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Diya Aur Baati Hum 20th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shekhar asking Manjari to say who is Garjana’s enemy. Manjari tries saying. Sandhya walks to the village. She thinks to inform Bharat soon about Garjana’s mission. Someone holds Sandhya’s hand. Bhabho tells Lalima to see Sooraj’s state, this fire will not make Sooraj fine, his condition is getting worse. Lalima says Sooraj has to win over his failure today. Lokesh calls out Lalima. Bhabho asks Sooraj not to worry and calms him. Lalima calls out Sooraj to help her. She says fire is lit, save me Sooraj.

Sooraj looks at the high blaze and gets up. Lalima falls down by getting hurt. Bhabho stops Sooraj, while Sooraj goes to save Lalima. The family tries to pull Sooraj back. Sooraj stares at the fire and sees Lalima inside. He jumps inside the fire. Bhabho

screams. Babasa stops Bhabho. Sooraj says Lalima. Babasa asks Bhabho did she hear what Sooraj said, he said Lalima, not Sandhya. They all look on. Sooraj lifts Lalima and takes her out. Sooraj and Lalima come out safe. Sooraj makes her lie on the dry grass outside. The ambulance comes there and rush Lalima and Sooraj in it.

Sandhya turns to see. Its Sajni. Sajni asks where was she, Shekhar is finding her in the village. Sandhya says I went to get sticks to make food, I did not get sticks, why is Shekhar finding me, is there any work. Sajni says yes, I had work, I made Devi Prasad for you. Sandhya says I will go home first. Sajni says do work later, have Prasad first. Sandhya thinks she has to inform Bharat about Garjana’s plan. Shekhar asks Manjari to say something, who is Garjana’s enemy. Sandhya comes home and sees the remote. She thinks to send info to Bharat by the laser pen and checks battery. She says the battery is gone, I need to charge it first. She puts it in charging. Shekhar says tell me who is the hidden enemy, try to say, for Garjana’s sake. Sandhya waits for battery to get charged. The gun falls and Shekhar turns to see, while Manjari is trying to say.

Shekhar asks Manjari to say. Narayani sees Manjari’s state and stops Shekhar. She asks him not to put pressure on Manjari, she will need more more to get fine, we can wait. Sandhya sees its 80% charged, and says I will inform Bharat now. Narayani asks the men to take Manjari inside.

A man comes and gives Shekhar the ipad, saying he has got it repaired. Manjari looks on and thinks she is seen Sandhya’s pic and truth in it. She signs towards it, while she is taken away. Shekhar looks at her. He says why is Manjari signing towards this, it means there is something in this.

Bhabho asks Babasa why are they not letting them meet Sooraj. Babasa says calm down, he will be fine, doctor is doing first aid, we should be happy that he has got rid of fear of fire. Bhabho prays for Lalima. She says Lalima is stranger and jumped in fire to make Sooraj fine, she has done a miracle. The doctor comes and says Sooraj is fine, this is miracle, he is calm, maybe he has accepted Sandhya’s death and will come out of this shock slowly. Meenakshi says Bhabho, this is great, Lalima made Sooraj fine by taking big risk, she proved there is nothing more than trust. Sandhya goes to the jungle and uses the laser pen to pass the message to Bharat.

She writes about 2nd oct Garjana’s master plan, the nuclear bomb attack is also made, but she has stolen the remote and have to fail the plan asap. She says shehas the remote and its biggest victory for mission mahabali, now no one can succeed in Garjana. She hears some footsteps and turns to see. Shekhar and his men come there and look on angrily. She gets tensed. Shekhar shows the message on the device which he received by the laser device written by Sandhya. She thinks they know my truth, how did they know, did Manjari get fine. Many men come there and target at her.

Shekhar shows Sandhya’s pic with Officer Singh. She recalls how she damaged the tab. Shekhar asks is she shocked, does she know how they got it. FB shows Shekhar asking the men to find the place to get clue about the enemy. The men found at the place where Manjari was found and get the tab in the jungle. Shekhar says its same tab I have given to Manjari, get this repaired, I want all the data, maybe we can get clue to reach our enemy.

Shekhar slaps Sandhya and makes the men tie her hands. He scolds her, saying this slap is to praise your smartness, courage and dare, knowing Garjana can become death for you, you have come here IPS Sandhya Rathi. He says great, you played good game, first you killed Himanshu and came came here. He says she won his trust, when he was doubting on her, but she underestimated Garjana, they are alert even at night, she is helpless now and slaps her again. He says you won this move, but we will win ultimately, no one can win over Garjana, everything will be ruined after 5 days, on 2nd oct, your govt will come to beg to us, then it will be justice for all the tortures happened to us. Sandhya asks what justice, killing innocent people is not justice. She says stop chanting about justice, this is your inhumanity passion, many came like you and went, remember you can’t ruin anything.

He holds her hair and says you can’t do anything, you are helpless, no one can stop Garjana. The men drag Sandhya from there. Sooraj is in hospital. The family looks on teary eyed. Sooraj gets conscious and says Bhabho, come near me, why are you standing there. Bhabho goes to him. Meenakshi asks did he forgive Bhabho. Sooraj says he is not annoyed with Bhabho and apologizes. Meenakshi tells Vikram that maybe Sooraj has forgot everything. Sooraj hugs Bhabho. Ved cries. Sooraj asks why is he crying, and asks him to come. Sooraj hugs him. Meenakshi says Ved is crying, as he is missing his mum, do you remember that Sandhya is not between us now, do you remember the train accident wherein Sandhya died.

Sooraj tells Ved that his mum is alive, what if she went far, but she will always be in our hearts. Meenakshi says Sooraj has got fine, and accepted Sandhya’s death, did you see Vikram, he did not take Lalima’s name, the girl who did so much for him and gave him a second birth, Lalima has forgotten himself to make him fine.

Lokesh cries sitting at Lalima’s side, and says she is everything for him. Lalima’s face gets burnt by the fire and she pacifies Lokesh. Lokesh says he is very annoyed. Lalima asks nurse about Sooraj. The nurse says he is fine, miracle happened by this incident, Lokesh thinks Lalima selflessly loves Sooraj, so she is still concerned for Sooraj in this state. He says you risked your life to make Sooraj fine, now he has become fine, but now you have to agree to me, and reminds her promise. She gets teary eyed and nods.

Bhabho and everyone meet the doctor. Bhabho tells doctor that Sooraj has forgot everything is he fine. The doctor says its good he has accepted Sandhya’s death and got rid of his fire fear, he is completely fine, it happens that he has forgotten few months, he can recall it slowly with time. Meenakshi says whats use to remind him, that time was bad, Sooraj forgot his annoyance with Bhabho. Bhabho thinks Lalima made selfless efforts for Sooraj, I m not selfish and will remind Sooraj.

Sooraj makes Ved ready and Ved gets glad. Sooraj asks about his studies. He talks like before and Ved smiles. Ved brings sweet and makes Sooraj have it. Sooraj says you have taken much care of me, now its my turn and makes Ved have it. Bhabho comes to meet Lalima. Lokesh tells Bhabho that Lalima has to keep her promise as he has supported her. Bhabho says Lalima, you also support your brother.

She says what you did, no one else would have done it, I m indebted to you forever, thankyou is a small word. You have shown belief can make impossible possible. Bhabho promises to get Lalima’s selfless love the rights. Lokesh says Lalima loves Sooraj, now let it get a name. Bhabho says yes, Lalima will stay with Sooraj, when I saw Lalima for the first time, I wished Lalima became my Sooraj’s wife, now its time to give name to this relation, come, I will make you meet Sooraj.

Sooraj says Ved I m your mum and dad from today, eat this. He sees the article and says Sandhya…. He sees Sandhya’s eyes, in her semi covered face pic of the party. He recalls Sandhya. Sooraj says your mum. Ved says its just eyes seen. Sooraj says I know your mum well, your mum is alive. He clicks the pic of the paper and asks Ved not to worry, he will find Sandhya, they both will return safe. He leaves from there after changing his clothes. Bhabho and Lokesh bring Lalima on the wheelchair and do not see Sooraj in the ward. Bhabho asks Ved where did Sooraj go. Bhabho thinks he is in bathroom and asks him to come out, she has to tell something. Ved says he is not in bathroom, Sooraj has gone to find Sandhya, he said she is alive. They all get shocked.

Sandhya is dragged being tied to the jeep. Sandhya courageously pulls down the man from the jeep, by taking support of the tree. She runs from there. Sooraj goes to meet Bharat and asks him about his wife Sandhya.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. But Is message reach to Bharat Sir

    1. Hope so …that sandhya truth reveal in front of garjna sanghtna… Hope this news reach to bharat sir…?????

  2. Omg. Real salute for bravely she faced chandu.and lalima is a wonderful creation of god.i think surajji will save sandhya with help of barath sir.hats off dabh team

    1. Hatts of all DABH team… Nicely show all scene…. So strong sandhya… She always face any problem with brave heart… Praud of u sandhya ..???????

  3. Wow! It’s gud that suraj is now ok…poor sandhya! she has been captured by shekhar. Waiting to see tomorrow episode.

    1. So happy that now suraj is normal state… He talk and love ved… So happy… Me too wating for that???????

  4. Thanks amena nice episode ………………precap is horrible

  5. I think bharath will not disclose the truth of sandhya wt do u say guys?????????????

    1. May be they only say that sandhya is alive… Hope the at least say that…. ?????

  6. @varsha wt we think ……..if lalima can help come out of the shock bhaboo will think abt lalima isehi huva………..

    1. Bt I dnt like that lalima do this… ??Bcoz today we see that bhaboo is think that now lalima is best for suraj… Bt if she get know that sandhya is really alive… That time it’s more definitely for sandhya… Bcoz now lalima is important person for bhaboo… ??Now just wait to see how they show this drama after sandhya come…???????

  7. Very happy that sooraj got cured but don’t know about sandhya. How sooraj knows about Bharat?

    What is going to happen with lalima. She really did a great job. Lot of questions.

    1. I think suraj will go to police head quarters there he see bharath…may be….ya lot of questions

    2. Actually suraj go that place where roberry happened… Then he search sandhya so that place bharat sir also there… This is my thought…??????

  8. suspense e hai khi sooraj sandhya kho dodne jayega ya nahi tho bharath sir khe bath pe vishwas karke wapas ghat jayega????????wt i mean to say aghar bharath sir ne sandhya khe bare me sach nahi bathayenge tho kya hoga ????????? waiting for tomm episode

    1. I think Bharat sir say truth BT only he say that sandhya is alive… Bcoz he see that suraj state when suraj know that sandhya die… Also they know that suraj and sandhya love… So for sandhya’s sake may be Bharat sir tell truth BT may be for this they also get promise frm suraj that know one get abt that sandhya is alive… This is my opinion…??????

  9. What is going to happen with lalima? Anybody knows? Will baboo do something for lalima which makes sandhya annoyed.

  10. I am more worried about sandhya future. She will definitely succeeded in the mission but I hope lalima will not be problematic for sooraj and sandhya. Baboo definitely make problematic. ?

    1. Actually lalima nt create problems between suraj and sandhya bcoz she is nice girl….?????
      BT definitely bhaboo create some problems for sandhya… Bcoz bhaboo hate sandhya… And now bhaboo want lalima in suraj’s life… So that’s why she create some problems for sandhya… Hope this thought never come true…?????

      1. ya lalima is nice girl if she knows sandhya is alive..nicely she understand that.

      2. But sandhya saves entire nation..if sandhya doen’t save then no bhabho,no sooraj,no lalima etc..all will going to die..hope so bhabho understand how she important for nation..notonly for family

  11. But from where did the wi fi come in jungle ? It was so thrilling episode ! Omg save sandya from that beasts!

  12. Lalima, even though playing a small role, had done it excellently, sacrificing her own life forone who does not love but her pure love for him will live for ever.On the other Sandya had evinced her bravery and ingenuity in the action against Garjana. But the story is being dragged wantonly thereby testing the tolerance of the viewers.

  13. Chandu !!! You disgusting rascal how dare you slap sandya ! May your hand break that you won’t b able to slap anyone again!! Just untie her hands and then see what she makes of you ! You coward slug! She will difinetiy return these slaps with interest!?????????

    1. Yes, he slapped twice. I felt bad. Sandhya will definitely give answer because he killed Singh sir.

      Anyways they will not be able to launch bomb. Luckily sandhya fingerprint scanned.

  14. Superb episode

  15. Precap was fully suspense

  16. As usual Nice my style ek dam zakaass.superb episode BT only Sandhya’s part.???
    My thought was right… That manjri can’t say anything to chandu abt sandhya… So happy..????
    Again my thought come true..
    which I say that sajani hold sandhya’s hand… See that happened.. Yeipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.. ????
    Sandhya send messages to bharat sir abt mission… So nice BT on that time shekhar also see that Mgs on that tab….??
    Superb acting by suraj its look real…superb.. Suraj drama was nice…?
    Nice acting by suraj… Nicley he save lalima frm that fire… ???? bt lalima so much hurt by that fire drama… So sad…?
    Yeipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee suraj come frm his trauma… So happy…???? bt suraj forgive his past 5 months… ???
    Suraj forgive bhaboo that was nice… Bt hope he teach bhaboo good lesson bcoz bhabo speak very bad words abt sandhya…??

  17. Ved and suraj scene was awesomeeeeeee.. So many days back ved get his father love… So sweet scene….?
    Lalima was nice girl… She bring suraj frm that trauma… Bt I dnt like that bcoz of lalima suraj recover… Bt they show this….??
    Now bhaboo is mad to do suraj and lalima marriage… Again she was doing this stupid drama…??
    For this reason I dnt want that lalima help bhaboo to bring out suraj frm that trauma… ? I want that sandhya do this means when she came that time she bring out suraj frm his trauma??… Bt unfortunately they show lalima bring out suraj frm that trauma…???
    Whatever lalima doing for suraj for that now lalima is very important person for bhaboo… Means lalima mahan man gai in bhaboo’s eye… Which I dnt want….?
    It’s bad…. Bhaboo never change… Please someone explain bhaboo that sandhya is only in suraj’s one take sandhya’s place in suraj’s life..???

  18. I respect lalima that whatever she do for suraj recovery??
    bt this nt need that she again discuss that suraj and lalima marriage…. Hate u bhaboo…?
    It’s nice that when bhaboo come to suraj for discuss his second marriage that time he go to find sandhya… ?

  19. So happy.. Now suraj definitely find sandhya… Ved was so cute…???? Hope now bhaboo can’t say any bad words…???
    So many days back we see suraj and ved scene together… So lovely scene between them… ?
    That suraj dialogue was nice when he say to ved that frm now he give all mother as well as father love… So sweet that scene…. Mind blowing scene… In my style ek dam zakaassssssssss…?
    Finally suraj see sandhya’s pic… He realise that that eye is only sandhya eye… So happy… ?
    Thanks that they show suraj and sandhya’s flashback scene… So nice at least in flashback we see they together happy scenes…??
    How dare chandu he slap sandhya… Hate u chandu.. He slap sandhya twice… Stupid chandu… this is for chandu ✋
    Bt our sandhya was very strong girl.. She nicley give return answer to chandu… Our police department definitely stop garjna sanghtna people plan….?
    She bear all this chandu’s toucher bt in last she gave back right or good answer to chandu… That he take without reson people life… Definitely Bt now she and her team stop this…?
    Once again my thoughts come true…?
    See what I say that happened… My thought again come true… That chandu know Sandhya’s truth… And then for these reason chandu slap sandhya…?

  20. So happy that today my 3 thoughts was right… So happy…
    1 sajani hold sandhya’s hand
    2 manjari can’t say anything to chandu
    3 Sandhya’s truth reveal in front of chandu that’s why he slap sandhya…
    So many times my thoughts come true… Good job by me.. Bcoz my thoughts sometimes come true…hatts of @varsha (me)???????
    Sorry I m just giding… Dnt upset that for I just say good words of me… Sorry if u guys hurt by my this cmt… ????

    Damly Wating for tomorrow episode… Badly chandu behave with sandhya… Hate u and I slap chandu also see….✋✋✋✋✋???✋??

    1. Yes varsha, that’s very bad chandu slapped sandhya. She will give a strong answer to him. I want sooraj and sandhya meet each other this week.

  21. Again full suspense Precap.. Hate u garjna sanghtna people.. How badly they take sandhya… So horrible…????????
    Can’t see that sandhya’s state… How bad…. They tie sandhya with there jeap… And how badly they drive that jeap… It’s horrible…?
    Yeipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee sandhya nicely cut that thread..and run.. Frm that place.. Superb scene in my style ek dam zakaassssssssss…??
    Yeipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee bcoz of Precap its good news that bharat sir is fully fine.. So happy…?
    Again Yeipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee suraj come that place to find sandhya… So happy that on that place he find Bharat sir there… ?
    May be tomorrow means when suraj meet bharat sir that time they tell suraj that sandhya is alive… Hope so…??
    Also hope that bharat sir get know that garjna sanghtna people know abt sandhya’s truth… And he take some action to save sandhya…?
    So much excited to watch upcoming episodes… Bcoz the real film start now… Now we see some action scene in upcoming episodes… So happy…?

  22. So happy to see today’s maha episode means today’s one hour special episode.. Hope tomorrow episode sandhya will come out of m that village…?????

    Suraj upcoming scene pic…

    Sandhya in her friends Ganpati celebration pic..

    Suraj in laalbhag cha raja..see pic..

    ??Ganpati bappa mourya..??

    Hope u like this all pics… ?????

    Sorry if I hurt anyone feelings with my cmts… I think I hurt so many my friends feelings with my cmts… So sorry for this… Hope my this thought was wrong…???? forgive me if I do this….???????

    1. Even I hope she will come out of that village. Garjana bastards want to kill innocent people and they are talking about justice. Sandhya gave good answer but the bastard Sekhar should be slapped.??

  23. This is just pathetic a professional police officer would not leave behind evidences and get stupidly caught like that, she could’ve destroyed the tablet properly or hidden it instead of just breaking the screen! and she shouldve finished off manjari before searching for the hidden place its not going to disappear. And what’s the purpose of her going on a secret mission if someone who is not a police, her husband has to save her! It defeats the ultimate purpose of a police going on a misson and shows her inability to succeed making stupid mistakes!

  24. Also what’s the need of saying her message out aloud when she’s writing it, what if someone heard it, the writers are idiots! But sandhyas a good actress.

  25. This track should not be dragged anymore. Already too much.

    1. Chill dude! It’s not too much coz every one is enjoying each and every epi?

  26. ” Diya Aur Baati Hum ” is now crime based show, which is made with emotion, sadness,family drama, father-sons relationship etc as a type of package. Nice show.

  27. Hats off to all in the team! So thrilling. Complements for good acting by everybody from bhabho to chandu,even to ved. Chandu is handsome,very manly and has a good voice also.

  28. Amina yakasai

    This is d best show on starplus.a different n interesting story

  29. Sandhya and sooraj are diya and baati please join them to form diya baati

  30. Sajni and sooraj will be part of mission in next episodes

  31. Where is chotu

  32. gud afternoon frnz!!!!!!!!!!! too much drama…till yesterday sooraj was suffered,now its sandhya’s turn to bear it……..chandu i hate you………… dare to slap sandhya………

    Todays so many frnz comments r missing

  33. isss varsha’s cooment sgain junpingg???????

  34. tu team plss fix varsha’s 1116 comment it’ss jumping/mooving

  35. when sooraj and sandhya reunit

  36. s.sathyanarayanan

    Very fine episode. Like it. Lalimas best efforts cured Suraj to a normal life. Sandhya has made her efforts to Garjanas plan fail. But Sekhar find their enemy Sandhya as IPS Officer. Suraj got his sandhyas picture in a news paper and try to find her by leaving the hospital. More interesting.

  37. barat for sure wont tell thee truth

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