Magician love-Episode 1


Last part:

After some years

“I want to go to India…” shouts a girl.
“No way…” shouts back Sumi. This girl is Swara.
“You may go to other countries but not India..!” says her dad Shekar.
“But why not dad, I’m an Indian! And I was born there. Why shouldn’t I go?” she asks.
“Swara, if we said no means no!” says her dad.
“Why are you suddenly wishing to go there?” asks her mom.

“Because, it is my country! I have never seen my birth land with my eyes. And I love India. I have heard many things about it. Cultures, traditions, historical places, etc etc.. It is my dream to visit India. I will learn music there.” says Swara.
“Look in Google if you want anything. Just forget about visiting India.” says her mom.
“Alright…if you are not allowing me to go then, Swara is never going to eat. She will starve and die.” says Swara.
“stop it!” her dad shouts. Swara becomes calm.
“Don’t say big words like that. You can go to India, if you are going to listen to me.” He says.
Swara agrees.
“You are too stubborn. So, I’m agreeing with you. Your mom will come with you. You have to listen to your mom always.” Says her father Shekar.
Swara feels happy hugs him “thank you papa..” she says an

d goes away.

“Shekar, but is it ok? If those evils try to harm her again?” asks Sumi.
“She never listens to us. And she is with her decision always. That’s why, you go with her. Forget not to take that black thread.” He says.
Sumi agrees.
Swara goes to her friends.
“Yahoo… babes I’m going to India… yay… India..India..” excites Swara.
“Miss you babe…” says her friends.

After some days everything get set for journey. Shekar says her many things. Swara and Sumi sit in the flight.

“Wow… at last I’m going to see my India. I wonder, what is going to happen. New friends, new places wow…” excites Swara.
Sumi thinks, “We have come to US to save our daughter. Maa Durga, save our daughter.”
Then she ties that black thread to her hand. “What is it mama?” she asks.
“Something to save you!” says her mom.

But as soon as that thread is tied Swara feels dizzy. But she gets over it.
The flight takes off…
“India…I’m coming….” says Swara.
The flight lands in India. Swara steps on the mother land first time… she feels as if she has entered into heaven… she feels much emotional and thinks that she has so much relation with the land.
As soon as she kept her feet, somewhere long away,
In a silent village…No humans are found…
Suddenly a series of white rays has emerged; they all formed into some human forms…
One among them says,

“I could feel that she is here…”
Other one, “After so many years again… don’t know what happens this time?”
“Simhanath has cheated us, he didn’t bring her…”
While forms are talking like this, they hear a strong, firm voice, “No!”
That forms look at him. A young strong man stood in front of them. We couldn’t see his face.
“My father Simhanath has not cheated you. He was dead in that fight. It is truth. I’m here to fulfil his responsibility. I will bring that girl at any cost!” says that man and leaves the place.
Swara and her mom reach to their relative’s house. It’s sumi’s brother house. Her brother’s family felt happy to see them after a long time. Sumi’s brother Raju says,
“It was many years sister. You left to U.S, as soon as Swara is born. You have not returned till now. What was the reason for this?”
Sumi: Bhayya, we did all that for her. I came here on her force. As soon as she completes her music classes we will go back again.
Raju: but why?
Swara: mama, she is never gonna revel it. Her answer is same every time. Just forget about it. I’m going to stay here for some days…let’s enjoy….

Says Swara and goes out to see around. Suddenly, she dashes a boy. She looks at him. He was very handsome, smart and well built.
Swara: Hey, who are you? Can’t you see and walk.
That boy: Same to you miss.
Swara: I know about boys like you. You did that wantedly.
That boy: I think you did it wantingly. Look, I think you liked me very much. Oh, being handsome is such a problem.
Swara: How dare you…this is my mama’s house. See what I will do to you!
That boy: This is my dad’s house, you can’t do anything.
Swara gets amazed. Raju comes out laughing. “Swara dear, whom do you think he is! He is my son, Sahil. Beta, she is sumi aunt’s daughter Swara!”
Sahil: Swara…!!
Swara: sahil..!
Both laughs. They start talking.
Swara joins in SaReGaMaPa music academy. Swara likes to be in traditional attire when she goes to music academy, so she wore a red colour churidar, red ear rings, she is very beautiful.
She is thinking in herself.

“Hehe…it was only my wish to come to India, and not because of music. I just kept it as a reason to come here. I’m not interested in any music. I want to see all the places……..
And I feel like I have a mission over here… haha… I’m just feeling as a heroin…but again I feel like someone near to my heart is around me…” she is lost in her thoughts.

Suddenly a bike rushes from just beside her. She trembles at once. That bike goes forward takes a circular motion and stops. She couldn’t see his face as she is behind. He removes his helmet…then so many girls come and surround him.
“Stupid girls, and that stupid boy. Why these girls are so foolish they just become attracted to bike riders.” She thinks. Then that boy starts playing guitar in rocking style. Those girls will be cheering.
“Oh, he knows playing guitar. So what, for that people should attract?” she thinks and suddenly looks at another side,

A man, who is very strong, has some sort of cruel eyes, and his appearance is not friendly at all, but he is very handsome. He is seeing her. Swara scares looking at him. “Why that man is seeing me?” she thinks. But he goes away again. “Thank god, he is gone.” She thinks.

Then in a soothing tone she hears a song, “Sun rahahei na tuu..” she amazes that the bike rider boy is singing that song. Now, she is interested and goes forward to look him. She moves the girls around and struggles to go front. Now, amazement is her part because that boy is Sahil himself. He looks at her smiles in silly way…. She gets smile at that but controls and goes in front of him.
Swara: “you here? So, you were following me!”
Sahil: Swara madam, I’m here since three months. So, I think you were following me…
Swara raises her eyebrow and goes away. Sahil keep looking at her smiling. Swara goes into the traditional music class room.
The teacher will start teaching. Swara is not at all interested. She just moves her lips.. ‘’ teacher identifies that she is not singing.
Teacher: you need not struggle to act, get out.
Swara needed that, so she comes out. “Haa..what to do now??” she thinks..

Then she suddenly hears the guitar music. It was very soothing and melting her heart. That music has much depth and the feel is like the music is played for some beloved. She feels it was for her… Specially for her. Nobody around her was reacting, but only she feels it. She at once runs to the place from where the music is coming.
A boy was playing that music, he was in a room facing the window. She stands at door. She couldn’t see him as she is at back. The room is all dark and the light is falling from the window, which is falling on that guy, he has a majestic look. She grew fond towards that music…

“May be it’s Sahil…” she thinks and goes forward. That guy turns back. She amazes….

It was not Sahil, but the man whom she saw morning.
But this time she didn’t afraid looking at him. He was looking at her peacefully.
Swara silently smiles and comes back.

She was coming out of room in other thoughts and suddenly gets hit with Sahil.
Sahil: You again! Why do you get collide with me always…
Swara: why do you come in my way always?
Sahil: what are you doing out here? You are supposed to be in the class…
Swara: i don’t like to take any class…by the way, who is that boy in that room?
Sahil looks at that man.
Sahil: oh he… he is kinda different creature. It was two months he joined here… he is Sanskar. He doesn’t talk with anyone and no one talks with him. No girl likes to be around him. I don’t know why but, people get scared looking at him.
Then he tells slowly, “some say, that he is a magician, who do black magic!”
Swara: what??
Sahil: that’s just a rumour…I don’t believe it…

Swara: but, how one can say that he is a magician?
Sahil: forget about it, now you say why you don’t like class?
Swara: you know, i came here to see all the places. I wanted to see India, but i don’t want to learn any music. I just kept it as a reason to come here…
Sahil: so, you want to see around…is it?
Swara: hmm…
Sahil: come with me.
Swara: where?
Sahil: I will show you some places…
Sahil takes Swara with him. That mysterious man Sanskar looks at them angrily.

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