Maha Epi – Mere Sai 23rd June 2018 Written Episode Update: Sai Exposes Ratnakar And Gives A Good Teaching..SABKA MALIK EK

Mere Sai 23rd June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai shouts Ratnakar’s name loudly. Appa, Mhalsapati ji, and Madhav hear Sai’s voice and say they shall go. Sultan and Hari Bhao get up and follow Sai. All villagers follow Sai. Ratnakar laughs and says what happened suddenly. He says I was paying them good money, but they refused to give me their land. They are fool. He says they wanted to kill me to save Dwarka maai. He says they are fool and don’t know that whenever someone tries to hit me, gets hit in return. He says my trick failed when I brought Dilawar here, but this is my victory. Jhipri tells Champa that everyone heard Sai’s voice and going there. Gangaram and his wife get happy. He asks her to come. Gangaram’s wife thanks Champa’s mother for saving their life. She offers them money. Champa’s mother tells that they don’t take money

for help and was doing their duty. Gangaram thinks they want to benefit later. They leave. Jhipri tells Champa that they shall go and see. Ratnakar tells Nand Lal that Shirdi will be more worse and it will become like crematorium ground. He says he will make the villagers poor and hungry for food. He says then who will buy their land and farms, Ratnakar Rao and laughs. Nand Lal informs him that Sai came. Ratnakar sees Sai and says he came with villagers.

Ratnakar greets Sai and asks why did you take efforts to come here, you would have called me. Sai says I have understood your truth and says whatever happened in Shirdi, you are behind it. He says that the competition which you announced is fake and conspiracy to make people fight. He says you have tried to make villagers misunderstand each other. Nand Lal says how can you say this for my Saab. Ratnakar says I wanted to help People seeing their poverty and that’s why announced the competition, didn’t know that they will fight. He says if you have problem with the competition then I will stop it. Hari Bhao asks him not to stop it and tells that it was Sultan’s mistake. Ratnakar says it was Hari Bhao and Sultan’s mistake and everyone started fighting. Sai says yes, and says it was your trick. He says you called Sultan to your house and brought his grains. You asked him not to tell anyone. Then you called Hari Bhao and did the same thing. Sultan and Hari Bhao recalls Ratnakar buying grains from them. Ratnakar thinks how did he know? Hari Bhao asks Sultan if Ratnakar brought grains from you. Sultan says he brought it for his workers.

Hari Bhao says Ratnakar broke the deal with me as muslim workers work with me and told that his workers will not eat the grains grown by muslim farmers and asks then why did you do deal with Sultan? Sai says Hari Bhao decided not to take up the offer, but Ratnakar got Sultan’s seeds rotten, and put the blame on Hari Bhao. Sultan recalls seeing man wearing Hari Bhao’s clothes. Ratnakar says he didn’t do anything. Sultan says you are lying. Ratnakar tells the villagers that Sultan and Hari Bhao are making stories. Sai tells Sultan and Hari Bhao that you both have misunderstood each other and thought you are doing black magic. Hari Bhao says I saw black magic stuff in my house. Ratnakar filled my ears and I fired muslim workers. Sultan says that’s why I fired hindu workers. Sai says then also it was peaceful, Muslim thought to do work with muslims and hindu has decided to do work with hindus. He says Ratnakar got the goons from other villages who provoke the riots. They recall goon provoking them for riots. The angry people say that they will not leave Ratnakar..

Sai says you will not do anything wrong and asks Ratnakar to accept his crime. Ratnakar asks what did I do? Rehana says I scolded a boy because of you. Bheeva says we fought with our neighbors because of you. Sultan blames Ratnakar for fighting with Hari Bhao under Ratnakar’s influence. Hari Bhao also regrets to doubt on Sultan. Appa says you have done wrong. Ratnakar says he is innocent. Sai says Shirdi people are one even if they fight, as they have love and respect for each other. Ratnakar says I tried to help everyone and that’s why announced competition. He asks them to stay in poverty, and says if I go from here then everyone will be hungry. He says I am a honest man and thought to do good. He says my God knows that I want their betterment and says if I did wrong then this land shall burst. Sai asks really? Ratnakar shouts and says if I thought their bad then this land shall burst. Sai looks in the sky and the clouds turn blue and the earth quake hits Shirdi where Ratnakar is standing. Ratnakar gets shocked. All villagers get shocked. Ratnakar asks what is all this? Sai says it is your wish, and that God’s justice. Ratnakar gets scared and runs.

Sai picks soil and puts on the crack. All crack gets filled by a little amount of soil. Om Sai plays…….Everyone get surprised with the miracle. Sai asks all villagers to come with him. They walk near the houses. Sai tells that they have destroyed the village, their unity and peace. He asks if this is right? Villagers apologize to Sai. Sai says you had fought with whom who are your loved ones and says it is humanity’s defeat. He brings muslim and hindu baby out from the house. He asks if you get angry next time, and want to beat one another then how will you identify who is muslim and who is hindu. He asks them to identify the kids. Their mothers take them. Sai tells that when a baby is born, the family give them religious, caste and status. He says we all shall understand that God is one and we all are his kids. He says whatever you read, Quran or Gita, its aim is one. He says God will not feed bad if we call him by different names. He asks them to think that if we call our parents by different name then will he not be our father or mother. He asks them to understand one thing…and says SABKA MALIK EK…..Everyone Lord Is One….Reham Nazar Sai plays….

Sultan apologizes to his muslim workers and also to Hari Bhao. He hugs him. Bheeva asks why are you blaming yourself and says we all have done mistake. Bheema comes there and hugs his mother. Hari Bhao and his wife get happy. Rehana apologizes to Hari Bhao and Drupda for her misbehavir. Drupda also apologizes to Rehana and says you have right to scold him. Appa says lets break this hatred wall and make a new start.

Rehana and Drupda hug each other. All villagers hug each other. Hare Krishna Hare Rama plays…Sai smiles. Hari Bhao blames himself in his heart and goes away from there. Bheema sees him going and runs after him. Sai smiles looking at villagers. Hari Bhao goes to his house and locks the door while Bheema tries to stop him. All villagers clean Shirdi altogether. Om Sai plays……Bheema comes running to Drupda and tells that Hari Bhao has locked himself in room. Drupda and others panic. Sai looks on.

Sai knocks on the door and asks Hari Bhao to open the door. They all knock on the door. Sultan asks him to open the door.

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