Magician love-Episode 8

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Swara wakes up after sometime. The room is totally dark. She feels scared. “Huf…I’m a brave girl. I will go and see.” She thinks and switches torch on her mobile. She gets scared looking at the pictures on wall. She breaths in relief that they are only pictures of animals.
She looks all through the room. She sees a passage on floor. There are steps which are leading to underground. Swara feels suspicious. Suddenly she hears some weird shouts of a man. She gets extremely scared by them.
Those are some magical charms. Swara shivers in fear. She closes her eyes and gets all strength. The sounds were coming from underground. She slowly walks on steps and goes inside. After following a passage, she sees a cave.
In which a fire is laid. One man is sitting in front of it and doing some magic charms. Swara shocks to see that. That man is wearing a black dress, and he has some weird chains in his neck. Swara keenly observes him, and shocked to know, that he is Sanskar himself.
His eyes are very red and he is so cruel… 
Swara is scared as hell…she then remembers sahil’s words telling that he is a magician.
She silently walks back so that he should not notice her. Till she reach the dark room, she was slow, but as soon as she reach there, she ran very fast as possible till she reach main door.
She goes to main door and tries to open door, but the door doesn’t open. She tries many times, but it doesn’t open. She hears a shout, “I have closed all eight ways, no one can come in or go out…” it’s Sanskar from inside.
Swara gets unconscious after listening to that.

Next morning she wakes up and sees herself in her room. She jumps from bed and goes to door to escape. But she sees her room door is locked from inside.
“This means, I didn’t go out? Who can lock door from in if I’m just inside?” she thinks.
“Swara…open the door” she listens Sanskar voice and he knocked the door. She feels feared to open the door. But, she opens hesitatingly as he is not leaving. Sanskar is standing before her. He is just as before. He is not at like before night. Swara gets relieved with his sweet smile.
“Why do you have all the sweat? Do you have any nightmare…?” he asks. Swara shocks and says, “Yes…it was a scary nightmare, don’t remind me about it.”

Sanskar keeps looking at her. She asks, “What…?”

He moves forward, and she keeps moving back. She struck to a wall and she can’t go back further. Sanskar comes close to her. She closes her eyes in fear.
“You don’t love me right…!” he asks.
Swara surprises and looks at him. He moves back.
Sanskar: If you were not angry with Sahil, you haven’t proposed me.
Swara bends her head.
Sanskar: you have married me being angry on Sahil.
Swara: but Sanskar…
Sanskar: I have married you on a purpose.
Swara gets amazed with his words.
“I will tell you what it is. Get ready. I said I will take you to a place right…!” he says and goes away.
Swara closes her door. “So, that was my dream.” She thinks.
Sanskar goes into his room. He remembers what had happened last night. He sees Swara has seen him. She faints in fear at main door. Then Sanskar comes and carries her to her room. He comes out of room and locks the room from inside with his magical powers. That’s why Swara is thinking that she didn’t come out of room and that was her dream.
“I’m sorry to cheat you Swara. This will be last. I can cheat you no more. Because, you are not going to be here anymore…” he says in himself.

Swara gets ready very prettily. She is thinking that Sanskar is going to take her to some special place to surprise her. “Aww…he loves me. But he is thinking that I won’t love him. I will say him, that I married him because I love him…” she thinks and blushes.
“Swara, are you ready?” he shouts.
“Yes, I’m coming…” she says and comes out.
Sanskar gets amazed looking at her. She is extremely beautiful. He stares at her and suddenly a tear drops from his eyes.
Swara: what’s the matter?
Sanskar: nothing. I’m going to miss you.
Swara: what…?
Sanskar: nothing, let’s go.
They both come out. There is a bullock cart.
Swara: hey, don’t tell me that we are going in that.
Sanskar: of course, we are going in that. There is no proper transport in that place.
They both go near it. Swara struggles to get into it. While she is about to fall down, he holds her tightly at her waist. Both have an eye lock.
“sorry…” he says. She sits in cart bending her head.

Sanskar is driving the cart. Swara is just looking at him.
“You have proposed me first. And again now you are sitting silently. Hey, look at me. I want to talk to you…” she talks in herself.
Sanskar looks at her, “What..?”
Swara: what..?
Sanskar: didn’t you call me?
Swara: no….
Sanskar again becomes silent.
Swara: actually….
Sanskar: I want to tell you something.
Swara will be looking at him.
Sanskar: I know, you are not going to believe me, what I’m going to tell.
Swara is silent.
Their cart is going through the big forest.
Sanskar: Swara, I’m taking to your kingdom and you are Queen of that kingdom. So many people are just waiting for you there.
Swara bursts into laugh after listening to it.
Sanskar: Be serious Swara. I’m not joking. The time has come to tell you the truth…
Swara stares at him in confusion.
Sanskar: didn’t you ever feel that you are missing some one, someone is desperately calling you…??
Swara thinks, “yes, I got such dreams many times, but I have ignored them.”
Sanskar: You are born for them swara. You are born to clear their agony.
Swara surprises.

Sanskar starts telling the story.
“Still that village is ruled by kings even after independence. People too accepted their ruling always. In your last life, you were the family member of those kings. And you have become the 21st heir of that empire. The kingdom was in your ruling then. This has happened just 40 years back. Magician Dusta wanted to marry you to rule over people, but you have rejected him. He grew anger with your rejection and he cursed the whole village, “The people in the village has to become souls.” As he cursed, they became souls then. They are not dead or alive. You are the only one who was not affected with that curse. You have the power of bringing your people into normal position, but when you tried to do that Magician Dusta has killed you. From then, that village was abandoned. No one can go there…because one can see only scary souls there.”

Swara listened to entire story silently and asked, “So, now I have to do something to save them again…?” she laughs.
“Sanskar, you need not fool me. Today is not April 1st….” she says and laughs very loudly.
Sanskar wants to tell her something and turns to her. But when he sees her very happy laugh, he becomes mesmerized and keeps looking at her in love.

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