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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 5th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with anita at home reading magazine and vibhu comes. She says Kanpur is developing and bollywood stars are buying houses in Kanpur and she hopes govunda comes here as she is his fan. At tea stall, vibhu is there when saxena comes and is talking about selling houses. Saxena says why are you here and did anita remove you out of the house? Vibhu says in a joking way that he is selling the house . saxena says is that so? And are you sure and is it the truth? Vibhu says yes any problem? Saxena says no and says I like it and goes. At home anguri and tiwari are there and outside people are cheering as suddenly govinda comes in his car. Everyone go out. Tiwari says I am manmohan tiwari. Govinda says nice and he meets anita and says she is very beautiful and is shaking hands continuously.

Tiwari feels jealous. Vibhu and anguri meet goivnda as well. Govinda sees anitas house and says it’s a good hous. Anita doesnt know that govinda has come to buy the house.

Govinda says I don’t understand why doesn’t vibhu work? Anita says we cant stay dependent on vibhu. And the world has become expensive and I have to take the choice. Govinda thinks what a family and the world is expensive but anita is selling home at cheaper price. Anguri comes and says oh my god its govinda and says I made halwa for him. Govinda says vibhu why are you leaving this house? Vibhu says not leaving I have to leave because my wife it forcing me too. Anguri says take this halwa, govinda eats it. Anguri says I have written sher for him too, vibhu says yes say. Anita and tiwari say no wait he wont be able to digest your sher. Anguri says okay and starts the sher. It’s a stupid sher but vibhu appreciates it. Govinda is disappointed and smils and looks at vibhu, vibhu says what a sher and her halwa is tasty too and fell like I should lick her fingers. Govinda says she is his wife right? Tiwari tells vibhu that aren’t you getting to cheap?

Govinda says he will say sher now, govinda starts and says the shers continuously. No one understands. Anguri says sing a song instead. Govinda says okay I will but you have to sing after me. Govinda sings, and tiwari and vibhu sing after him. Then govinda sings faster, tiwari vibhu don’t understand and later just hum. Anita says govinda you are so successful and teach vibhu something so that he earns. Vibhu says I do everything at home, govinda says do some business or job like tiwari.

Tika and malkhan come and say we are big fans of yours and you easily impress girls in movies and teach us. Govinda says those are movies not real life. Saxena comes, govinda says oh saxena you?

Everyone say you know saxena? Govinda says yes and that he only brought me here. Vibhu says saxena are you mad and who told you we are selling this house? Saxena says remember you only said at the tea stall. Vibhu remembers then tells govinda that I am sorry and we were not selling this house and saxena is actually mental. Happu singh comes and says I like your dance and please lets dance here. Everyone dance on the steps of akkhiyo se goli mare. After the dance anita says we would realy like you to see in a movie with a lot of dance. Govinda says a new movie is coming its agaya hero and watch that, everyone say we are sure to watch. Govinda greets and goes.

Next day morning, vibhu is at tea stall playing cards with tika and malkhan with his bag. Anita comes and says you did not go home yet and there is a lot of work at home. Vibhu says I am not going home and I had anguris hands food. Anita says come on now and don’t joke. Vibhu says I am not joking and I will not come home and good that you removed me out of the house and I am a free man and very happy now. Anita says come now and this is the last chance. Vibhu gets up and says I want to miss this last chance and I am not coming home and read my lips. Anita is sad and goes home.

At home anguri serves lunch, tiwari gets anitas call. She says I am alone and have some problem please come home. Tiwari says okay and goes home. Anita says I thought vibhu would come home in 2 hours but he did not come and said he wont come and I am hungry. Tiwari says I can do what vibhu can. Anita says really and should I say it? Tiwari says yes. Anita says a lot of work is left at home and washing the utensils and clothes and the sweeping and mopping. Tiwari is shocked and says okay he will do it.

At night tiwari comes home tired and hungry and tells anguri give me dinner. Anguri says the food is over as she fed tika malkhan and vibhu as she had to as bhadji said. Tiwari is shocked.

Precap: bipasha basu and karan singh grover come and everyone dance with them on a song.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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