Magician love-Episode 7

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Swara steps inside the house. The house is not at all clean.

“Actually, I have been not here for some days right! That’s why it’s not clean.” says Sanskar.
Swara is silently looking the entire house. Sanskar is looking at her lovely. She sees a photo.
“They are your parents right..!” says Swara.
Sansakar: yes…! My mother Annapurna and father Durga Prasad.
Swara is looking at the photo.
Swara: where are they now??
Sanskar sadly, “My mom and dad separated when I’m one year old. My mom came to this village with me. And she left me when I’m 15 years old.”
Swara feels sad. “I’m sorry. Why are they separated?” she asks.
Sanskar: my mom came to know my father has other face called, “Simhanath”
Swara amazes, “What…??”
Sanskar: Swara, leave that matter. Come I will show your room…
He says and holds her hand and taking her. She is looking at walls again.

She is amazed to see that there are no gods’ photos.
Swara: you don’t believe god right!
Sanskar: no, I believe him. That’s why I’m afraid.
Swara: why to afraid if you believe. Are you a devil?
Sanskar stops and looks at her. She scares suddenly.
Swara: hey, don’t scare me like that!

Sanskar comes close to her. He puts his head on her head. She closes her eyes in fear.
Sanskar: are you afraid of me really? Do you think I’m a devil?
Swara pushes him back. “I didn’t understand you from day one; you are saying you are afraid of God. What is this? You are not behaving as a normal man. That’s why I have said you like that…”
Sanskar: there is a reason behind it Swara. You will understand it later.
He shows her room.
Swara: a separate room for me?
Sanskar: Swara, let’s stay apart for some days.
Swara feels happy but acts as if in confusion, “But why…?”
Sanskar: I can’t say anything to you now.
He says and goes away into his room. “He is really a mysterious guy..!” she thinks.
“Whatever it is, I’m relieved now…” she thinks and dances in her room.
She arranges everything in her room and she goes through the house to have a look. “I have bad feeling in this house…” she thinks.
While she is going she sees a room door is locked. “Sanskar…” she shouts…
Sanskar: yes…
Swara: why this door is locked?
Sanskar comes there, “Swara, please don’t ask me anything now.”
Swara: ok, but I’m hungry. Can I have food?
He smiles and goes into kitchen. She is about to switch on the stove. Sanskar shouts, “No…” she trembles, “what…? I was helping you…”
He holds Swara’s shoulders and makes her to sit. “I will cook know dear, you take rest.”
Swara feels lovely when he called her ‘dear’. And she also feels happy that he didn’t let her do work.
That night Swara sleeps in her room. “He is very nice. I said him to be far, he gave a separate room. But, why he wanted to marry me all of sudden?”she thinks and closes her eyes. Sanskar comes into her mind. “Do I love him?” she thinks and falls asleep soon.
Next morning she talks with her parents on phone. She comes out of house as signal is not proper. Neighbours will be looking at her doubtfully and they are talking in them looking at her. Swara gets frustrated with their behaviour.
“Hey, what’s your problem? Why are you looking me like that?” she shouts. They silently go away.
Suddenly Sanskar puts hand on her. She scares at once.
Swara: Sanskar, don’t scare me like that.
Sanskar: I said not to speak with them. You will not get any answer.
“Strange boy and strange village.” She thinks.
Sanskar: okay I’m going out…
Swara: where…?
Sanskar: to my work
Swara: what is your work?
Sanskar: don’t ask me anything.
Swara: ok Sanskar, I trust you.
She goes inside. Sanskar looks on at her.

Evening at 5’o clock Sanskar returns back to home. Swara is dancing in her room. He comes and sees her. Suddenly she slips and falls on him. They look at each other. She gets up.
Swara: oh, when did you come?
Sanskar: just now.

Sanskar will be walking towards his room. Swara is walking beside him.
Swara: I really got bored today. We will return back to city soon.
Sanskar: of course, we will go, but I have a small work here.
Swara: till then I will get thin with boring.
Sanskar looks at her and asks, “Shall we go to a place tomorrow? But you have to sing a song over there…”
Swara: a song? Why..? What is that place…?
Sanskar: surprise…, prepare any beautiful song that mesmerises the hearts. Hey, not movie songs. Write your own song. I will compose music.
“Did I just come to India to sing and marry him?” thinks Swara.
In that lonely village,
Those weird forms are talking.
“He is going to bring her tomorrow. A long waiting is going to complete now.”
“Yes… we can be happy now.”
Their words are heard by magician Dusta.
“So, simhanath’s son is going to bring her here? He don’t want to kill her?” he is amazed.
Swara is trying to sleep in her room that night. She is not at all sleepy.
“What is this…? I’m keeping on thinking about Sanskar. Do I really love him?” she thinks and blushes.
“I will go and see what he is doing…?” she decides and comes out of her room.
It was night 12’o clock.
She goes to his room and knocks the door. The door opens as it is not locked.
“Sanskar…can I come in…?” she asks. But there is no response.
She goes into the room but he is nowhere.

She comes out thinking, “Where is he…?”
She sees the room which is locked is opened. “Probably, he went into that room. I too want to see, what’s in there…?”
She thinks and goes inside.
The room is completely dark. She suddenly feels dizzy and faints.

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