Magician love-Episode 6

Last part: Episode 5

Swara comes near her parents.

Swara: maa, papa, I don’t want to get married right now…
Shekar: but beta, you said that you love him…
Shekar and Sumi are still in Sanskar’s magical charm.
Swara: I said it, but why marriage now itself?
Sumi: but shona, we have already promised him. We shouldn’t say no.
Swara: this is my life matter, why do you decide it so soon? And why are you listening to him than me?

She don’t know what Sanskar did.

Then Shekar puts hand on her cheek and says, “Beta, we do everything for your sake. Marry him, you will be happy.”
Then only Sahil comes.
Sahil: If you don’t like leave it Swara. I’m still there to marry you.

She gets angry with his words and goes away.

Sahil: Shekar unkle, why swara have to marry Sanskar. Give her to me.

Shekar with Sahil in anger, “I know what to do to my daughter. You be calm.”

The shopping work will start, all arrangements are being done. It was all going very fastly. She is amazed it as dream or truth. “Why Sanskar wanted a simple marriage?” swara thought in herself.

Next day, their marriage day.

Swara and her parents are waiting in register office.

“Bhagavan…this marriage shouldn’t happen.” Swara is wishing in heart. Just then Sanskar comes there.

Her heart beat increases.
Formalities get completed. Sanskar signs on the register. Now, Swara’s turn. She holds the pen and keeps thinking.

Then Sanskar whispers in her ears, “Come on Swara, if you don’t sign now, you are going to miss a nice person in your life…”
Swara looks at him. He is smiling like a prince…

She doesn’t know why, but she gets attracted to that smile, it was a deepest lovely smile, a heart full smile, a genuine smile. She smiles back and signs on the register.
Sumi and Shekar clap their hands. Sahil claps in anger.

Next, Sanskar puts sindoor on her maang. They exchange the garlands.

Swara feels as so much waiting time has now completed, a longed waiting is now came to an end, an incomplete relationship is now complete…she is just staring at Sanskar and he is looking at her.
His eyes are showering only love… she is not at all scared this time.
Meanwhile in forest, magician Dusta men inform him that Sanskar has married that girl. Then Dusta says, “He is thinking that he can keep her far from us by marrying her. But, now it becomes easier to capture her. He is a child magician before me. I’m cunning and notorious, powerful magician…” he shouts and laughs violently.
Again, in that same deep empty village, the white human forms wake up.
One form: simhanath’s son has married that girl. I think he is doing that for us.
Other form: Yes. He will bring her here any day.
Those forms laugh.
As he said before Sanskar takes Swara with him. They both sit in a bus. Sumi and Shekar give them send off.
The bus starts and it goes to a village. While they are going in a bus to his village, Swara sits at window side and Sanskar is beside her. She is looking out the window gravely, and Sanskar was looking at her always.

Swara has liked Sanskar, but she didn’t expect marriage all of sudden, so she is sad.

The bus will be going; Sanskar puts hand on her hand. Suddenly a tear drops from her eyes. He is amazed to see tears in her eyes. He thinks that she is missing her parents. He puts his hand on her shoulder to console her, but she feels uneasy. Then he removes his hand.

Then Sanskar starts telling, “I’m sorry to change your life all of sudden Swara. But just think this is all for good. Now, I’m going to take you to a place where, all people really don’t like me. So, can you be alone among them?”

Swara feels amazed with his words. “Why…? No one likes you over there? Moreover Sanskar, I will come where ever you take me. I trust you.” She says. Sanskar feels extremely happy with her words and he again holds her hand. Swara removes her hand. “Sanskar, I said I trust you. Please be far for me. I can’t accept anymore sudden changes.” She says in upset.

Sanskar says sorry. Next there is only silence in between them.

They reach the village. It was a lonely village. There are no many vehicles, only some houses. They get down from bus and will be walking through the village. Everyone will be looking at them in surprised and observing way.

Swara: why everyone is seeing us like that?
Sanskar: you are new here right..!
Swara: they are your villagers’ right! Then why no one is talking to you?
Sanskar: I have said you already, there is no one for me and no one cares about me. These people really don’t like me.
Swara: but why…?
Sanskar: you will understand later…

Swara thinks in herself, “No one likes him, what a strange man he is! But I have to stay with him from today. Don’t know how I’m going to manage. I still don’t understand do I love him or not? If not why did I hug him like that on that day? And I have kept the sign unknowingly. I feel like he is very close to my heart. But still I don’t want to accept him. What a strange feeling? I still trust this strange man. Is he a magician really?”

Sanskar: what Swara? Are you thinking something again?
Swara: no…
Sanskar: this is my house.

Swara looks at the house. It is very normal as other houses. But there are many trees around the house. When Swara is going inside, all the neighbours will be observing her.
“why these people are seeing me like this?” she amazes.

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