Magician love-Episode 4

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Epi 4:
Sanskar: So, shall we start the practice…
Swara nods her head. Sanskar starts playing guitar. Swara will be looking at him and enjoying the music.
Sanskar: come on, don’t be calm. Sing something.
Then she sings, “tu hi tho muj ko bathade, chaho mein aanaa..”
He smiles and plays the guitar. She is singing. They both lost their world in singing.
Sahil was growing even more jealous. He comes and tries to talk with her, but she is busy in singing.

From then swasan friendship starts. They keep practicing every day. They both are only close always. Sahil sees all this and starts spreading rumor all over college; “They both are lovers…” he was jealous on Sanskar and angry on Swara.
Mean while Shekar comes from US, to surprise Swara. All the family members are actually planning to perform Swara and Sahil’s marriage.

Those magician Dusta men were planning to find out Swara, but the flower which is given by Sanskar has got some magical powers actually, so all their attempts were failing. They observe, Sanskar is always close with a girl in music academy, they doubt, she might be the girl who they are searching.

On the day before competition day,
It was raining. The weather was cool. The academy was filled with swasan’s music melody. Their hearts were occupied with lovely music. This time, Sanskar kept on looking Swara. She observes it.
Swara: what’s the matter Sanskar? You are looking me like that?
Sanskar: Swara, did you love anyone?
Swara amazes with his question.
Swara: wow Sanskar, this is first time I’m hearing my name from your mouth. You have not called me till now with name. I’m so happy. And your question, ‘No, I don’t.’
Sanskar feels happy with her answer.
Sanskar: swara, don’t get angry on me, after listening to this.
Swara: no way, tell me whatever you want.
Sanskar: I love you. Will you marry me??
Swara shocks at once. She has rejected all the boys who have proposed her till now. But she doesn’t want to reject him. Or she doesn’t want to say okay.
Swara silently gets up and starts going away. Sanskar looks on…
While Swara is going away some girls are looking at her and laughing. Some are looking her weirdly.
“Did she get only that boy to love? How can one love him?” says one girl. Swara listens to it.
“How can they think about me like that. They are thinking that we both are lovers!! But how this rumor is spread.” Thinks swara and goes home.
She is thinking about what Sanskar said. When she reaches house, everyone are waiting for her.
Sumi- Shekar asks her if she likes to marry Sahil? As Swara was never against to their parents words she says ‘Yes…’
Sahil and others feel happy. But her mind is pre occupied with Sanskar. She kept on thinking about him.

Next day, the competition day,
Sanskar was waiting for her. He thinks that she will not come. But Swara will come. He feels happy.
Their music performance will start. Sanskar was playing the guitar and Swara was singing the song. At first no one likes Sanskar, but when he is rocking on the stage, girls couldn’t turn away face from him. Everyone enjoyed their music.
As usually Sahil was burning with jealous.
Swasan got award in competition. It was not important to Sanskar. He was just waiting for Swara’s answer. When they are alone,
Swara: Sanskar, actually I always fight on whatever I want. But I never turn against to my parents. They have asked me to marry Sahil. So…

Sanskar: it’s okay swara. If you don’t like me, you can say it freely.
Swara: it’s not at all like that Sanskar! You are a nice guy. It’s really fortunate to marry you. But…
Sanskar: It’s ok swara… all the best.
Says Sanskar and goes away. Swara too turns back and starts going away sadly.
Swara sees sahil talking with someone.
“So, at last your plan has worked out.” Says his friend.
“Yes… I have spread the rumor. For that she bent has to bend her head.” Says sahil. Swara shocks with his words.

Sanskar while going, he was stopped by those magician Dusta men.
One in them: So, what young magician? Your plan didn’t work!
Other man: she rejected you…
They laugh.

Sahil: I got angry on her that she is turning towards Sanskar. How could I lose her? If I spread such rumor, she never loves him. She has to come back to me. There will be no other choice…”
Says sahil smirking.
“Sahil…” shouts swara and comes infront of him. He shocks.

Meanwhile near Sanskar,
One man: you are not at all like your father. He wanted to save her and you want to kill her..!!
Other man: he is just born to ruin his father Simhanath’s name.
Sanskar shouts and holds his neck.

Swara: I thought you loved me, but it was not love. It was all hatred.
Sahil: no Swara, I have loved you…
Swara: if you have really loved me, you could never spread rumors on me. Your problem was that I have been close with him right! Now itself I will go and propose him. I will make your rumor true.
Sahil shocks.

That man: why are you holding my neck? It was false? Your father has left his life to save that girl. But you want to kill that same girl.
Other: magician Dusta was searching for her these many years. If she is killed, he will get powers. You too wanted those powers, right! That’s why you wanted to marry her to make your work easy…
Sanskar: Yes…! I will sacrifice her. That’s truth. And you don’t come in my way.
That man: we won’t come in your way. But we will take her away.
Sanskar: Just forget that thought! You can’t take her, until I’m with her.

Swara will be coming back. Sahil is following her to stop. Swara starts running towards Sanskar.

That man: you are with her? Just now she rejected you and went away. How can you stay with her??
Those men will laugh.

Just then swara shouts, “Sanskar…” and comes running towards him. Sanskar amazes and turns to her. Those men are shocked.
Swara comes in a run towards him and hugs Sanskar. Those men including sahil are shocked.
“I love you Sanskar…” she says hugging him tight.
Sanskar too puts hands around her. He smirks at those men. Those men talk slowly, “she has come searching her death.”

Sanskar closes his eyes and happily hugs her.

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