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Balika Vadhu 16th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kavita telling everyone that Mouni baba is actually Akhiraj Singh and he pushed Anandi in the well, and also threatened her to get married else he will get her parents eaten by the crocodile. Everyone start discussing. Akhiraj says who is Akhiraj Singh? I am not any Akhiraj. Anandi asks him to prove that he is Mouni baba and not Akhiraj Singh. Akhiraj asks her to ask Harki. He asks Harki to say if he married her and asks her not to lie. Harki is stunned. She says Mouni baba is not my husband and says she is a widow of her dead husband. She asks why you are making fun of a widow. Akhiraj says truth have come out, and asks everyone to get this marriage happen for the betterment of the village. He asks Harki to go. A widow asks Akhiraj, how can you give liberty to this woman to

dress up like a married woman, and says you have made my life miserable after my husband’s death. I don’t have any color except this. She asks who is Harki to you? Anandi says she said the right thing and asks why did he differentiate between two widows. Other woman asks who is she? Akhiraj says I don’t have any relation with her. Widow asks him to prove it and removes her pallu to show her cut hairs.

A fb is shown, same woman comes to Akhiraj and asks him to save her from her family. She says my husband wanted me to stay like this. Akhiraj says you are a widow and asks her to have shame. Akhiraj wipes her sindoor, breaks her bangles and cuts her hairs with the scissor. The woman cries. Fb ends. Anandi says your time have come. She asks Akhiraj to wipe sindoor from Harki’s maang. Akhiraj gets shocked and goes towards Harki. He thinks he have to wipe sindoor as there is no way for him to escape. Widow asks him to do justice. Kundan says time have changed. Akhiraj says customs never change. Harki gets shocked. Akhiraj sits down, lifts Harki’s pallu from her head. He is about to wipe her sindoor. Harki folds her hands and says you are my parmeshwar/God. I never asked you any question and always obey you being a dutiful wife. She says she can’t see her sindoor wiped from her forehead and asks him not to wipe sindoor.

Akhiraj wipes her sindoor and finally wipe it off. Harki cries. He takes out her bangles. Anandi says I can’t believe anyone can go to this extent because of selfishness. Akhiraj is about to cut her hairs when Anandi stops him. She says it is enough now and asks are you punishing your wife for your crimes. She says your wife have obeyed you and protected you like a shelter. She asks Harki to identify his true selfish nature, who got ready to make her do widow customs. Anandi says you have supported him in his every crime and says he is not parmeshwar but a cheap man. Harki nods yes. Akhiraj is stunned. She stands up and announces that he is not Anand baba, but her husband and Kundan’s dad Akhiraj Singh. Everyone is shocked. She says I am not a widow, but his suhaagan. She takes out mask from his face and reveals his face. Everyone is shocked.

Akhiraj says what did you do mad woman and says I will not leave you. He tries to slap her, but Anandi comes in between and stops him. She says you have played enough with women, and says we are humans too and will not be compressed in the name of customs. People says beat him…Akhiraj runs and holds the agni fire. He threatens to burn whole village. He announces that he is Akhiraj Singh, Harki’s husband and Kundan’s dad. He asks them not to show any cleverness else everyone will die.

Dadisaa lights the lamp and prays to Devimaa. Just then lamp is blown by the wind. Dadisaa thinks it is an inauspicious sign and asks Devimaa to help them. She recalls Pandit ji’s words that Anandi’s grah is heavy. Akhiraj stares Anandi….Dadisaa recalls Pandit ji telling that sometimes our predictions can be wrong too.

Nimboli wears ghagra choli. Shivam says you looks good in frock. Nimboli says she likes it and argues with him. They go to ask Dadisaa. The villagers get angry and say beat him. Harki folds her hands and asks them not to beat her husband. Akhiraj asks her not to request them and says he will never apologize to illiterate villagers. He tells Anandi that you haven’t done any betterment of them, and says these illiterate villagers will fall on some other baba’s feet all their life. He says he had learnt this trick to get the vibhuti and shows the magic. He says villagers thought me as a magical baba. He makes fun of the villagers problem and says they are illiterate and useless. Anandi says you have taken wrong advantage of their blind faith and says you have done sin. Akhiraj says God showed me the way, but you are hurdle of my life. Villager says beat him. We shall not hear his nonsense. Akhiraj threatens to burn him. Inspector comes and shouts at the fire wood. He asks Akhiraj to surrender. They arrest Akhiraj. People gets angry. Akhiraj tells Anandi that he will escape from Police station and will come back again as Sadhu. He asks her to keep trying if she stays alive. Dadisaa is leaving from house.

Nimboli and Shivam insist to come with her. Dadisaa asks them to take care of each other and stay at home. She gets Jagya’s call and he informs her that Baba Anand Maharaj is actually Akhiraj Singh and have been fooling villagers. He says Anandi have exposed him and got him arrested. Dadisaa says it is a good news. She tells them that Anandi made them proud. They sit in the car and leave. Victimised widow stops Inspector and says she wants to change Akhiraj’s face. She puts cow dung on his face. Everyone laughs. Other woman asks him to laugh on her and tears his clothes. Inspector says this is not a crime else I would have stopped you. Other woman curses him and beats him. Harki cries and thinks she has done a mistake by confessing.

Kundan says Bapusaa will be freed from jail and asks her not to worry. Woman asks Inspector to take him from there. Villagers beat him angrily. Anandi says it is strange that you have to take law’s help to save yourself from public, and says you got punished from them. She says it is my challenge that until you are alive, you couldn’t bear this insult and will die thousand’s deaths, this will be your real punishment. Akhiraj looks angrily. Dadisaa comes there along with Nimboli and Shivam. Nimboli rushes to Anandi and hugs her. Dadisaa stares Akhiraj and slaps him hard. Kundan gets angry while all villagers smile. Dadisaa says you have thrown dust on Bhakts’ eyes and asks him to see God’s justice. Akhiraj gets angry. Dadisaa says well done to Anandi and call her brave. Everyone smiles except Akhiraj, Harki and Kundan. Dadisaa says Jagya and you have saved the villagers from this devil. Everyone applaud for Anandi.

Nimboli and Shivam smiles. Akhiraj gets angry, beats the constables and manage to get their gun. He shouts Anandi and fires bullet on Anandi, but Dadisaa covers up Anandi and comes infront to get bullet on her chest. Anandi shouts Dadisaa. Jagya and Nimboli shouts Dadisaa. Everyone is shell shocked and the moment stops for a while. Dadisaa collapses and falls down. Akhiraj manage to hold Kavita and threatens to kill her also. Anandi looks on shocked. Kavita’s parents get tensed. Harki, Akhiraj and Kundan sit in Police jeep, and pushes Kavita on ground before escaping. Inspector informs the head quarters. Dadisaa asks Anandi to let her go and asks Jagya also. Jagya says no, and says I won’t let anything happen to you. He calls someone and asks to send ambulance soon. Anandi says we will take you to hospital. Dadisaa asks Anandi to talk to her for sometime. Jagya says nothing will happen to you and asks her to let him check her wound once. Dadisaa says my life is ending. Anandi says we won’t let you happen anything. Dadisaa asks her to stop crying else she will get her locked in the kothri. She closes her eyes.

Anandi asks Dadisaa not to go anywhere. Dadisaa says I will be with you always. Anandi asks her to live for her and everyone and says it is my order. Dadisaa looks on smilingly.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Really we are missing dadisa, she is brave, strong, powerful woman, backbone of every one…
    she is the one, continously plays a role with out exit from the balika vadhu from couple of years..
    really i’m depressed about dadisa, such kind role i never seen …..we are missing ever and ever

  2. my eyes were wet during that scene omg what a scene and great bonding of dadisa and anandi writers yeh accha nhi kiya and how foolish nd bewakuf harki yeh pta hone ke baad bhi akhiraj ka sath daya lekin woh usko chodega nhi

  3. Miss u a lot Dadisa ☹

  4. sarayu (honey)

    i miss you dadisaa, the last scene is really awesome and emotional. nimboli will become a doctor

  5. Dadisa we are missing you …bonding between dadisa and anandi is never lost scene… My eyes are fill with tears about your unexpected death… Dadisa missing you ….missing you….I’m writing these lines vth disappointed mindset…. Your support is great…finally directors concluded your role…..

  6. Shobha garrett

    Oh my goodness. I haven’t seen the show yet. I feel like crying just from reading the update. Daddisa is a rock. My fave in this show. Please save her. In will be sure to comment more after I have watched the show. Wow!

  7. In past harki, mangla roles are ended . and now dadisa role is gng to end…next will be anandi ? Shivam ? Shivam role also no more in after leap ?? This is big question ???
    After leap nandini will well graduate and playing docter role… Triangle love story also run between nandini and other two lead male roles….and fight against of evils of child marriage..facing dangerous and criminal minded lead female anti role….. Again new character anandi named girl will introduce….

    1. in past ” urmi”, mangala roles are ended sorry for wrong text……

  8. Guys plz respond to my messages…

  9. Last night episode was very emotional
    I couldn’t hold my tears when she said “chup hoja chori vrna thare ko kothari me bnd kr dungi”

    Dadisa has been contributing to show
    from past 8 years
    What a voice,what a confidence,what a
    perfection in every shot!
    I will miss her very much!
    She is a super star of television ❤

  10. Just watched the show. Dadisa’s character was good (she is very good actress), but this was long time due…so take it easy guys.

    Akhiraj has managed to escape from hopeless, pathetic, incapable police successfully for third time. And for the whole length of this episode, Jagya was just standing there doing nothing except for calling Dadisa, which ultimately cause of her death.

    BV writers are just sick people.

  11. Dadisa the most wonderful and strong character in BV… Kalyani devi’s character transition is one of the highlight of this show. No one could portrayed this character as much as perfection like Surekha ji did . She gave life to this character. And also she was the soul of this serial and I don’t know without her presence how could the viewers will accept BV. Dadisa character will always remain best in Indian television serials forever. No others can beat it. I just love her and will miss lot and you will always be in our hearts as our lovable Dadisa .. Hope to see you soon in any other show..

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