Magician love-Episode 5

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It’s raining heavily. Swara and Sanskar are hugging each other. Sahil grows angry and drags Swara. He is about to slap her. Sanskar holds his hand.
Sanskar: Sahil, don’t dare to raise hand on her. She is mine. She is just mine…
He says that to Sahil and even to those men.

Those men talk, “She went into that young magician’s hand. Now we can’t do anything. We will inform this to our master Dusta.” They decide and go away.

Sahil holds Sanskar collar. “You are a mysterious man and she is a bad lady. Your pair is perfect.” says sahil. Swara gets angry with his words. “Sahil…” shouts Sanskar and beats him to ground. Swara stops him. “Leave him Sanskar, today I came to know about such idiot. Actually I’m lucky…” she says.
“I will go home now…” says Swara and about to leave.
“Swara, I’m sorry Swara. I didn’t mean that….” While sahil is asking excuse to her,
“Sanskar, can you drop me till home? I’m afraid to go alone, when he is around.” Says swara.
Sanskar agrees. Both sit in an auto. Sahil looks on in anger and jealous.
On the way, Swara and Sanskar are silent. After going home, Swara was silent without talking to anyone. Sumi, shekar doesn’t understand what happened to her.

That evening they keep on asking Swara to tell about her marriage decision with Sahil. He will be looking at her. Their plan is to do marriage, and take them to US as soon as possible.
Swara: Maa, papa, please leave me alone. I don’t want to marry him.
Sumi: But why, just yesterday you said Ok…
Swara: Maa, now I have changed my decision. I understood I can’t live happily with him.
But swara doesn’t say what actually sahil has done because, his parents may feel bad.
Shekar: there should be some reason for not marrying him. Tell me the reason.
Swara: It’s nothing dad.
“I will tell why unkle…” they hear Sanskar’s voice. He is standing at the door. Swara amazes his with his arrival.
Swara: hey why did you come…?
Swara will be asking.
Sahil: why Swara, you have loved him right! What if he comes here? So, you were just acting to make me jealous or you really love him?
Sumi Shekar amazes. Swara gets angry with his words.
Sanskar: Yes aunty, unkle, I and Swara are in love. I would like to marry your daughter if you agree.
Swara shocks with his words.
Swara: hey Sanskar, I have just proposed you. Why are you talking about marriage now itself?
Sanskar: why swara? We propose to get married right!
Sahil comes in middle, “Of course Sanskar you are right. What do you say swara?”

Swara again gets angry on Sahil. She just proposed Sanskar being angry with Sahil. To hurt his ego, she proposed Sanskar. But she really didn’t mean it. But whenever she closes her eyes, Sanskar is before her. Then, is it love?? She is in confusion.

Sahil smirks at Swara. If she says that she don’t love Sanskar, she will become fool in front of Sahil. And Sanskar will think badly about her.

Swara: Yes papa, I love Sanskar. I would like to marry him.
Sumi shekar Sahil shocks.
Sahil: No swara, don’t spoil your life having anger on me. I will never ask you to marry me. But don’t marry that magician.
Shekar shocks, “Magician…!!”
Swara: Papa, don’t believe him. He is just saying lies to get me. I want Sanskar. That’s my final decision.
Shekar comes towards Sanskar and asks him, “I never said no to my daughter’s wishes. I have trust on her that she selects everything good. I want to know about you.”
Sanskar nods his head.
Sanskar: can everyone go out please. I want to talk with Swara’s parents personally. Swara you too…
Everyone goes out. Sanskar look at them.
Sanskar: I’m magician simhanath’s son. And I’m a magician too. I perform black magic. But I have just learned all that for your daughter.
As soon as listening to it Shekar gets angry and holds his collar.
Shekar: I have respect on your father that he saved my child. But it doesn’t mean I will give her to a magician like you. Get out…
Sanskar: unkle, listen to me. Your daughter’s life is in danger. I want to save her.
Shekar: I know, how to save her. Get out.
While shekar is dragging him with collar. Sanskar takes out a white powder, “I’m sorry unkle, I have to do this…” he says and blows that powder on Sumi and shekar.
They feel dizzy when they smell it. They have come into Sanskar’s control now. They will listen whatever he say.
“You have to agree for our marriage. The marriage should be simple in register office. And our marriage should be day after tomorrow. After that, you have to send away your daughter with me.” says Sanskar.
They agree. They are in Sanskar’s magical charm.
Later everyone come inside.

Shekar happily with swara, “beta, Sanskar is a nice boy. We liked him very much. We agree for your marriage.” Says.
Swara shocks because, she didn’t expect that answer.
Sumi: and we would like to do your marriage day after tomorrow. It will be simple in register office.
Swara even more shocks with this.
Swara: but why this soon mama? And that too simply…? I expected my marriage should be grand and there should be a bharaat.
Sanskar: yes Swara. I like to be simple. Even your papa likes that. What unkle??
Shekar: yes beta! We shall do like that. And as soon as marriage is done, you will be going with your husband.
Swara doesn’t understand what to do with series of shocks.
Sahil: swara, you can say now also. Just forget him, no problem.

Swara turns angry at sahil and says, “I will marry Sanskar. I will go along with him after marriage.”
Sahil is shocked with answer.
Shekar: ok my boy Sanskar, day after tomorrow will be your marriage.
Sanskar: thanks unkle, bye everyone.

Sanskar leaves the place. Swara goes into her room and cries.
“I’m getting married this suddenly, why my parents are acting strange? I can’t say no at this time. I will ask them still.”

As already everyone slept, she decides to ask next day.

Next morning, swara wanted to talk about this with her parents.

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