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epi 10

Swara has many questions in mind. “Why Sanskar…? Why did you cheat me? Why didn’t you tell me that you are a magician? But I see the love in your eyes…that was all false?? I have loved you, is this is also because of your magical charm? Did you put magic on me or do I really love you??”

Just then Sanskar comes to house. He looks at her. Swara didn’t want to ask all those questions. Sanskar furiously comes near her.

Sanskar: why are you still here?? You wanted to go away right…!! Why did you come here again..???
Swara will be looking at him into his deep eyes. Those eyes have only love towards her. She can read that. She moves close to him, puts her hands around his neck and hugs him.
“I don’t go anywhere. I will stay with you always.” She says. Sanskar was amazed with her words.
He moves her back. Suddenly rain starts. Both of them run into the house. Sanskar is looking at the rain.
Swara opens her mouth.
“What was all that…? I didn’t understand anything. So, what I saw yesterday night is true…?”
Sanskar: yes…
Swara: I’m I really a princess??
Sanskar: forty years back. Not now…
Swara looks at him.

Sanskar: If you could have calm for some time, our responsibility may have been fulfilled. I didn’t want to tell you all these things and suffer you. Dusta men were trying to capture you all the time…do you know that..??
Swara is amazed with his words.

Sanskar: I was protecting you every day. It has become hard to go where ever you go. That’s why I have married you, so that you will be with me always. Now, I have kept a magical charm around this house, that’s why those Dusta men can’t enter here. After fulfilling the task I wanted to send back to your parents. I thought you will understand everything.
Swara: Sanskar, how would I know all these things? Whoever is in my place, they would have behaved like this only. I’m sorry to ruin your work.
Sanskar: no Swara. I have to tell you sorry. I have played with your feelings. I thought you have married me because you hate Sahil.

Swara: that’s not true Sanskar. I have loved you…
Sanskar: then this is also true Swara, I didn’t wanted to kill you…
Swara is silent.
Sanskar comes before her and says to her, “It is true that I’m a magician. But you don’t know that I have become magician for you.”

Swara extremely amazed with his words.
Sanskar: My father has left his life to save you. Do you know that? Your parents did ever tell you that??
Swara bends her head in confusion.
Sanskar goes aside and rubs his tears. She goes near him and she puts her hand on his shoulder.

Swara: please tell me everything clearly Sanskar. I can’t understand you.
Then Sanskar tells her all story.
“Annapurna doesn’t know that Durga Prasad is a magician. But both are married thirty years back. Sanskar is born after their five years of married life. After three years Swara is born. As soon as she is born, magician Dusta and Durga Prasad(Simhanath) comes to know that she is born again. Then itself Annapurna comes to know that he is a magician, and she goes away from him taking away Sanskar.

When Dusta men come to kill the baby, Simhanath comes and saves her. In that fight he is killed. Knowing that, Annapurna cries a lot. Later she bought up Sanskar on herself. When Sanskar is 15 years, he comes to know about all the story from his mother.
Annapurna before dying, “Son, you have to fulfill your father’s incomplete wish. I never wanted to see you as a magician. But, to identify that girl and to protect her, you have to learn magic. You have to save her and take her to that village. You should never use magic for other purposes than this…” says Annapurna and dies.

To fulfill his father’s mission, and to fulfill his mother’s wish, Sanskar has to turn as a magician.
Sanskar tells this past.

Swara: but, why your father wanted to help that village? Why he wanted to save me.

Sanskar: when 10years old, my dad was with Dusta men. He has seen with his own eyes when Dusta killed you in your last life. He has seen how he turned people into souls. He took pity of them and promised them that he will help them. After 18 years, of that incident you were born again. Actually, you have to come here when you are 18, but you came after 4 years. These four years, I have waited for you very much. Of course, even magician Dusta was waiting to kill you.

Swara understands everything. “So, now what? I have to sing a song in that village, listening to my voice, they will turn normal?” she asks.

Sanskar: exactly, when they turn normal, Dusta is going to loose his powers and he will die. That’s why he wanted to kill you. And I have acted, as if I wanted to kill you because, they shouldn’t get doubt that I’m on my mission.

Swara is silent.

Sanskar: Now, you are going to help me right! Actually, this is your responsibility. They are your people, for your sake Dusta has changed them to souls, now you have to bring them to normal.

Swara looks at Sanskar.
Swara: so, you have married me for your mission sake. Of course, this is my mission too. But, what you said on that day is false? You don’t love me??
Sanskar turns his face away, “No…”

A thunder strikes.

Swara runs to Sanskar and hugs him from back tightly. Sanskar is shocked and tears come from his eyes. Swara is crying badly.
Swara: No Sanskar. Don’t tell me like that. Your eyes said me love always. Don’t tell me that you are sending me back after this mission.

Sanskar: I’m extremely sorry for creating feelings in you Swara. I didn’t have other option. I’m a magician; you are a girl with divine powers. We can’t be together. Leave me Swara, I have to go and do some practice of black magic. If I skip it one day, I will loose my powers.
“No…” says Swara in crying hugging him even more tightly. Sanskar tries to remove her hands, but she strongly kept her hands around him.

Sanskar removes her hands and go away wiping his tears. Swara falls on floor in upset, and she keeps crying deeply.
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