Magician love-Episode 11


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Epi 11

Sanskar wears his magician dress and goes into that locked room. He locks the door from inside, so that Swara will not come inside.
“I can’t see my Sanskar as magician. He should be normal like everyone. I don’t care about this and that. I will leave along with Sanskar from this place. I have to do something to stop his practice…” thinks Swara.

Sanskar is about to go into the passage. Swara intentionally cuts her finger and shouts, “Aahh…”
Sanskar listens to her shout and comes out being concerned. He looks Swara’s finger bleeding.
“Swara…” shouts Sanskar and runs to her. He takes her hand and puts her finger in his mouth. Swara is staring at him.
“Can’t you be careful…” he says and ties a cloth to her finger. He looks at her; she is already looking at him.

A strong thunder strikes again. Swara hugs him intentionally, even not feared. Sanskar holds her and says, “It’s okay, I’m here. Don’t worry.”
The current goes off.

Swara feels happy with that, but she acts, “No…I’m very scared now… it’s very dark over here…” she says hugging him even more tightly.
“No swara, I’m with you know, let’s go to your room.” He says and takes her to her room. He makes her to sit on chair.

He gives water to her.
Sanskar: Now sleep silently. I will go now.

He says and about to go. But she shouts, “Sanskar…..” again.
He shocks and comes at her, “What happened…?”

She shows something moving at window.
Sanskar: It is nothing Swara, some tree branches or something. Don’t be that afraid. No devils will come here, because I’m a big devil here.

He says and laughs loudly.
A lightening strikes and falls on Sanskar. His face illuminated in that light. Swara gets scared and closes her eyes.

Sanskar puts his hand on her thigh and says, “Hey easy…I said it funnily. Don’t be scared dear…”

Swara opens her eyes and sees him. She holds his hand. She sits beside him on the floor. They both sit beside each other. Swara kept her head on his shoulder. Both were holding their hands. Swara is playing with his hand. “Tell something Sanskar…” she asks.
Sanskar: are you afraid of me swara?
Swara: not yet all..!! I love you so much…
Sanskar: what would have happened if that day if you haven’t listened to Sahil’s words?
Swara: don’t talk about that idiot now. But, that is a lucky incident, which made us together.
Sanskar: swara, actually on your birthday day… you were soooo beautiful, but I couldn’t say that…
Swara: sing any song…
Sanskar: “Chadvi ka chand ho…..

He sings song like that, and Swara sleeps like that only, putting her head on his shoulder.

He completes singing and looks at her sleeping. The clouds get cleared and moon light fall on them. In that moon light, Sanskar keep looking at her face until he fall asleep.
Next morning,
Sun rays fall on his eyes, he opens his eyes. Swara was sleeping still. He gently moves her head from his shoulder and made her to lean to wall. He stands at window.

He looks at his hand and realizes that he lost some power. “What did I do? I’m supposed to practice last night. But….” He thinks and looks at Swara.
“I even wanted to be far from her. But now, I have become more close to her. What will happens if time comes when we have to separate? She can’t take that situation…” thinks Sanskar and looks Swara again. But she is not there.

He turns back and sees her. She is standing behind him. She is smiling lovely at him. Sanskar again forgets what he thought, and takes her near and kisses her forehead.
Swara puts her head on his chest and asks, “Shall we go anywhere today….?”
Sanskar: yes… I will take you around this village.
Swara feels happy.

Near Dusta cave, he is laughing very loudly.
“I think that young magician is losing his power. Let him lose all the power, then I will abduct that girl…” he thinks.

Sanskar takes Swara out to all places. Swara gets happy seeing all the places. They go to see fields, lakes, gardens etc…
Sanskar totally forgets his mission in spending time with her. He is completely surrendered to Swara’s magical smiles.
That night Swara cooks food for him. Sanskar was already feeling some dizziness.

“Are you okay Sanskar…?” asks Swara.
Sanskar: Yaa..I’m alright. Where is the food?
Swara serves him the food. He eats a bite…
Swara: how is it??
Suddenly Sanskar faints putting his head on table. Swara panics. “Sanskar…what happened?? Get up. Did I cook that badly?” she asks.
Sanskar laughs and wakes up. “It was good…” he says and eats other bite. Swara beats him funnily.
After having food Sanskar is about to go into his room. Swara stops him.
“aaa…that…” she is about to tell something. But suddenly Sanskar feels dizzy and falls down.
Swara shocks, “Sanskar…” and runs to him. She tries to wake him up, but he doesn’t get up.

Suddenly, the main doors of the house are broke. Dusta men come inside the house. Swara gets scared looking at them. They come and hold Swara’s hand and they start taking her away.
Swara shouts, “Sanskar…Sanskar….”
Suddenly, a bright light comes from Sanskar’s body. Those men see that light and get scared. Swara amazes.
“Oh no…that magician is losing his powers. Let’s go away….” Says those men, leave her hand and run away from there.

That light becomes brighter, Swara closes her eyes. After a few seconds, the light goes off. She runs to him and tries to wake him up.

Sanskar opens his eyes and looks at her. He sits, looking at him swara hugs him suddenly. “What happened to you Sanskar…?? I was really worried..” she says.

“What has happened when I fainted? Tell me…” he asks. Swara looks at him.

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