Magician love-Episode 9


Last part: Episode 8
Epi 9:

Sanskar is looking at happily laughing Swara. Their vehicle is stopped by some people. They are magician Dusta men. Sanskar looks angrily at them.
Swara: who are they…?

Sanskar: our enemies. Dusta men.

Swara is confused. They both get down from the cart.

One man in them: hey young magician, where are you taking her…?

Other man: to the village place or sacrifice place…??

Swara is confused with their words.

Sanskar: move away from my way…

One man: surely we move, but along with this girl.

They says and about to take Swara with them. But is sanskar going to bear it…?? He starts fighting with those men. Swara looks at him in more pride loving way, that he is fighting for her.

Those men couldn’t standup before him.

Swara: wow sanskar. Super… You are a hero…
She shouts. Then those men laugh very badly.

One man: he is saving you to kill you. Now, he is going to sacrifice you. So that he will get some powers.

Sanskar: shut up….

That man: why…? Did I say anything wrong..? Are you not a magician…???

Swara shocks with his words.

Then sanskar shouts, “yes..! I’m magician…!! I have searched for this girl all these years. And now, I’m going to sacrifice her….!!”

Swara is hell shocked..!!

He shouts and takes out his wand. Those men get scared looking at his wand. He points wand towards them and he spells something. All those men faint.

Swara looks all that in confusion and shock. Sanskar puts his wand back and looks at Swara.

Swara: so, whatever you said is true. You have cheated me…!!

Sanskar: no Swara, listen to me…

Swara: just like them, you also want to kill me..??

Sanskar: that’s not true…

Swara shouts, why not..? You said it with your tongue just now. You are a cheater…!! All your love was fake.. You have used my feelings. I’m regretting myself that I loved you. I hate you…”

Sanskar is shattered with her words. “No Swara, it’s not like that. Believe me…”

“No girl will believe you again.” Says Swara and starts running away from him.

Sanskar: Swara stop… Don’t go away…

Swara keeps running. Sanskar is chasing after her. “Swara…stop..”

While she is running like that, she suddenly slips from a slop, rolls down. Her head hits to a log, and she fells unconscious.

Swara gets a dream. Swara was singing a song.

“The sun has raised to clean dark…
The cool breeze has blown to drive away sorrow…
My people, wake up…
Give your smiles and strength to kingdom…”

While she is singing, some people try to attack her. One man comes and fights with them. Swara is happy that one came for her. That man turns his face back to see her. But the dream shatters.

Swara opens her eyes and she sees sanskar’s face. He is looking concerned at her. Her head was placed on his lap. She suddenly gets up and moves far away from him.

Fb: When she falls, sanskar carries her to the house and treats her wound.

Sanskar: Swara..Swara..don’t get panic. I’m not your enemy. I have said them intentionally like that….
Swara just puts her hands on her face and cries a lot.. “Let me go…”

Sanskar feels sad..”Swara…”

She is still crying. Sanskar holds her hand and raises her up. “Leave me….” She is shouting and beating him. Sanskar puts his hand on her mouth. “Chup..ek dam chup! I will leave you now. You can go where ever you want.” He says and removes his hand.

She is staring at him with red tear filled eyes. She takes her hand and starts walking somewhere. He takes her to bus station. He gives her money. “Now, go back to your city. Be happy with your parents.” He says and and about to come back. Then he gives same magical flower again to her. “Keep this with you. To avoid their attack again. Leave this country and go away. These men can’t cross the sea.” He says and goes away.

Swara looks on at him.

She sits in the bus. She closes her eyes. Sanskar keep coming in her mind. She remembers her mother’s words. “Always, follow your heart…”
“I really love him a lot…but what he did..? He wanted to kill me..!!” She thinks and wipes her tears.
“No…I shouldn’t give up this easy. I have to fight. I will bring back my love. I will change my husband. Sanskar is mine….” She thinks and gets down from bus.

Sanskar went to that lonely village. Those white forms are talking with him.

Sanskar: I’m sorry. I couldn’t bring her. She has lost trust on me.

One form: how can you say like that now? We have kept hopes on you.

Sanskar: I didn’t say that I will not help you. I will search for another alternative.

That form: there is no other alternative. This kingdom corner, corner has to listen her melodious voice. Because, her voice has the power. And, only that voice can change us to normal.

Other form: we have to loose all hopes now. Your father at first helped Dusta. Later he said that he took pity on us and wanted to help, but he didn’t. And now you are cheating same as him again.

Sanskar joins his hands and pray to them. “Please don’t say about my father like that. He has sacrificed his life to save that girl. Now I’m bearing his promise. I will fulfill this responsibility. I will try to convince her again…”
Says sanskar and he leaves that place.

Swara comes to house. Sanskar is not there. It is evening time. She stands outside waiting for him.

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