Magician love-Episode 12


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Swara tells him, “Some sort of light came from you Sanskar, those Dusta men ran away seeing it.”
Sanskar stands up and gets upset.
Sanskar: that means…that means I lost my powers….
He says and holds his head getting panic.
Swara: cool down Sanskar, what if powers are gone..??
Sanskar: no Swara, how can I save you again. I can’t talk with those souls also. Our mission doesn’t get completed.
Swara: let it be Sanskar. Let’s go away from this place. Far away from this magics and magicians.
But Sanskar silently goes into the secret room. Swara follows him telling, “Sanskar, no… please don’t start this again. Lets go away from this place…”
Sanskar goes near that fire place and turns on the fire. Swara gets scared looking at it.
“Sanskar…please stop…” swara is trying to stop him.
Suddenly, Sanskar holds his head painfully.
Swara: what happened Sanskar..?
Sanskar opens his eyes and looks at her. His eyes are dark red. Swara gets scared looking at his eyes.
Sanskar: I will get my powers back, if I kill you…
Swara shocks.

Sanskar: I will kill you…
He says and drags swara holding her hair. “No Sanskar….” She shouts.
He is about to throw her in fire, but, she shouts, “Sanskar….” Loudly…
That voice reaches his deep mind, and suddenly he becomes normal. He leaves swara.
Swara falls on her knees and starts crying.
Sanskar is about to put hand on her, “Swara….”
Swara shouts, “No, don’t come near me. You don’t worth my love.”
Sanskar shocks.
“No Swara, listen to me..”
Swara, “I thought to change you. But you are a beast. You are a demon…” shouts Swara and runs.
“Swara, listen. I didn’t know what I was doing, I was possessed I think…” Sanskar is coming at her back.
Suddenly Dusta men will arrive there. Swasan are shocked to see them. They forcedly take away Swara, Sanskar tries to stop them, but as he loosed his powers he couldn’t fight with them.
Swara is abducted.
Dusta men bring her to their place. Dusta laughs seeing her.
Dusta: did you scold that young magician? Oh…so pity, he is no more a magician. He lost all his power because of you. That’s why, I have possessed him and tried to kill you.
Swara shocks with his words.
Dusta: but you have shouted with all love and emotion, the real Sanskar came out, and I couldn’t do my duty. That’s why I brought you here.
Swara feels bad for misunderstanding Sanskar.
Dusta: Queen, you could have married me forty years back, this all couldn’t have happened. You could have been happy with me…
Swara: if I did not do like that, I would have missed a nice love like Sanskar.
Dusta: Oh, you still have trust on him? I will see how will he save you?
He says and raises his sword to kill her, but suddenly an arrow shot his hand. It’s obviously Sanskar, with bow.
Dusta: hey, how did he come here? Go and stop him.

Sanskar fights with them escaping their magical charms.
“Swara, come over here…” he shouts. Swara escapes from Dusta and comes behind Sanskar. He throws mud in everyone’s eyes and he goes away with Swara from there.
When dusta opens his eyes those both have already escaped.
Sanskar hurriedly taking Swara to that village.
Swara: I’m sorry Sanskar…I misunderstood you…
Sanskar: swara, we can talk about those things later.
They reach the village.
“Now, start singing any song. You have to sing till, all these lying people wake up…” says Sanskar.
Swara is silent.
“Come on Swara, sing.” He says.
Swara closes her eyes, she remembers her dream…. Some lines get in her mind.
She starts singing,
“The sun has raised to clean dark…
The cool breeze has blown to drive away sorrow…”
Sanskar smiles while she is singing. Then only Dusta men will come to stop her. One of them kick Sanskar. He falls down. Swara looks at him emotionally.
Sanskar: don’t stop singing Swara. Your voice heels this people. Your voice should reflect the walls of this kingdom…
Swara shakes her head and starts singing again….

“The sun has raised to clean dark…
The cool breeze has blown to drive away sorrow…”

Sanskar is fighting with those men.
Swara is singing,
“My people, wake up…
Give your smiles and strength to kingdom…”

Dusta enters the scene and beats Sanskar to ground. Tears roll from Swara’s eyes. She still keep singing in crying voice.
Dusta: hey girl, stop that song now. Otherwise, I will kill your love…
Swara won’t stop. Dusta tortures Sanskar.
Swara falls on her knees closes her eyes as she couldn’t look Sanskar’s pain and sings, the last line…
Suddenly, some rays fall on dusta and their men. They are completely destroyed.
Swara is still crying.
“Maharani….” She hears some people’s voices. She raises her head and sees the people who were lying wake up normally. They were joining hands before her obidently.
But Swara didn’t care them and she looked for Sanskar who was lying on ground unconscious.
“Sanskar….” She shouts and runs to him.
“San..skar.. wake up…” says swara putting his head on her lap. But he is unconscious.
“I’m sorry Sanskar… it was all my fault. If I wouldn’t have disturbed you on that night, you may not have loosed your powers. You would have fought with those men…” says Swara crying.

“No maharani, if he had powers still, he could have destroyed same as Dusta men only. All the black magic gets destroyed, if your voice is heard at ‘this place’” says one man.
Swara shocks with their answer. “So, it was better he lost his powers. Now, he is a normal man..” says other.
Swara: But, he is not opening his eyes.
One man: don’t panic maharani, he is ok. Let me apply medicine. He will wake up.
Says that man and applies a medicine to Sanskar.
Swara will be looking at him eagerly.

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