Maha Epi – Kumkum Bhagya 20th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 20th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sumit Satija welcomes the audience and tells about the Sri Deva Ganesha utsav. He calls upon Pragya/Sriti Jha and Mohini/Pratyusha Banerji. Pragya/Sriti Jha starts the function and dances on the song Ganesha’s song. Later Pratyusha dances on the song Shehnayi…………… Tusshar Kapoor dances on the Sri Ganesha Deva song………abhi thinks he has to do concert in a such a small place. He collides with Pragya and a flashback is shown. The organizer requests that he wants Abhi to perform in the Ganesha Utsav and says they will get some money from charity. Dadi says my grand son won’t perform. Pragya takes her to side and asks what happened. Dadi says Abhi don’t believe in God. Pragya says he went to dargah for me and started believing in God. She assures the organizer that Abhi will perform

in the Utsav. Dadi thinks how to convince Abhi. Pragya comes to Abhi, while he is busy with his PA. Ronnie comes and reads the Ganesh Utsav invitation which is from Abhi. Abhi says he didn’t understand. Pragya makes him understand in hindi. Abhi asks who has planned this Ganesh Utsav and who made me host? Pragya says me. Abhi says he will not perform in the Utsav and asks her to cancel it. Pragya says you have to do it. Abhi says what I will do it? Pragya says those people will get money in charity. They argue. Pragya asks do you want to raise hand on me. Abhi says yes and calls her Sukhe Palanwan. They fight verbally. Abhi says he will go while Pragya asks him not to go. Pragya says our work is done, and leaves. Allah Wariyan plays………..Abhi asks Payal, can’t you lie……Payal says lying is not in her list. FB ends.

Abhi tells Pragya that he is suffocating and says everyone is wishing him Ganpati Bappa. Pragya asks him to go and sit. Abhi says your eye is at collection box and says I am your permanent source of income. Pragya says at least you have confirmed it and says charity is taxfree. Abhi says he will perform badly. Pragya says the charity is coming in the name of God and asks him to decide if he wants to make the show hit or flop. She sees Tanu and says you know well who did many sins, you or me? Tanu asks what do you mean? FB starts. Tanu comes to Aaliya and says Pragya is organizing a event to get money. Aaliya says she is a game changer and tells that they will get all the money which she manages to collect. FB ends. In the event, Raj says we should be very careful. Aaliya says many people will be coming. Tanu says where to keep the donation money. Aaliya asks Raj, if they have talked to security? Raj says his men will take care of Police also. He asks Aaliya to keep an eye on Pragya. Aaliya says okay. Aaliya tells Tanu that Pragya’s destiny has changed. Tanu says she is getting respect also and she is getting much limelight which I didn’t get. Aaliya says they will make her show flop to lowers her on ground. Tanu says lets go and see where they have kept the charity money.

Pragya prays to God to help her save her husband and expose Aaliya and Tanu. They see the charity box and gets happy. Aaliya says we have to keep an eye on Pragya, and Raj will get the charity money stolen. They wonder where is Pragya? Abhi comes. Dadi appreciates Pragya for the wonderful decorations. Abhi asks Dadi why you are talking to her smilingly. Dadi says she was talking prasad. Abhi reminds her that Pragya is their enemy and have snatched everything. Dadi says she was taking Prasad. Abhi asks her to have less prasad as it has sugar content. Pragya comes to Aaliya and Tanu and asks them to have prasad to have Shuddi Karan. Aaliya says it is well know who needs Shuddi Karan. Tanu interferes. Pragya asks her not to say and says don’t know how God will punish you for your wrong doings. She says you know well who did many sins, you or me? Tanu asks what do you mean? Mitali and Tai ji gets happy seeing the decorations.

Pragya tells Dadi and Dasi that Jeetendra will attend the function. Taiji pretends to faint. Dasi says he is her favorite hero. Taya ji says what will happen once he comes here. Tai ji thinks to get her pic clicked with him. Mitali says he is evergreen, but you have changed. Dasi says she will get ready and dance with him. Tai ji says she will dance with him too. Aaliya says these oldies are going to be young today. Tanu says Jeetu ji is very charming. Bulbul, Purab, Sarla and Jhanki are in the car. Sarla says she don’t want to go and see Pragya. Bulbul says they are going for Abhi as he has invited them. Bulbul asks Purab to drive fast. Sarla asks him to drive normally. Bulbul says he drives safe. Tanu tells Raj that the stealing is very difficult. Raj tells money is not in the box, but in the truck which is kept under the box. Tanu says we will run away with the truck. Aaliya plans to send Pragya to jail and tells they will transfer Abhi property and money on their names. Tanu says she will marry Abhi then. Pragya thinks Abhi’s perception will change after knowing that the charity money will be going for temple development. Dasi tells Dadi that Sarla and family have come. Sarla says they came as Abhi has invited. Dadi praises Bulbul’s beauty. Sarla says we will do Ganpati Darshan. Pragya looks sad and looks at her family.

Shweta Tiwari dances on the song Banno Tera Swagger…………………….and Baanwali hogi…..Raj asks the goon if the head goon didn’t come. The goon tells that head will not come and asks him to tell about the work. Raj shows Pragya and tells she is the target. Abhi’s fans come and praises Pragya. Abhi says wife like Pragya is exclusive for him and says she is one in Lakhs/crores. Pragya smiles. Karthik and his mum Kamla Tai come to the event. Karthik tells Abhi that he is his big fan. Abhi says that’s great. Pragya asks Karthik’s mum if she is Bappa’s devotee. Kamla Tai says yes. Karthik offers help. Kamli tai says Karthik is very particular about fulfilling his promise, he will die but not break his promise. Pragya meets Kamla Tai and asks her to do Darshan.

Karthik sees goon’s man and gets suspicious. Raj changes his get up and comes to Aaliya and Tanu. He asks them to come and meet someone. Aaliya asks are you sure, he can do our work. Raj asks her not to under estimate him. Tanu and Aaliya greet him. The goon says he is known for good work(crimes). Raj asks Aaliya to take the goon to the place where the money is collected. He asks Tanu to get Pragya engaged with nonsense talks, so that she don’t get time to keep an eye on them. Aaliya brings the goon to the cellar and is stopped by the security. She tells she is Abhi’s sister and gets in with the goon. She sees Bulbul there and says what you are doing here. She says if she is with Pragya? Bulbul says yes, just like you supports Tanu. Aaliya says she will keep an eye on her. They argue. Purab comes and stops their fight. He asks what she is doing here? Bulbul says Pragya asked her to keep eye on donation box. Purab says why you are helping her? Bulbul says she is doing this for God.

Someone announces Abhi’s performance and asks him to come on stage. Pragya gets emotional and thinks to save Abhi. She says she is doing this for him and hopes to save her kumkum. Abhi thinks he was good before, used to sing love song, but didn’t know anything about love. She made him understand love, but now making him do hate her. Abhi tells Pragya that this would be his bad performance. Pragya says no one will save you this time. Abhi recalls Pragya saving him before and says he needs someone who saves him from her. He asks her not to wish him best of luck. Abhi goes on stage and sings Kya Hua Tera Vada……………….Pragya gets emotional seeing her big photos on posters. Pragya dances on the song Teri Galliyan…………..She even dances with him. Abhi sings the song along with her. She imagines abhi performing with him. Bulbul thinks to check the box and sees Aaliya standing. Aaliya says you scared me. Bulbul says I know Pragya stopped your pocket money and that’s why you don’t have money. She offers to give money. Aaliya says my daily pocket money is more than your monthly expenses.

Bulbul says their money is hard earned money. Aaliya says Abhi asked her to keep an eye on Pragya. She hears some noise and sees the goons loading money in the truck. Ronnie asks did you give them permission? Bulbul says no and goes to ask Pragya. Abhi talks to Purab about forgiving enemy. Pragya thinks to check in the basement. Tanu comes to Pragya and says she wants to dance, but you cut my name from the list. Pragya says that’s because you are pregnant. Tanu says you will soon beg on the road. Pragya says it will be dream only. She says I will get you kicked out of house. Bulbul comes and says money is loaded in a truck. She asks did you order someone? Pragya says there is something fishy. Abhi stops Pragya while she is going and asks her to look at the performance. Pragya asks him to let her leave as she has important work to do. Roshni and Sid perform on the song Tera Naam Ishq…..Abhi makes Pragya watch the performance forcibly and holds her hands. They then dance on the song Ang Lagade Re………………
Pragya thinks she has to go to cellar and see. She thinks my doubt might be coming true.

Pragya tries to go, but she is stopped again by Abhi. He asks if she didn’t like the concert. Pragya gives him a good reply and leaves. Abhi thinks he will not help her when she lands up in troubles. Aaliya comes to Tanu and Raj, and tells money is loaded in the truck. Tanu gets happy. Raj thinks to go with the truck and goes. Aaliya tells after the theft, Pragya can’t show face to anyone, and her family will have to beg to collect the money. She says after that you will marry him. Tanu hugs her. Bulbul tells Purab about the goons loading the money. Purab says he will talk to Abhi. Pragya comes to Ronnie and asks what is happening? Ronnie tells you gave order to load the money. Pragya says she didn’t. She gets in the truck and is attacked by the goon on her head. Pragya faints. Ronnie tries to fight with them, but is taken away. The goon thinks to take Pragya with the truck. Purab comes to Abhi and tells him that Pragya is in trouble. Abhi refuses to help Pragya and says he will rather enjoy the performance. Purab goes to help Pragya. Mouni Roy performs on the song Ali Ali song……………….. Karishma Tanna dances on the song Luka Chupi Bahut Huyi………..Maa…….

Mouni Roy dances on Pakeeza …..In Aankhon Ki Masti Mein… Karishma dances on the song Badal Pe Paawun Hain…………Mouni dances on the song Tum Hi Ho song………..Karishma dances on the song Gulaabi……Ronnie asks the goons to leave Pragya. The goons tie Ronnie on to the pillar. Ronnie says you are doing wrong. The goon says they were not asked to kill him else they would have killed him. Bulbul comes and asks Ronnie, who tied him. Ronnie asks her to save Pragya. Bulbul gets inside the truck and hides hearing goons coming. The goon covers the truck and drive off the truck. Bulbul wakes up Pragya and asks where is she? Bulbul says we are in the same truck, in which goons loaded the money.

Karthik sees Ronnie tied and asks what happened? Ronnie asks him to inform Abhi that the charity money is stolen, and the goons took Pragya and her sister with them. Karthik unties him. Ronnie goes to follow the goons. Aaliya calls Raj. Raj picks the call and tells that he went to keep the money at safest place. Aaliya says they were really very excited and laughs. Raj asks them to keep eye on Pragya. Aaliya thinks to shock Pragya indirectly. While Abhi is dancing and enjoying, Dadi asks where is Pragya? Abhi says I didn’t see her. He says it is good that she is not here. Bulbul asks what will happen now? Pragya says we will talk to driver. She asks the driver to stop the truck else she will inform Police. Raj scolds the goon for bringing the owner girl and says you will get me trapped. Pragya recognizes his voice, and shares with Bulbul. She says Raj is very honest man and she might be mistaken. Raj asks the goon to throw Pragya out of truck. Abhi is busy with his fans.

Karthik tells Purab that he needs to talk to Abhi regarding his wife. Purab asks him to say. Karthik insists to talk to Abhi. Purab brings Abhi. Karthik tells him that Pragya and Bulbul are in danger. Abhi asks Purab to save Bulbul, and says it is good that the goons had taken Pragya with him. He says I am very happy and don’t know what to say. Karthik says she is your wife naa. Purab thanks him. Karthik says he will leave. Abhi says he has no relation with Pragya. Purab asks Abhi to help him. Abhi says he will call Police. Purab asks him to come with him and save Bulbul, and he will save Pragya. Abhi agrees and says he is going with him to save Bulbul. Raj tells goon that Pragya is Abhi’s wife and event organizer. The goon asks him to think what to do. Raj says he will think what to do? Aaliya wonders where is Pragya? Tanu says Bulbul is also not here. Aaliya says what an observation. Tanu says they might create a problem. Raj calls Aaliya and tells there is some problem. Aaliya says Pragya is missing. Raj says Pragya is in truck with Bulbul. Aaliya says we hit a jackpot and asks him to kill both. Raj says it is not easy. Aaliya asks him to reach the place and says she will think what to do. She asks him not to come infront of Pragya. Raj disconnects the call. Aaliya tells Tanu that Pragya’s the end will come.

Rithvik Dhanjani performs on the song Tan Tanatantan tara…………………Chalti Hai kya..Karanvir Bohra dances on the song Are Are Main Toh Gaya Re…………..Zakir of DABH dance on the song Gandi Baat…….They dance on the song Aaj Ki Party Mere Taraf Se……..

Abhi says where we will find them. He gets Ronnie’s call and he says the goons are taking the truck to Pune after crossing Mumbai highway. Purab says what we will do now? Abhi says we will inform the police and they will stop the truck at check post. Police tells that they were informed wrong as they didn’t see any truck. Abhi tells Purab that one truck surpasses only one checkpost and understands that it has taken a left turn. He asks him to come. The goon gets the phone and he tells Raj that Police will be coming. Raj gets tensed. The goon tells that he knew a secret hideout and asks Raj to turn the truck. Pragya asks Bulbul not to get tensed as someone opens the truck back door. They see many goons standing and get worried. The goon asks other goon to tie them. Pragya says no and talks to them. The goons ask to tie them.

Raj thanks the goon and pays him money. The goon asks him to take the money which is loaded in the truck. Tanu and Aaliya get tensed. Mitali eats the Modak and says Pragya did good arrangement. Aaliya gets Raj’s call and he says everything is in control. Mitali overhears her. Raj asks her to make arrangement for a car and says he will message the address. Tanu asks about the money? Aaliya says it might be 10 crores. Tanu says what we will do? Aaliya says we will distribute equally and have party. Mitali thinks to find out and follow them. Tai ji sees Mitali going silently. Raj asks the goon to fill the money in the bag till his car comes. Ronnie comes there and thinks how he will save Pragya? He gets Abhi’s call and informs him about the place. Aaliya hires car and asks him to follow their car. Mitali thinks to hide in the bus.

Tai ji and Taya ji see Mitali hiding in the car and gets inside. Abhi and Purab reach there. Ronnie comes and says he was thinking how to free them. Abhi asks if they know about them. Ronnie says no and says the money is about 10 crores. He says head goon will get 1 percent and his assistants will get 1000 each. Abhi sees the goons holding pistol and asks for a coin. He throws a coin to divert the goons mind. Ronnie wears the goons clothes and asks about Pragya and Bulbul. The goons tell that the girls were tied to the pillar. They realize that Ronnie is not among them and run to catch him. Abhi tells Purab that he will save Bulbul and asks him to save Pragya. Twinkle and Yuvi dance on the song Sun Saathiya Mahiya Barsade……. and Suno Na Sangemarmar se…..

Aaliya and Tanu reach the godown and see Ronnie there. Aaliya calls Raj and his phone comes as unreachable. They think to go inside and see. Bulbul tells Pragya that she is suffocating. Purab and Abhi goes there. Purab takes out cloth from Bulbul’s face, and asks Abhi to take out cloth from Pragya’s face. Abhi frees her hand and opens the black cloth. Pragya hugs him emotionally and cries. Allah Wariyan plays……………….Tanu asks Abhi, how can you hug her. She is your enemy. Aaliya asks is everything okay? Abhi asks how you both know about the place. Aaliya cooks up a fake story and says she followed his car when heard about the trouble. Pragya says she will not leave until she gets the money. Abhi asks are you mad? Purab says we will call Police after going from here. Just then goons comes there and stop them. Aaliya and Tanu move silently. They meet Raj. Raj tells he will inform about them if he is caught. Abhi fights with the goons. Mitali thinks where is Sundari and Mundari, and looks for Tanu and Aaliya. Taya ji and Tai ji comes there also. Taya ji asks why we are following her. Tai ji asks her husband to search Mitali. Bulbul gets Sarla’s call and asks her to reach there with police, and tells we are in trouble. While Abhi is fighting with the goons, Raj tells he will leave with the truck.

Raj tries to open the door, but the goons ask who is he? Pragya gets the keys and throws near Abhi. Abhi catches the key and throws near Pragya. Pragya throws it on the truck’s top. Mitali hears Raj talking to goon and asks him to speak so that she can listen to his voice. She tells her husband name is Raj. Pragya falls down. Abhi laughs. Pragya asks him to give his hand. Abhi tries to lift her and falls on her. They have an eye lock and sweet music plays,……………..Dadi, Dasi and Sarla come outside and ask Constable to help them. Dadi, Sarla and Dasi come to the place with the constable. Bulbul hugs Sarla and tells her that there are many goons here. The constable runs seeing the head goon. The head goon asks Abhi to come out as his Dadi is in their captivity. Abhi comes out and asks him to fire the bullet. The head goon says the man who planned this theft is not here. The goons runs away with the truck. Raj comes out and acts as came to rescue them. Pragya blames Aaliya and Tanu for planning the theft. Aaliya asks Abhi to call Police and says Pragya is behind the theft. They blame Pragya for the theft. Tanu says you have to answer when Police questions you.

Pragya says I didn’t do this, and don’t know the goons. Aaliya says you tells that you just needs money. Abhi says this is Ganesha Utsav, so enjoy. He asks them to enjoy. Aaliya says this event is on your name. Abhi says money is safe. Purab says where is the money? Abhi says he is rockstar with his intelligence too, and shows the money which is in his car. Everyone take a sigh of relief and are happy. Ronnie tells Dadi what Pragya did. Taya ji praises her. Abhi tells Pragya that this doesn’t suit your personality. Pragya says it will be her advantage, when people watch his album and love him. Dasi says Jeetu ji will b reaching soon. Jeetendra reaches the event place. Dadi does his tilak. Jeetendra thanks her, and congratulates Abhi and Pragya for their marriage. Abhi says we are not married. Jeetendra says you both look made for each other. Dadi asks him to do the aarti. Abhi and Pragya does the aarti followed by aarti while the bhajan Hare Ram Hare Krishna plays…………………………..Abhi prays to God to return his old fuggi back. Pragya prays for bringing happiness and removes sorrows from the house.

Abhi slaps Aaliya and says breaks his relation with her shocking everyone.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. roshini

    So wt happens is pragya will go to see wts happening n she will b kidnapped thr…abhi who follows her try to save her bt fails

  2. Chithu

    This Abhi has to become more brilliant seriously…how can he even doubt Pragya’s base character… He doesn’t deserve Pragya seriously 😉 I mean it is very bad of him to think which image of Pragya is true..the current one or the previous one.. After that much love, he shouldn’t get such a worse thought …

    • chithu

      Hope they will not have new twist tomorrow .. i mean, i am afraid since in precap they directly showed as Aaliya was caught and Abhi slapping her..becoz, these people will always show something different in the episode than from what they have shown in the precap.. in this case, may be the guy involved in theft might have pointed Aaliya,because he had seen only her among Raj/Aaliya/Tanu (since Raj was in some getup) they shouldn’t show like after some confusion he pointing out Pragya… hope they will not 🙂 but we can not believe this CVS ..they always shock us with something 🙂

      • sana

        and chithu did u notice dt place shown in is dt godown in which pragya and bulbul was kidnapped and kept..why did they go back to dt place again??
        soo many questions are coming in my mind 😛

      • chithu

        Guys…Abhi was slapping Aaliya and was telling that she doesn’t have any rights on his business , property and everything from now on ???? i didn’t listen it e properly when i saw first time in the TV..but in the later watch, i heard it..that means, did he know something else also about Aaliya????? i mean regarding that CD or some other matter????

      • Chithu and sana in precap, the location was same where pragya and bulbul was kidnapped so it seems may b police have caught goons who took aaliya’s name on raaj’s sign or may b she has caught for abhi’s scratch CD’s exchanging matter. Precap is confusing becoz it is showing two possibilities. CVS r very smart. First they have shooted on same kidnapping location for precap scene and second they showed abhi was saying this that he expel aaliya from his business. I mean if the matter was donation money stealing then why he expelled aaliya from his business. For money stealing,he could give her in police. Lots of questions but let’s see what will exactly happen. Chithu if aaliya will b catch really then it’s not mean that her game is over, it means she will bevome more dangerous becoz tanu and raaj r still behind the curtains so she could use them for ruining abhi and pragya. Becoz abhi is throwing her from his business not from his home.

    • Correct chithu. Today i felt completely that abhi doesn’t deserve pragya. She is such a sweetheart so she deserves golden heart, not artificial heart as abhi have. In today’s mahaepisode, for me abhi was real villain more than others. I know he saved pragya at last but we saw it too that he saved her forcebly and halfheartedly. Chithu I was surprised to see abhi’s reaction, when purab and that boy informed him about pragya’s kidnap. How could he so calm. He was not worried not even for a second and he claim that he loves pragya so much and he understands pragya very well. If he really understand her then why he is unable to see the truth behind her sudden drastic changed behavior? In starting, when he was betraying with pragya and doing cheat with her by doing marriage with her and after marriage also, then he was just enjoying then he didn’t think what pragya is tolerating and how much she was feeling hurt. Now when pragya is only pretending to cheat with him then he is hating her. He was real cheater then pragya forgave him and loved him a lot with full trust but Pragya is faking as cheater than he is giving him troubles and hatred instead of understanding her. I was so much angry after seeing abhi’s reactions and after listening his words. I just don’t understand what’s the problem with this guy from the day one, everybody can understand pragya even we can understand her from our place, only after watching her on television but why can’t he? And I was angry with dadi also how she was listening such harsh words from abhi’s mouth for pragya? Sometimes I think that does she ever feels guilty after listening such harsh words from abhi for pragya?, when she knows her truth and does she feels any shame on her dear grand child that he claims loving pragya so much but he have no faith on his love. Anyways chithu thank god at least one thing is going to happen gud at the end of this episode that aaliya is going to b exposed infront of everyone and abhi but what about tanu? When and how she will b exposed. But I think aaliya will not sit silent, she will do anything to ruin abhi and pragya. I hope like aaliya, tanu’s truth also gets reveals soon before aaliya make any plan.

      • But one thing is sure that he still have some doubts regarding pragya in somewhere in his heart, for what he is looking for that moment constantly, by which his doubt gets cleared.

      • chithu

        yeah Nikki.. he has love for Pragya somewhere in the heart..he is trying to hate her… becoz, till now he didn’t do anything to Pragya even after so much so called virtual betrayal.. he didn’t do anything to her.. but if Pragya is in his place she will not even doubt him…

      • And chithu one thing more yaar, did u noticed Ronnie. How much he respects pragya and cares for her that he didn’t thought even a once putting his life danger for saving pragya. He is just an assistant and only few days old but how much he is loyal for pragya. Abhi should b shameful. Poor pragya for whom, she is taking so much risk and tolerating everyone’s hatred, even her own mother’s, he have no care for her and no fifth on his love, after spending one and a half year.

      • sana

        really Ronnie is great…..I don’t understand abhis mind at all……
        pragya bichari,vo jis insaan ke liye ye sab kar rahi he,vo insaan isko desrve nahi karte

      • chithu

        yeah Nikki…Ronnie;s character is too good 🙂 actually i like that actor’s act as well..he is portraying it nicely…

    • Guys in last scene was ended as abhi showing money in his car and then the scene shifted to jeetu scene I think to ended this episode they showed as he is doing arthi but tomorrow they will continue from the goodown scene where abhi with the money

      • chithu

        itz a nice prefiction Ashrutha..but did they show Aaliya in the Arthi scene later?? i remember seeing Tanu…anyway we will see 🙂

      • Kanchi

        Yeah Chithu… Aliya was there during the Arthi scene.. she is with a smiling face..
        Initially i thought it is a flashback, but in Arthi Aliya face is so happy.. so I guess it is not for money stealing.. might be for the scratch.. In precap Abhi’s words also resembling the same..might be CVS will show that scene in different dresses, when it comes to reality…

        But I still have strong doubt with Abhi, he is just pretending.. Also I guess Roni is Abhi’s side.. I feel Roni is helping Abhi to know about Pragya..

    • Sama first I thought omg! Is it a dream but then I thought it’s not looks like a dream. But chithu I think aaliya has caught not for donation money stealing. I think she has caught for abhi’s scratch music CD’s exchanging becoz abhi was saying to her that he expel her from his business. He was not saying that he is breaking his relationships with her. I heard very carefully. Well let’s see for what exactly she is going to punished.

      • chithu

        yeah Nikki..i just now re-saw the precap and heard it properly… yeah..she had caught for some other matter per Abhi’s word…but how and when am not sure much confusions …

      • chithu

        but Nikki..if this precap scene really happens without any twists or confusions na 🙂 Aaliya can/will ask Abhi for sure that, this business/property is completely Pragya’s now and Pragya also snatched it from why he is not doing the same to Pragya..

      • Chithu aaliya can ask this question to abhi but there is one answer for it that abhi’s all property, business even he himself belongs to pragya now. So he can’t throw her out from anything becoz he haven’t this right.

  3. Priya $

    But y abhi slapped aliyah. Don’t know yaar wat writers going to do so much of suspense. They r maintaining their trp brilliant.

  4. kowsy

    Nice precap …. How many slaps will this aliya get but still she is turning worse….why abhi slaped .. Did he found that she is behind the theft…

  5. TINA

    This maha episode didn’t gave any conclution to us… it only can maked for ganesh chadurthi…kkb team creat a story line and end that storyline… but i like it

  6. gomathinaveen

    I am also waiting tomo episode… Aliya deserve that slap….. Wat a tight slap by abhi to alya waowwwwwww…. But plz explain d precap

  7. Deepika

    Guys it is going really dumb yar. Expected all the confusing chapters will be closed and kept sealed. I thought the real kumkum bhagya(starting epizz) with a perfect package will come back with full form. But kkb…… no words to explain my anger towards you. And after seeing the preview, keeping hope again. Plzzz close aaliya tanu chapter. Am having patience the edge of the end. Plzz bring back FUGGI.. And make this dumb abhi know the truth and also let him realise and deserve fuggis love. Enough of confusions yar.

    • Deepika

      Hey guys did u notice?? Dasi spoke with pragya as usual like the old ones. And purab didn’t doubt at bulbul for helping pragya in her works. Dadi also smilingly spoke with pragya. And purab was calling pragya as di as befores and rushing to save her. And pragya didn’t meet her maa and dadi till. Didn’t show the reactions btwn them. No continuation at all among their feelings…

  8. Reji

    anyone pls tell the website to watch today’s episode becoz i didn’t watch todays episode and by watching the update i can understand that sme kidnapping scene has been ther so pls dont too much and waiting for tomrrows episode becz aliya got a tight slap from abhi

  9. Reji

    and where is this nikhil ???? because abhi and tanu’s marraige is going to happen but he is keeping quiet and slap out aliya

  10. hm thnk god again they didn’t drag this kidnap episode like before….and they won’t reveal truth about aliya and tanu coz writer don’t have story and they will drag more,almost two year tht rajina pregnant still delivery didn’t happen hahah so thy won’t join abhi and pragya now…..always aliya and tanu ll get success….aliya did these much things against abhi and bulbul after knowng everythng how abhi beleivng aliya? pragya saved him from gunshot when thy were kidnapped b4 and tried to sacrifice her life for tanu lie tht she havng abhi’s baby but abhi didn’t undstd pragya yet but lovng her? writers plz think practical and show some reality coz we are expecting abhi and pragya love ll get success and aliya and tanu ll expose atleast show once success for pragya its really boring…..

    • Kanchi

      Thanks for the update..

      She is Really Talented yaar..

      Love her acting skills very much..

      She is rocking in all the roles including Meena character:)

    • ramya

      Again wedding ? Waiting Fa it <3 but already there was a news like they were going Prague for honeymoon … It dint happen … Hope al this good things wil happen soon … As Maggie said after November

  11. Chithu and guys did u noticed in precap when abhi was slapping aaliya for something, tanu was so scared but raaj was relaxed. So I think abhi slapped aaliya for exchanging scratch music CD matter, in which only taaliya was involved and raaj knows nothing about it. And there were no police and goons by which we can say that it could b donation money stealing matter.That’s why he was relaxed in and tanu was scared and tensed in precap after aaliya’s exposure.

  12. And chithu one more question is roaming in my mind after watching yesterday’s mahaepisode. Everybody was calling pragya abhi’s wife. Even they both were introducing themselves infront of many guests as husband- wife. Raaj was also telling to goon that he has kidnapped abho’s wife. Then why abhi has denied their relationship as husband-wife infront of jitendra ji? And according to track they have divorced so why they were introducing themselves as husband-wife infront of guests. They should tell them na that pragya is his boss. How CVS can do such a big mistake?

  13. New segment update- Pragya was reading a file and gets tensed in abhi’s room. Abhi is drunk and comes in his room with a doll. He disbalances, pragya comes forward to catch him but abhi refuses to take her help and says don’t come near me becoz now a beautiful lovely sweetheart has came with me. Then he enters with a doll. He again disbalances near his bed, pragya comes again to hold him but he again refuses. Then he talks with doll and shares everything in his heart with that doll then he sleeps on bed with doll. Pragya wears her glasses and comes to handle abhi as his fuggy. She makes abhi comfertabily sleeping on bed. Then abhi suddenly opens his eyes and sees her as his fuggy. Pragya gets shocked and walks back but abhi holds her hand then she stops. Abhi stands from his bed and hugs pragya by call her fuggy. He expresses his love and pain to pragya as fuggy. Pragya gets emotional and hugs him back. Abhi gets happy. Abhi hugs her tightly in his grips so she could not go away from him. Then abhi insists her to kiss him on his cheeks. Pragya kisses on his cheek. Abhi gets super happy and falls on bed. Reporter asks from shabbir what about this sequence then he says what say, a new beautiful girl is coming and story is going to change from here where their story is going to become childish. Actually he was talking about that doll.

    • And guys ekta has visited on the set. They showed her meeting with the actors. Reporter was saying that it seems there is a new big track or twist is going to come on in kkb, that’s why ekta has came on the set today suddenly for explaining that new track or twist.

      • These reporters has given tension to us by giving this news.? Now I m worried for what will b the new twist or track, it will b positive for abhigya or negative? We have already live in a fear that what will b the result of pragya’s plan or her makeover? Will she get succeed in exposure of taaliya? Lots of questions. Already we r seeing differences between abhigya becoz of pragya’s changed behavior and now this new big twist! I just wish this new big twist or track will b positive for abhigya otherwise we will again gets torchered.

      • Or it’s better that ekta has visited on the set only to meet with actors and for seeing show’s work. But they showed ekta only on kkb sets so it could b possible that she has visited to explain new big twist or track in the show. O god! Plz save us and our abhigya.?

    • Priya $

      Nikki again new twist ah ohhhnooo. May b abhi said na new beautiful girl going to come like tat it may b the twist ah r going to expose taaliya va. O:)

      • No idea PRIYA hope something positive happen becoz already lots of negative things r going on from so many days. So its time to something positive should happen. But all is in CVS and ekta’s hand so let’s see what will b this big twist.

    • ramya

      So tomorrow super good romance between abhi n pragya … Btw nikki was abhi really drunk n doing al this? Or he’s normal?
      I mean does he know that she’s his fuggi? Or as usual he’ll forget everything once he wakes up next morning?

  14. rock

    Entertaining long episode felt like watching movie…good to see devi sati aka Mouni roy’s performance also….treat to see sriti and mouni in one show although later was guest starring..thought this was last episode and truth will b revelaed like in typical bollywood movie when climax features all members at one place in godwon fight scene but didnt happen …more draging to follow

  15. sana

    Guys..i saw in yeh hai mohabatein facebook page about surprise visit of ekta to the sets…soo I don’t think some big twist is coming like we r thinking

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.