mai kese pta maine to page pe khuch bola he nhi? Pta nhi aap sbko kya ho gya hai zoya aap,mama,tapa,nidhu di,shreya di, dil d,shruti di,ooshi,roumya,devga ,aria,lily,sunny sbhi ne cment krna bnd kr dia lgta hai aap meri bkwas se preshan ho gye ho right? its ok.ples gys cment.i knw m talking tomuch n useless so sory gys.

    1. Di, Me har din comment kar rahi hu. Check my previous episodes’ comments.

      I am sad because no one is answering to me.

  15. hi my malangas how r u all feeling bad as i was checking the page regularly but didn’t comment try to comment regularly afterward
    epi was too emotional specially pooja and naren scene my heart felt weeping at that time loved that heart touching feeling bad for anand’s death r for rahul r for rascal and what to say about mayank just ….

    1. Hiiiiiii ooshi welcome back.
      U r the one who comments so many times daily, before. But now a days, why r u not regular???
      Please come na, we missed you so much.
      Agar aap ham Sab ke sath baat karoge, you will feel better.

    2. One thing I forgot to say, I’m fine dear.

  16. take care guys see u soon

  17. show is really boring,only part quite good was that of dr.anand…now he’s dead……..this isn’t fair……why do the makers have to show his death just to unite the leads……he was so mature,kind,understanding(once for all just thought do such kind of people really exist in this world???)…..rahul and mayank should be ashamed of themselves…being an outsider anand was trying to save naren but being naren’s bros they aren’t concerned for naren’s lfe at all…..

  18. Hi !!!!!!!!dear frnds.
    it’s not like that aanya.plz don’t think so!!! ok?
    aanya mai v yahi chahti hu ki aanand ko jinda dikhaya jay.
    aur kamine raahul ko kari se kari saja ho.mayank ko v !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    q k ye show jaisa tha, agr wohi reputation rakhna h to director sr ko aisa krna hi hoga…
    kuchh matured and unique solution nikalte n!!!!!!(naren-puja ko ek krne k liye)!!!

    I’m shocked. mayank aisa kr v sakta h???
    can’t believe this.i hate him now.

    1. Hiiiiiii, I agree with you.

  19. Hi everyone!
    Except Naren n Pooja’s scene, this epi was kinda awful. Why did they have to kill Dr. Anand? Totally uncalled for!
    Just saw latest SBS SEGMENT on instagram…Naren marries Pooja after seeing how Anand’s mother mistreats her, blaming her for Anand’s death.
    I guess they needed to get rid of Anand so Naren could marry Pooja. Awaiting the coming episodes.

    RIP Dr. Anand…will miss you ???

  20. Mayank esa v kar sakta hai, I don’t believe it. He loves Pooja, it’s OK, par iska matlab ye to nahi, agar pyaar use nahi mila to vo Pooja ke life me problems create kare.
    Ye pyaar nahi selfishness hai mayank ka.

    1. I totally agree with u mama bht sahi baat boli hai apne

  21. I blame Guruji for Mayank’s misconception… and Rahul for encouraging his vile behaviour. He loved Pooja and was happy in his love…even when he knew she might not love him back. But that Guruji wrecked everything and changed him into the creep he is now and Rahul turned him into a murderer..???

  22. It is true that in real life also people get killed by their friends or known ones unintensionally while fighting for small things.
    It is very sad that we cant see aanad any more.he was no less to a gem.
    Loved naren and poojas was magical beautiful and naren was just amazing.
    Now that aanad is not there mayank rahul guru phupha all must be sent to jail.

  23. Kavya neelima ..and rakesh also . Fisrt harish. He is the first culprit ..instead of his son he sent all the photos and letters in his name .their started mistakes…..thepast15yrs all r criminals. Except. Supriya naren and pooja.

    1. You are right

  24. Hi br mam aanya mama srishti and all malangas i agree with u br mam and aanya and srishti also nd sry br mam am not commenting regularly bcoz am busy these days am a student and preparing for my xam jst after a week i will be regular i love this serial i can for commenting on it really feeling vry sad for anand

  25. Episode was vry nyc vry innovative suspence i like it bt for puja it will not be easy to stay in vyas mention she will be teased by her mami chachi in law and vo so called guruji and harish also dont like him sad for puja also

  26. And i totally agree with u br mam good persons have small ages they are also liked by god so god take them with him and mayank i have not think so that it is mayank he was lyk laxman bt now he made a ravan eagerly waiting for the next episode…..

  27. Acha hai ab NV n pooja ki shadi hogi m hapy n exited to let see wt hapen [email protected] di best of luck for ur exams @ shriti so sweet of u dear bt its reality dekho na zoya bhi nhi hai iss page pe mama n ooshi ki to baat he chodo i think ab ye loge serial se bhi bor ho chuke hai mujse to bore the [email protected] gys r u exited for pooja n NV’s marige m so much exited bt i feel bad for Dr. Anand.

    1. Thnk u vry much aanya so sweet of u….

  28. Oh my- I did not expect to read about the demise of Dr. anand – thought he was so beautiful- love this show and feel so sad for naren too and his horrible uncle.

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