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Preeti accuses Raj of misbehaving with her. Koyal doesn’t believe it first, but when Raj comes and confesses he knows Preeti already, Koyal believes Preeti. Raj tells Koyal he can never do such thing with any girl. It’s Preeti who is after him. But Koyal doesn’t believe anything. Maddy also scolds Raj for getting so low. Police come and arrest Raj.

They all are in police station now with their families. Raj says he’s innocent but no one believes him except his family. Paro quickly breaks the engagement. Raj tells police she doesn’t have any proof either. Maddy says it won’t be hard to get proof. They were in popular area and some people must have seen them there. In fact fortunately his friend was taking photographs that time. Preeti

starts getting nervous. Maddy asks her to call her family, they should also know what Raj did to Preeti. She says let it be..she doesn’t want to involve her parents in this. Maddy’s dad tells him to give proof to police if he has it. Maddy says no. He wants Preeti’s parents to see it. Preeti gets more nervous. Maddy tells her that he knows she was there 10 minutes earlier and when him and Koyal came, she went to them and started making story. In pictures that his friend took, Raj didn’t even touch her. All see photos and are shocked. Maddy says sorry to Raj, but had he told the truth before, Preeti could have made some different story. He goes to Koyal and says, Preeti loves Raj, Raj doesn’t love her. Koyal thanks him. Paro quickly interrupts and asks police to let Preeti go. If her parents find out the truth, then they will feel very embarrassed. Raj’s mum says how they can let her go like that. She accused Raj for no reason. Maddy says they should let her go. All agree then. Raj and Koyal look at each other. Maddy goes to Preeti and asks if she will tell him the truth or shall he find it out himself. He asks why she sent him friend request. They go on side and Preeti tells him everything. Paro watches them nervously. Maddy comes back and says all should go to their home now. He takes Paro with him.

Outside, he asks Paro why she did this. He knows she doesn’t want Koyal with Raj, but Koyal loves him and for her happiness, he will do anything. He requests her not to do this ever again. He drops her at her home. Her husband says they almost got exposed because of her. She says she got this idea when she talked with Preeti and she said Raj is a flirty guy, but she didn’t know Maddy himself would bring Raj and Koyal closer.

Koyal is with Raj. Raj avoids her and asks her to let him study as he wants to come first. Koyal asks why he’s doing that. He says if he doesn’t come first, then he will lose her. For him, life was a joke until she came in his life. They share some close moments and then Koyal says she should leave.

Raj’s sister tells Shubhu that everything is fine now. Shubhu sees Taani going outside late night and follows her. Stones come in his way and he falls down and loses Taani. Taani meets Samar and asks why they are meeting secretly. She wants them to be like Raj and Koyal. They are not doing anything wrong in end. Samar asks her to give him some time.

Shubhu tells Koyal that he saw Taani going out late. Something is wrong for sure. Koyal says her engagement just broke and she never hides anything from them. If there is anything, she will surely tell them. Shubhu asks her to go to her room and check. Koyal says she is not going to spy on her. Taani comes in. Koyal asks why she’s still awake. Shubhu asks if she went somewhere. Taani says she went to her friend’s place to discuss about a function. She asks if anything happened. Koyal says nothing and talks to her about Durga Puja preparations. Shubhu finds something fishy.

In morning, Shubhu and his sisters start prep. Their dad comes and gives them gift of 5 Rs. Shubhu complains what is that. His dad says his father used to give him just 1 Rs and he still used to be happy. Taaani and Koyal give their gift to Shubhu. Paro also complains about gift money that she got and returns it to him. Maddy comes. Koyal opens the door and says like always, he came to their home first on this special day. Maddy glares at her. Paro fears Maddy might say about Preeti to Koyal. Maddy says he came to eat food made by Paro. Paro invites him in. She gets impressed by Maddy’s knowledge about their festival. She taunts Raj for not knowing anything and still going to be their son-in-law. Maddy says how he would know if he’s not invited. He asks her to invite him for some son-in-law ritual. Paro tries to avoid calling him, but she has no choice. She calls Raj’s home. Raj’s mum picks up and is surprised that Paro called to invite Raj to their house. Paro talks to Raj and invites him and his parents. He too gets surprised. He says he will come right away. Paro says, not now. In the evening. She needs time for preparation as well. Raj says ok.

Koyal thanks Maddy. Maddy tells her to asks Raj to wear proper clothes. He’s coming to her house as son-in-law for the first time. Koyal goes.

Raj is confused what to wear. Koyal comes there with a dhoti. Raj wears it as a lungi. Koyal laughs and says that’s how you don’t wear it. He asks her to do it for him then. She makes him wear that dhoti. After that, he says she deserves a thank you and goes closer to her. They are about to kiss and his mum calls him. Koyal leaves.

Paro is frustrated that she has to cook and serve to Raj. She calls Taani for help. Taani asks whether they have to do all this for their son-in-law every year? Paro can’t imagine herself serving Raj every year. Taani gets call from Samar and goes outside. Shubhu notices it. Samar asks why she didn’t call him all this morning. She says they are busy with son-in-law festival. She then says he deserves to be here as well. He says she said so he will be there soon. Shubhu comes after she hangs. She gets mad why he’s following her when there’s so much work. Paro comes and asks what they are doing there instead doing work. Taani goes inside. Paro asks Shubhu to go and get gifts for Raj. He asks for money. She says wrap some stuff from home only. Raj deserves such gifts only.

Shubhu is wrapping some gifts. He searches for a pen. He opens Taani’s cupboard and finds an expensive pen. He wonders how she got that. Taani comes and asks Shubhu to taste food that she made. She sees pen his hand and asks why he touched her cupboard. She asks him to leave her room. He asks what’s’s just a pen.

Raj and his family come. Paro and her family welcome them inside. Paro does Raj’s arti and serves him the food. Raj and Koyal smile at each other. Maddy is happy seeing Koyal happy. Raj eats the food and finds it too spicy. He coughs bad.

Precap: Koyal sees Raj’s dad selling jewelries in a shop.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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  2. I hope koyal gets to know her mother’s truth soon. That ugly lady should be exposed.

  3. No I want loyal and raj to unite

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