Maha Epi – Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 8th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Terrorist Attack in Hospital

Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 8th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The school corridor was desserted. Kids including Ved and Sadika were held hostage while terrorists physically abused a teacher in front of them. Other sat in a corner, terrified. The terrorist demand the release of Mahinder Singh from jail of Kanpur, and they are vacated out of city. The police inspector promises that they will do the legal procedures, until then nothing should happen to the kids.
Sahil and Vaidika try to break in the school but the police stop them. Some of the inspectors try to break in the school from back door, the terrorists open fire and kill them all. The terrorist warns they have kept close eyes, if anyone try to break in they will now throw the dead bodies of kids.
At home everyone see the news. Bari Amma tries Ved’s phone number. Ved’s clips were

shown on television. Bhoomi drop the glass of milk and cries for her son.
Sahil and Vaidika hold hands and come at the back entrance of the house. He decides to cross the wall.
There was a Ganpati procession passing by.
Sahil pulls the plug of a dynamite he took from police’s bag. He plants it over the wall and assures Vaidika no one would hear the explosion due to drum beating and fire crackers in the procession. The wall was blown and the terrorists consider it the voice from Ganpati celebrations.
Sahil snatch the gun from a terrorist pushing him down the stairs. The creep cautiously get through the corridors.
The media speaks to Bari Amma about Ved’s terrorist kidnap. The media also questions her about relations between Sahil and Vaidika who broke into the school together. They question how Bhoomi could let them wander around the city.
The terrorists kill one of the teacher and hands the blooded body in the terrace.
Sahil speaks to the inspector through a walkie talkie. He informs that he and Vaidika are inside the school. The terrorists are spread across the school, police can’t walk inside. He is a father and can do anything to save his child.
Gauri gets a call from Deepak. Deepak tells Gauri he is going to school to save their daught… Ved from those terrorists. He would only return after he has saved the kids. Gauri was suspicious and wonders what happened to him today. Deepak in the car decides to at least do something for Sadika, he wonders how she must be.
Sahil hides himself from terrorists. Vaidika enters the class and gets in the crowd. Sadika calls Mama! But Vaidika signals her to keep silent. She sweats and wish Sahil brings police inside soon. The terrorist’s leader spots Vaidika and calls her forward and questions who is she, where she had been. Vaidika says she was here, Vaidika who teaches maths. She says children are really tensed and hungry, they must arrange something to eat else they might faint.
Maya had reached the school premises. She questions why police doesn’t take an action. Police must get their companions freed, their children are at stake. The police insists they can’t put the whole city at stake deterred by the terrorists.
A terrorist comes with Vaidika to the tuck shop. Vaidika collects some eatables. She finds a bunch of apple and offers to prepare juice for all of them. She mix dynamite balls in the juice. She offers the juice to the terrorist who accompanied her, he fell faint. Vaidika brings the juice upstairs. Deepak hits her in the corridor. She tells him to go away, the children are in danger here. Deepak says he wish to save the kids. Vaidika says they are parents of the children, Ved is Bhoomi and Sahil’s child, and Sadika… Deepak interrupts that Sadika is his daughter. Vaidika was broken and gets hold of herself after much struggle. She tells Deepak to go and dress himself as the terrorist who is unconscious downstairs. Sahil drags Vaidika behind. She looks troubled. Sahil asks what the matter is, she was about to tell Sahil but lies that she was only tensed for Sadika. A terrorist had reached downstairs. Sahil hides while Vaidika lies that the fellow terrorist has gone to washroom.
In the class, Vaidika offers juice to terrorists. She says their fellow will bring the food, till then they must have some juice. The lead terrorist asks Vaidika to drink from the glass first. Vaidika was about to sip but Ved and Sadika come hugging her. The terrorists grab Vaidika and asks what’s her relation to them. Vaidika says she is only a teacher. Soon they hear the inspector downstairs that they have brought Mahinder Singh, if he would spare the children then? The terrorist asks to bring Mahinder inside. They cheer up.
Sahil was caught by a terrorist but Deepak comes to help and shoots the terrorist. He reveals his face to Sahil. Sahil thanks him for helping them.
Ved spots Sahil passing by. Vaidika shuts his mouth but the terrorists were alert. Sahil was dragged into the classroom.
Bhoomi stood in front of temple, crying for Ved. Bari Amma comes accusing and blaming Bhoomi. Bhoomi wasn’t ready to hear any more taunts. She says Ved is her grandson as well. Sahil and Vaidika are trying to save him, and she only cares about their affair. The woman who can put her life stake for her son, she is even ready to sacrifice her marriage for her. Whatever she is praying for right now is impossible without Sahil and Vaidika.
Vaidika was brought into a classroom. Sahil hung down the terrace with a rope that the terrorist held. They demand Vaidika to dance else they will leave the rope and Sahil would be dead. Deepak also stood there. Music was played there. The terrorists physically abuse Vaidika as she performs a few steps. The lead terrorist comes to further assault Vaidika physically. Deepak comes in the middle of the hall and fly some salt held in his hands. Vaidika clutches the rope Sahil had been tied to. Deepak was shot by a terrorist. Sahil snatches the gun. The lead terrorist laughs hysterically and claims to be the rebels. Everyone here would die if their supporters aren’t left today. He says he has planted bomb with their kids, it will blast in next 10 minutes. Sahil, Vaidika and Deepak walk out of the classroom.
The terrorist lead gives an ultimatum of 5.20min on loud speaker. There would be an explosion and nothing can be saved in next five minutes.
Bhoomi prayed near the temple. The Ganpati procession had reached nearby. Ved stood with the bomb planted with him. Sahil and Deepak attack the terrorists, wrestles with them hard. Deepak gets the bomb remote and stops it. Sahil makes the kids run away. Deepak hugs Sadika and carries her outside. Sahil calls from inside that everyone is safe and coming downstairs. The lead terrorist gets conscious. He grabs the gun pointing it towards Ved. Vaidika protects Ved and gets the bullet. Sahil screams for Vaidika, shoot the terrorist with a gun and tries to wake Vaidika. Vaidika tries to speak about Sadika but her eyes were soon shut.

PRECAP: Sahil brings Vaidika to hospital and tells the doctor that she shouldn’t die. Sadika cries for Vaidika in the hospital. Sahil consoles the kids while Vaidika lay in hospital. .

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Awesome epi…full of drama and action…loved it😊😊
    Deepak won heart…he was bad but always better than bari amma and puneesh…and proved that again.
    Bhoomi was good…fitting reply to bari amma.
    Precap is good too.

    1. Btw…it will be terrorist attack in school…not hospital😇

  2. Today bhoomi was selfless..she wasn’t unsecured fa once.. that’s d good part of her..
    Why cudnt vedhika tell Sahil about their relationship or kid.. if a person was really dying, atleast then they shouldn’t leave with untold words.. infact v all shd live as if it was d last day and be true to our heart.. she cud hv atleast told him that she loves him..

  3. Upcoming Twist …vedika will die and sahil will be shocked to hear that …but there is more vedika will meet the almighty and he will tell her that she has to live as her job isnt over yet and vedika will come back …
    what really hurt the most is vedika never accepted her feelings and never told the truth about everything …its just so sad that ..makers doesn’t wants to redeem her character only created MU but to create distance was her decision …but she never said sorry to sahil for what she did …infact she was asking sahil what i did?? so when a person doesn’t know what he/she did ..then whats the use of this whole story …plus from childhood we were told that god only helps those who helps them-self…. here god had helped her many times by giving her signs ..but she ignored it …always hiding and running ..
    thats true if u like a guy but the guy is so much younger to u ..ofc u will run away from your feelings …but making cheap and stupid decisions ..would you do that becoz of it ??? and also if you really love and respect someone u never hide anything until and unless it is necessary …but in this show vedika has always lied …she was never true to herself nor to sahil…
    and frankly with the current vedika so bechari and abla nari i dont want her to end up with sahil …until she realize her mistake , ask for forgiveness …confess her love ..and also sahil shouldn’t be making any efforts until vedika makes the first move …he did what he could now its her turn ..sahil is not some hutch wala puppy …wherever u go i will follow ….since equality is one of the imp aspect in a relationship ….without it no relationship can run for long ..

  4. Writers had messed up again. Vedika should have been given the chance to tell Sahil about their child before she passed out and may be he would have realised that Ved is his and question BA.

    Deepak should have confessed in front of the whole family and be grateful to Vedika for bringing up his child. I agree with you Dolly. Deepak was just greedy . He never meant any harm to Vedika or Sahil unlike Puneesh and BA.

    There’s a lot of unfinished business. I wonder how writers is going to resolve them all and do justice to Vedika. Puneesh and BA Need to be expose soon. Sahil has endure too much pain so far…..

  5. Love the fast pace… KKB took 2 weeks to complete a similar situation of terrorists in a school room of kids while AKAJS has done it in 1 mahasangam that’s what I like…and that’s one of the reasons why I love this serial, we almost never get long drawn out plots where we become bored…its chop chop chop… Anyways… Thankful to see Deepak coming to terms with his growing love for his daughter, I’m mighty pleased with the efforts the writers took to show Deepak how daughters are a blessing to parents, he actually shed tears for Sadika and risked his life to bring her to safety. Bhoomi has demonstrated again why we still love her, she values the fact that without Sahil and Vedika, there’s no Ved and she even prayed and begged the Lord for all of them to return safely. I saw the YouTube video where the doctor told Sahil that Vedika didn’t make it out alive and he barged into the theater but we all know Sahil would bring her out of a flat line, no way she’ll die so easily.. I’m happy to get that validation from Makino….and I hope Vedika learns a lesson through this ordeal. Friends, I’m longing to see Sahil smiling, he looks unhappy and lost out of love, I want to see the spontaneous, chivalrous, romantic man Sahil really is…i miss him this way😭😭☹️☹️🤧🤧😟😟 was satisfying to see Sahil and Vedika holding hands and helping each other.

    1. naz but i want vedika to figure it out that she wants to be with sahil …not becoz someone told her or god told her that they r destined ….god has already given her a lots of hints ,,…she is the one who ignored them….so i want her to do that herself …what she wants to do with her and sahil relationship …waise bhi she has always taken wrong decisions ..people died ..some lost hope …and some broke relations with her …she needs to clean up the mess she created ..or else whats the use of this show …no ounce on reality …i also want sahil to smile just like before ..for that vedika needs to make efforts …and stop running …otherwise their is no age gap love anymore in this show …they have butchered vedika’s character already and the concept is gone long back …

      1. Makino, I also want Vedika to admit to herself that she wants to be with Sahil, their union would only be realistic if she comes to him unashamedly, unabashedly and this self acceptance must come from within her no one should be telling her to go to Sahil. When she comes out of this ordeal, let’s see what she does, at the moment I can’t even guess what she’ll be doing with the mess she’s created in her life’s relationships.

  6. Love aapke aajane se….but sahil should know the truth of ved. Whatever has happened in the past he cannot blame vedika becoz he should try to find out what is the actual reason behind that. As he knows vedika has done manything for his family so suddenly her change in behaviour is strange… he should realise ………anyways as a viewer i want sahil n vedika to unite and punish bari amma for all her bad deeds. Bure logo ke saath achcha nahi hona chahiye……

    1. i dont agree with u …if u think that only vedika has done a lot of thing then let me tell u one thing vedika is responsible for his sufferings too…and sahil has done a lot of thing for her family also and for vedika too …the only diff between is that vedika is capable of hiding and lying to sahil …but sahil cant lie to vedika …
      well getting married was for sahil ..but getting pregnant ..and hiding about the baby and then running away was her decision …sahil gave her the opp to tell him the truth but she didnt ..if she would have told him then sahil could have given his life to protect her and the baby ,…its her fault for not trusting …sab ki chahiye ki sahil hi vedika k piche laga rahe …but vedika sirf society and cancer patients ki last wish k khayal rakhe …
      but sorry this is not the concept of this show …this show was supposed to bring revolution on love stories like this ,…but they ruined it since they r making good money ….otherwise waise bhi sadika marriage was scheduled in july ….tabhi ho jati ….but they wanted yash to marry vedika and maker her pregnant and leave her as a widow …

  7. Will vedhika really expose BA? Atleast after coming back from death, vedhika should change.. I wish she knows the value of love and life atleast now.. everyone doesn’t get a second chance.. I hope she makes use of what is gifted to her..

  8. Ur just dragging the serial it’s a high time …… Vedika and sahil should be united

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