Maha Epi – Krishnadasi 24th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Krishnadasi 24th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode start with Gaytri fighting for life and shouting for help; to get out from tank. Aaryan is in dilima thinking about aradhya. Just than his internal voice come in two shades with aradhya- one compalining about bad deeds of aradhya and other one praising her. Aryan shouts on them and ask them to go. And think about the word of sharvini stating that he (aryan) is at fault and need to make aradhya to move out; otherwise aaji will not leave her.
Aradhya is working hard in shifting sofa and kumudini and nakku making taunts on her work. Aryan comes and help aradhya to shift sofa. Kumudini ask aryan not to behave good with servant. Aryan says he is doing only to help in support as we are not like them. Kumudini say right, and ask aradhya to leave. Munsi brings saree seller. Sharvni says thank to

aryan for helping aradhya. Kumudini ask sharvini to buy saree for her faviourte color. Sharvini say do not need. Aradhya ask her to buy sarree and do not stop living life. Kumudini taunts aradhya for being servant. aryan indirectly ask aradhya to buy a saree adding that she cleaned store room so she can have it. Aradhya smiles. Sharvni and aradhya pick same saree. Sharvini ask her to keep. Aradhya say to keep her as she is beinging her new life and kumudini taunts aradhya as servant. Aradhya leaves saying she has work in kitchen; while leaving she see aryan. And aryan is shown tensed.

Aradhya bring tea for aryan and he keep looking at her. Aradhya thanks her for saree and ask aryan for praise. Aryan smiles. Aryan uses code word in saying something and aradhya gets angry and is about to leave when aryan holds her hand and stops her and take her near mirror asking what do you see.?? She say me and you. And then gusses that she wore saree wrong way. And say that she is such a stupid. Aryan says yes and try to put her saree properly but aradhya stops him. Aryan closes his eyes and make her wear sarree properly. With romantic music in background. (It was so romantic and cute.)????? and than open eyes and praises her. He ask her to go downstairs for work as aajji must have kept much work for her and she leaves. Both thinking about each other. And aryan says that what is happening to me? Whom i need to hate; i am!!!!

Gayu shouts for help. Shaswat thinks about pavitra. She comes and he ask her that where she goes daily?? She try to avoid by changing topic and stating to bug ration and vegetables. But shawashwat is not conviced and ask her; just than krishna newspaper office boys comes asking for gayu and everyone call her. Gayu says she is in tank but no one hears her. Pavitra goes in her room to call and see messed up room and shouts; and start running towards aaba sahab and shashwat saying that gayu is not here. Shawashwat reads paper regarding krishanadasi work on gayu papers. Aba gets angry that its kumudini who have done something. Shawashwat says may be as kumudini will not allow anyone to hurt herself. Aba saheb thorw his shawl and goes to kumudini house. Gayu shouts for help.

Kumudini and munsi is sitting and doing account work. Just then markan arrives saying he is coming!! Kumudini says that begger vidhaydar raao?? He says no. And just than jairaj comes and sits on kumudini’s feet and asking for forgivness by faking tears and she taunts him for doing acting and forgive him; shocking aaradhya. He fakes his tears and state that you should buy new haveli. Kumudini says not need; as my past, present and future is joint with it and i will not leave it whole life. He leaves stating to himself that noone will doubt me. Aradhya thinks that aaji is smart than how can she. Sharvini is leaving for somewhere; when markan stops her; asking where is she going? Sharvini says to mandir for peace and leaves.

Sharvini goes to meet someone and ask her call only, not to meet. That person give something to her and she leaves saying work will be done. Gayu shouts for help as water level is increasing.

Aradhya see romantically to aryan and he is talking on phone and turn around they both share eyelock with romantic music. ????

Their romance is broken by aaba saheb as he shouts by calling kumudini. She comes and he ask her where is gayu? Kumudini taunts about gayu that she must have gone with someone. Aradhya ask where is gayu tai? Pavitra says that she is not where to found with her phone at home. Aryan ask them to go to police station. Aaba saheb shouts and say that gayu was writing against kumudini and krishnadasi pratha; so she must have done something. Kumudini shouts and say to find solid proof aginst me and than continue the fight. On the other side Gayu is shown shouting for help.

Sharvini hears the sound coming from tank and informs aradhya. And aradhaya informs everyone.

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  1. Sooooooo much romantic nd very interesting…i love Krishnadasi..specially shravu nd sana..

  2. Finally I got d update….Thanx Shraddha.
    Lovely episode…. AARA SCENES so romantic yrr…..I hope this will continue….plz don’t create differences amid AARA…..

  3. shravan is soo handsome in dat green blazer…it suited him alott…he looks awesome..loved aara scened…both r soo cute…..nd romantic..

  4. now it is going to clear the problems between Aryan and aaradhya ….

  5. lovelllyyyyyy episode ???????????????i want more scenes like that love u ara……..


    Guys do not get happy so soon; i hve great feeling (after seeing saree incident) that this sharvini will fall in love for aryan and for taking revenge from aaba sahab and aaradhya: she will make sharvini to marry aryan..

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