Magician love-Episode 2


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Sahil takes Swara on bike, and he starts showing all the places around… Swara enjoys the bike ride… especially she feels secured going with Sahil. First time she eats panipuri, then they see a movie, by evening they return to home.
Swara: It was a nice day Sahil…
Sahil: Shall we go tomorrow anywhere in same way…?
Swara: Where shall we go..?
Sahil: Hmm… I will tell you….

Swara goes inside. That night she sleeps happily. She remembers all the time which was spent with Sahil, “Aww…it was a fun time… why I’m feeling this happy to go with Sahil? Do i love him?” she thinks and closes her eyes, but that mysterious boy Sanskar comes into her mind. She suddenly opens her eyes.
“What am i thinking?” she thinks and closes her eyes. Again, Sanskar comes into her mind. But she sleeps like that only.
When it’s going to be early morning, she gets a dream… “Come here soon… Save us from this misery… save us… only you can save us….” some people were shouting like that.
Swara suddenly wakes up. “What was that dream? May be movie effect…” she thinks. Sumi comes angrily towards her.
Swara: What’s wrong mom? You are angry?
Sumi: where did you go yesterday?
Swara: mom…

Sumi: If you want to roam anywhere you want then let’s go back to America. I allowed you here, as you wanted to learn music.
Swara: But who said you that we went out?
Sumi: Your College met Sanskar came here yesterday to give the bag you forgot there. Then he said me were you went.
Swara: That Sanskar, what is his problem?
Sumi: If I heard, that you are out again, then I won’t spare you..!!
Swara gets angry on Sanskar.

She will go down to eat breakfast. There are two of her favourite Tiffin. Puri and Parota.
Swara: what to eat now? I think I like puri much but I want to eat parota also.
Sumi: you have to eat any one only.
Swara: then how to decide?
Sumi: just close your eyes, and then what comes into your mind or display, eat that one.
Swara closes her eyes, parota comes into her mind.
Swara: I got parota in my mind. But I like puri much. I will eat puri.
Sumi: You eat whatever you want. But, you like parota much as you said. Because, deep by heart you like it. But in mind you like puri. You don’t get satisfied if you don’t get what your heart liked.

Swara: Mom, I don’t believe it. I will eat puri. And I will prove that you are wrong.
Sumi: your wish… when you close your eyes, your heart speaks…and it is the truth..
But Swara eats puri, however her hunger won’t satisfy.
Swara: What can we do if parota is not there? We have to adjust..

Sumi: but there is a choice. Then we have to choose heart…
Swara gets ready to go to music academy. Sumi warns them again, not to go anywhere…
Sumi: Swara and Sahil, just straight go to acedamy and come back. Don’t go anywhere else.
Sahil take Swara to music academy. As soon as they come, girls surround him. They push her out. “ofoo..” thinks Swara.
Swara will be looking for Sanskar. Suddenly she hears beautiful violin music. It was the same music, but different music instrument. Cold breeze blows, her hair flies in air, she was mesmerised with the music and she proceeds her steps towards it.
Sanskar was playing the music very beautifully, Swara comes to that room. He finishes playing it and sees her. Both look at each other.
But this time, she doesn’t know why, she gets scared looking at him. He turns his face away as she was scared. Swara wanted to go away, but she asks him,
Swara: hey you! Why did you complain to my mom? Don’t you have any other work?
Sanskar: I did not complaint; I just said what you did. You wanted to learn music. Then why did you go out?

Swara: Just, do your work. Learning or not learning is my own wish. I will go where ever I want.
Sanskar: do you think you are doing right? You love music, but you are acting as if not.
Swara: What are you talking? I don’t like music.
Sanskar: If you don’t, why did you mesmerise for the music I played;
She keeps thinking.
Sanskar: why did you came on searching that music?
Swara: that…..
Sanskar: you love the music. Just ask it your heart.
He says and goes away. Swara keeps thinking and closes her eyes. She can feel the music from deep inside her heart… she opens her eyes with tears filled.
Then only Sahil comes near her.

Sahil: Hey Swara, come, let’s go out…
Swara: I want to learn music Sahil….
She says and goes into music class.
She hears the music notes and sings them heart fully. While she is singing her sweet voice has filled all the room, even who is going out also come back to listen to it. Swara feels complete and satisfied while she is singing. She went to other world… the music teacher appreciates her very much. She feels happy.

In a forest, in a scary cave, a man comes near a magician. Magician name is Dusta.
Dusta: that girl has come again. We shouldn’t miss her this time….
He says and puts something in fire… the fire raises.
“Go..! Get her…” he shouts. That man with few other people goes away in search of her.
After the class, Swara looks for Sanskar. He will be going away. “Sanskar….” she calls. He looks at her. But he goes away silently.
Swara: how proud he is! He ignored me..!!
Later they will go back to home. From the time she came home, Swara will be singing something, in the music which is played by Sanskar.

Sumi: 2nd day of music class, you have learned much…
Swara: Thank you mom. It was all because of Sanskar.
Sahil don’t like while she is talking about Sanskar. He keeps his face jealously. Swara laughs looking at him.
Sumi: mom, you know… Sanskar…
Sahil: oh, now stop it! What Sanskar Sanskar. Do you know about him? He is a magician!
Sumi, Swara amazes with his words.
Swara: I remembered you were telling about him earlier. How do you know about him?
Sahil: I heard it from people, I don’t know the truth. Once, his bag fell one boy has seen some lemons in his bag which are weird. And, have you ever observed his chains. They are very weird. No one dares to look into his eyes and even he doesn’t make eye contact with others.
Swara laughs with his answer. “If he has such things he is a magician? May be he follows new fashion.”

Sahil: But, this will really scare you, once he was spotted near burial ground that too at night time…
Now Swara really gets scared. “Stop telling…” she says and runs to her room.
Sahil laughs with that.
Sumi: Sahil, are you telling truth?
Sahil: last one is just a joke. But whatever I said earlier are truths.
Sumi keeps thinking something.

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