Magician love-Episode 3

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epi 3

Next morning, Swara is getting ready for music class. Sumi comes near her.
Sumi: Swara, don’t be close with that Sanskar.
Swara: mom, don’t worry. Sahil has said it jokingly. I don’t believe him.

At music academy, a small announcement is given. A music competition will be there. So, pair has to participate together, with different music background. Swara wants to be with Sahil. But Sahil is already with someone. Swara doesn’t want to do with anyone else. She looks Sanskar is alone. She goes and asks him.
Swara: Sanskar, will you join me in competition?
Sanskar feels very happy. “Yes I will…”
Swara feels happy. But all girls were looking her weirdly.
Sahil: I thought Swara wouldn’t ask him or he will not agree. I don’t like Swara joining him..
Sahil goes near Swara and holds her hand. “Swara, just stop it. Why do you like to join him? I just said jokingly that I’m with someone. We can participate together. Come…
Swara laughs in herself. She purposefully asked Sanskar, so that Sahil will feel jealously. As soon as he called, Swara is about to go. But Sanskar stops her.
Sanskar: But you said, that you are going to join me…
Sahil holds his collar.
Sahil: she will do with me. Get lost.
Swara doesn’t like Sahil’s behaviour. Sanskar looks at him in anger. Looking straight into his eyes, Sahil gets scared. He leaves his collar and goes away. Swara doesn’t understand anything.
Swara doesn’t want to stay with Sanskar, but she has to do as she asked. They will start their practice.
Sanskar: so, you I play music with guitar, you can sing song for that…
Swara is not at all interested. She is looking at all the ways.
Sanskar: I will compose music, you write any lyrics… I’m not perfect in writing poetry…
He observes Swara is not at all interested. Sanskar clears his throat. Swara then looks him.
Swara: oh, I’m sorry. I was thinking something. On what should I write lyrics?
Sanskar: anything you like…
Swara: o…I will write on panipuri I ate yesterday and puri I ate this morning.
She says and will be laughing. Sanskar stands up.
Sanskar: music is not a joke. If you want to win, you have to be serious.
He says and goes away.
“Aww…he is such a rock. He can’t receive even jokes also. I regret myself for being with him.” She thinks.
After going home,
Swara: mom, he is not at all responsive. He has always a single expression in his face.
Sumi: I said, not to talk with him right…if really he is a magician?
Swara: maa, don’t believe Sahil’s words. He is just jealously if I talk with Sanskar.
Sumi thinks about her words.
Sahil comes near Swara. But she won’t talk with him.
Sahil: are you angry?
Swara: yes..! Because of you I have to join with him.
Sahil: why don’t you drop now?
Swara: we have already enrolled our names…
Sumi will be smiling at them while they are talking like that.
At night while sleeping, Swara will be getting Sanskar’s words in mind, “Write lyrics…write lyrics.”
She wakes up, “Is he not going to leave me in dream too…?” she thinks.

The men who were searching Swara will come to the city, where she is staying.
One man: we managed to know she is here. But where can we get her here?
Other: we have travelled many villages and towns to reach here. Now, it is easy.
That man releases some blue gas filled bottle, a gas comes out of it.
“This has leaded us till here, now again this will help us…” says that man. That gas keeps rotating there.

Swara gets an uneasy feeling when that is released. “I feel scary suddenly…” she thinks.
Then she sees a weird shape is roaming in balcony. She gets extremely scared. “No, I’m a brave girl…” she thinks and goes near the door. That shape is in blue colour. It’s night 12’o clock. Suddenly that shape opens the door and comes in. She shouts in fear.
Then he hears laugh of Sahil. She looks at him. That shape was him.
Swara: what are you doing here…?
Sahil: Happy birthday Swara…
She amazes. Then from main door Sumi and others come wishing her happy birthday. Swara feels happy.
She is amazed to see her room is decorated. It was decorated silently while she is sleeping. Then a huge cake of Barbie is brought into the room. Swara is amazed to see all those things.
Sumi: this was all Sahil’s plan.
Then Swara looks at him happily. He smiles. They are celebrating the birthday.
While that blue smoke is searching Swara. Those men are following that smoke. While that smoke is going it is suddenly shot by a white powder. That smoke is destroyed. Those men amaze and look straight. It’s Sanskar who threw it.
Sanskar: Go back in your way. I won’t let you find her. She is mine.
His voice is rather cruel.
Those men talks in themselves, “He is very dangerous. Only our master can fight with him. Let’s go back.” And they leave.
After they leave, Sanskar look at Swara’s house. “I will never let Dusta reach you.” He thinks.

Next morning,
Swara wears a beautiful pink dress. For that she wore all matching jewellery. She is extremely gorgeous. Sahil keeps looking at her.
After going to music academy, everyone start adoring her and she receives many gifts. From far, Sanskar is looking at her. A tear drops from his eye. “No, I have to be strong!” he thinks.
She comes near him. She expects the wishes from him. But he,
Sanskar: Did you write any lyrics?
Swara gets upset with his words.
Swara: Hello Mr. Studious, you know that today is my birthday, still you are…
Sanskar: what if it’s your birthday? It comes every year. It’s not really special.
Swara: you are cold hearted. You can at least wish me right.
Then he angrily,
Sanskar: Look, don’t irritate me. Today is the worst day in my life. I don’t like any celebrations today.
Swara gets hurt with his words. She goes far away and sits. She will be crying silently. Sanskar melts with that and he goes near her.
“I’m sorry, today is my father’s death anniversary. That’s why I’m upset.” He says.

Swara amazes with those words. “Oh, I’m sorry. I thought you are just a rock. I’m really sorry.” She says.

Then Sanskar takes out a flower from his bag. He gives it to her telling, “Happy birthday.”

Swara feels happy taking that flower.
“This flower grows only in my village. It never withers. But it gives fragrance everywhere. I suggest you to keep it always with you.” He says.

Swara smiles and says ok. From far Sahil is burning in jealous.

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