Magician love-intro


Magician love…


It’s a super natural story.

Swara– who’s birth has a purpose. To solve a misery of some people. She has unknown divine powers. She is not aware of it. A huge responsibility is waiting for her….

Sanskar– a magician, who does black magic. No one knows that. Magician means wearing black dress..not like that. He is Normal as everyone. He has some purpose with Swara. He love her or not..? Is he going to kill her..?? We will know in the story…

Sahil– swara’s relative. Who wants to marry her.

Sumi; shekar– swara’s parents.

These are all the characters. Some more will join in middle of the story.

Introduction to story,..

In a rural area, in hospital, Sharmishta just gives birth to a beautiful pretty baby girl. As soon as shekar sees her, he calls her, “Swara..”. He don’t know, why he had kept that name…

Swara’s dadi starts telling, “my ladoo has born in an auspicious time.. According to her astrology, she is going to be a nice singer.”
Baby is smiling at them. They amaze, why she is not crying…. Even doctor get amazed.

A man who is in veil, sees the baby from window and leaves one kind of ball in the room. That ball spreads some kind of smell. For that smell, everyone are ok, but baby starts turning into blue. The baby goes unconscious. Sumi shekar dadi panics. Doctor checks and doesn’t understand what happened. That strange man smirks and leaves.
Then only another strange man enters the room. Shekar shouts on him to go out.
“Listen to me, I’m simhanadh. This is a attack on your kid. Let me tie this thread to her hand. She will feel alright.” Says that man.

Shekar beats him and says to go out. But Sumi insists shekar to let him tie. That man ties the thread to baby’s hand, now the baby becomes normal. Shekar and Sumi tells many thanks to him.
“You came from foreign, please return back there immediately. Your daughter shouldn’t come here until she is 18years. You have to cross the ocean and go away. These magical things will not come crossing ocean. So, go back as quickly. You may remove this thread after leaving this country…” Says simhanath.
Don’t know why but Sumi shekar dadi believes him. They sit in a car, and start crossing the village.

Suddenly a group of people try to attack on car, simhanath stops them and fights with them.. “Your daughter is in danger. You have to leave this village. Go away soon….” Shouts simhanath. They drives the car away fastly.
Simhanath stops all those men. Shekar crosses the village safely.
In the fight, simhanath gets killed. He looks in the direction which car went and says, “please surely come after 18years….”

Shekar and his family leaves to foreign after few days.. “We are neMagician lovever going to come here..” Says shekar in himself…Magician love

Guys..don’t be angry on me that I made sanskar a magician.. ??You will know why in coming epis…
Thank you….

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