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Ranveer come to the room and asks why she is so worried. Ishaani tells him that her Suhag’s chunri was torn and her bangles also broke. Ranveer says his maa has brought a lot of bangles for her. She must not get worried. And she is going to return in this same house, why cry then. Ishaani says whenever they are about to get united, there is some problem. Ranveer asks her to hold his hand, what does she feel now. She says just him being with her. He says that he will not leave her till the end, and this time they will marry for sure. They held hands with each other. Lakshmi comes there, she taunts at Ranveer that he has broken all the rituals. She tells Ishaani to go inside, Lakshmi says they have to go bring Baraat as well. Ranveer says he had been waiting for her only.

was leaving home, Mrs. Mehta asks where she is going. Nimisha says she is going to bring her truth and someone’s innocence in front of everyone. Mrs. Mehta stops her, but Nimisha says it is important both for her and Ishaani.
Amba and Lakshmi happily performs wedding rituals with Ranveer. They head to prepare for Baarat, while sends Ranveer to sprinkle water all around the temple.
Nimisha prayed for truth to be revealed by her.
Baa prays with Ishaani standing beside.
Ranveer was alone in the temple, an inspector comes and asks Ranveer to go to police station with him. They have heard that he attempted a rape on Nimisha. Ranveer says there was no such case, and today is his wedding, his bride is waiting at home. The inspector says he has to give his statement just now if he is innocent. Ranveer heads to inform his family, the inspector says they will inform his family. Milan was watching this all. Ranveer heads with the police.
Ishaani performs the last rituals, Baa puts a tillak on her forehead.
Milan says that this guy does good acting, but not better than Milan. Now it is time for him to eat the fruits, he take the Pooja Thaal.
Baa tells Ishaani not to be afraid, she has prayed right now. They both will be safe from any problem.
Ranveer’s phone fell as he gets into the police mobile. The inspector gets him his mobile, Ranveer asks them to hurry up as he has to return as well.
Milan watches Ranveer in the mobile, then looks at Kailash and indulges in praying again. Kailash is shocked at Ranveer’s accent but he says it is in excitement of getting married. Kailash calls him for Sehra bandi. Milan goes for the ritual, boasting.
In the way, Ranveer looks around and asks the inspector that he had said they are taking him to the station near to temple. The inspector says this is short cut, they are about to reach.
Milan heads with family for Baraat. He rides the horse, Amba feeds the horse with grains. Milan thinks when luck is with you, you enjoy life. Luck is with me now, so Ranveer is out and he is in.
Baa checks for the preparations. Ritesh tells Baa that Kailash called him that they are reaching in ten minutes. Baa hurries Sharman to get flowers. Ritesh tells Baa not to take tension, they will welcome the Baraat well. Baa says she is just excited. Disha tells Ishaani that Ranveer is just arriving, she says she is going to welcome Baraat.
The doctor says to Nimisha that he had already told her that RV isn’t his patient and his schedule is really tight. Nimisha asks the doctor that she should have asked that is he treating a duplicate of Ranveer, is he treating him and is he mentally ill. Nimisha says to the doctor that today is RV’s wedding, she has seen that duplicate man in wedding dress, and she wants to give Ishaani a proof. The doctor tries to avoid her, but Nimisha warns him that she will bring his reality to world and tell the world that he didn’t handle case 256 correctly. The doctor agrees to tell her who that man is, what he wants.
Baa and everyone welcomes Milan. Baa says there is a ritual of snatching the nose. Amba stops her son, Milan also resists but Baa does that. Baa hugs Amba, Parul and Disha hug. Baa asks Milan to touch her feet, but no, today she is going to touch the feet as they are giving their daughter. Milan puts his foot forward. Baa laughs and touches his foot. Kailash questions him but he asks how he could break a ritual.
The doctor tells Nimisha that Milan is a psychological patient, he changes his mind abruptly. He calls himself a villain, he repeats a dialogue in every talk of his, he has no respect for women. Nimisha asks why he let him go and didn’t keep him in mental asylum. The doctor says he had to, else he would have destroyed his career. He has come to destroy Ranveer, take his property and money. Nimisha asks something else about him. Milan says he can do anything, his temper changes in minutes.
Milan repeated Ranveer Vaghela name repeatedly. Kailash notices him and comes towards him asking why he is repeating his own name. Milan says he hates this name, then tells Kailash that his name will not be his anymore, so he is hating it. Kailash says he isn’t going to lose his name, but Ishaani will place his name in front of hers. Kailash says he must love the name RV, he has got this much with hardwork. Milan says not hardwork, but luck and now he isn’t going to lose it.
The doctor tells Nimisha that he can’t go with her to tell Milan’s truth to anyone. Milan is dangerous, RV’s family will also be in danger if Milan’s truth is revealed. Nimisha says she isn’t going to back up anyway. She asks the doctor for Milan’s address.
In the wedding stage, Milan sat while Pandit calls Ishaani. Ishaani arrive to the venue. Flowers being thrown in her way. Baa kiss her forehead. Milan stared her and thinks RV’s item is here. Baa says now she and Ranveer will be one forever and takes her to stage. Milan gives a smile to Ishaani. Ishaani stops for a while as she stares at Milan. Milan steals looks, then tries to smile.
Nimisha comes to the given address, she thinks Milan isn’t home. This is a good way to collect proof against him. She watches a brick nearby and breaks the lock. She enters the house. She tries to find a light, there lie a torn photo of Ranveer and Ishaani, separated from each other. She finds the dresses similar to RV. She thinks that Milan is wandering around them wearing RV’s clothes. She hears a call from inside and calls who is there. She holds a knife in hand and goes towards the room.
Milan points at Ishaani to come sit with him. Amba comes to Ishaani who was lost, she asks what happened, why she has stopped. Ishaani still stared at Milan. Ishaani thinks she feels something is wrong, she is there in front of Ranveer why she is restless then. Chaitali asks if she has some doubts about her wedding as she had. Milan says she did the right joke in right time. Ishaani sits on the stage.
Milan looks at Ishaani, she smiles back. Milan thinks this is Ishaani, what so special in her that Ranveer is so after her. Ishaani stares at Milan. The Pandit starts the wedding. Pandit asks them to take vows together for a lifetime. He asks Ishaani for her right hand, then tells Milan to keep his right hand below hers. Ishaani looks at Milan in shock at once.
Nimisha comes into the room and finds Raavan tied on the chair. He calls her. She opens him up, he pants and asks her to losen his hands and feet. He isn’t her enemy, Milan has caught him here. She opens him up. Nimisha asks who is he, what he is doing, how he knows Milan? Raavan says right now there isn’t time for this, they have to tell Ranveer that Milan is a dangerous man.
Ranveer tells the inspector that he now needs to talk to his family. The board on the wall fell on the ground, behind it was a label of wine shop. He wonders that this isn’t a station now.
Ishaani calls Ranveer. Milan says yes? Ishaani looks at their hand. Milan thinks she has a killer stare. Pandit instructs them for something else. Milan tells Pandit to repeat as Ishaani is a bit confused today.
Ranveer tells the inspector that he knows they aren’t police, why have they brought him here. If they want money, he will give them. The inspector calls his men, he says he is right that he has been kidnapped but not for money.
Milan thinks that this girl is really cold, and Ranveer is crazy for her. He has to make himself used to her.
Ishaani feels strange with Milan as he held her hand for Pooja.
Ranveer fight with the men, gets beaten and beats them too. He opens the door to go out of the room.
Amba calls Baa for Gatbandhan. Milan thinks that now he will get a licence to live in this house. He smiles. Ishaani still stared at him. Ranveer comes inside to get his cap and runs outside.
The lights of the hall go off at once at the time of wedding. Pandit tells Baa that only ten minutes are left for the wedding.

PRECAP: Raavan meets Ranveer and asks if he is right. Ranveer says no, it isn’t alright as someone kidnapped him. Ravan says something is wrong here as well, but he must first complete his wedding. Ranveer heads inside when Sharman comes and asks Ranveer why he went from the middle of the pooja. Ishaani is so worried. Ranveer is shocked.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. ishveer hold each other hand suuper

    1. Agree.. vyshu.. today’s episode was Interesting..
      End Milan track soon.. waiting for next episode..

  2. best episode loved it but finish this Milan track

  3. Today episode is good… exiting… soon millan truth will revealed

  4. Bad news is that Milan will murder Nimisha and truth would not be able to reveal… Though it appears that ranveer will get married to ishaani but later Milan will do the post marriage rituals

  5. Nice precape.

  6. Wow want millan to mary ishani let rv go to hell. Millan entry supap. Iam tired of ishrv. Pls dont alow rv to cut millan. Nice episode eva.

  7. Soooo excited awaiting fo tumrws episode ☺☺☺

  8. I think today ishani rv marriage happen. I hope ishani rv together again and milan exposed infront of everyone soon will happen. Today precape its nice bcoz rv gets something wrong in our life. Ishani indution to help to find milan identity. Well going epi. I want more happieness of ishani rv. But slowly it happen.

  9. what can i say……………mindblowing episode…milan talk to baba in mandir lolxxxxxx and his attitude..lolxxxxxxx …….epi was full of suspence ………and ishveeer hold eachother hands …..lovely…..waiting 4 tomorrow eagerly………….and what can say about thrill fighting of rv………like a hero……..and ravan is helpful 4 ishveer……….and baa touch millan feet this single one scene was irritatng otherwise super duper matsh and ishveer and millan the villian too….

  10. suppeeerrrr episode. .I like milan acting

  11. ishveer made for each other

  12. Thank God ishani was married to rv. Feel bad for Nimesha I thought they will make sharman and Nimesha as a couple. But she was murded by that bladdy Milan.
    Hope raavan help isveer being safe.
    Love u ishveer,……..

  13. ishveeer scene super.expose milan soon.bad feeling about nimisha faith.

  14. Ohh God bull shit
    Very small role for nimisha ,Y dey r killing nimisha very bad
    From her entry to till nw hole scenes they have shown she is scared n crying Bcoz of dat stupid Milan

  15. Better they can show nimisha marrying sharman, after they getting married,with the help of sharman . sharman n nimisha both can get proof of Milan n expose him infront of the family it will be very nice
    Bt i dont no y dey r unnecessarily killing nimisha

  16. its raval nt ravan

  17. I think nimisha vll ok later.. She vl not die….

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