(Magical word) swasan episode 1


Hey guys ..I am in a new ff …

Me and laksh are friends from childhood ..I always used to hang out with him ..no matter what ..he is my best friends and more
We r really close …our parents doesn’t know about it
Even though Our parents are best friend from their childhood …
My sister and Laksh bro are like enemies from childhood keeps on irritating ..
Especially sanskar he is a brat …always teasing my sis …
But the thing is he loves her soo much ..that he couldn’t express ..that’s what I saw in his eyes ..
The spark …
Again to my matter ..
Laksh is a boy who every girl in this world wants
Handsome , kind, gentle , and a very loving type …
I always fall for his smile …aww,….
But the thing is we both r of same age ..
Our parents r traditional ..they say boy should be at least 2yrs older than the girl ….
And moreover our parents oppose love marriage …..
Because my father and mother had love marriage and our grandma and grand papa has ended relations with them ..
So they don’t want us also to do like that…
Same with Laksh and sanskar parents …….

But me and Laksh r in a relationship ….
Our sis and bro r our key ..because where ever we go we take them ..
They start fighting and we would have a quality time ..
When we come home …we lie that we were all together ..
When my sister and sanskar used to fight they forget their surroundings ….that’s good right …..so that we have some romance in us …
Its been 4years I met my sister ..
She is in Paris ……she is doing a software and in IT field ..
Where as sanskar is in america doing software and in IT field …(same )
Its been years we both met our sister and bro …..we r kinda missing them …
I am doing MBBS ..u know medical field …

Whereas Laksh is a IT STUDENT don’t know why nowadays everyone is interested in IT field …..
But the wait is over ….
My cousin pari …actually she is staying with us ..because her parents died …so our parents legally adopted her …
Pari is like my elder sis ..
She is gonna get ,married to Adharsh bhai ….
Its an arranged marriage … so my sis and sanskar r coming to India ….yayyy now me and Laksh can again meet ..
But the thing is …they must be matured by now and what if they find out about pur mystery love )???

God help me ..
But pur family is gonna become one again and marriage masti is gonna start
..ap aunty loves us more then his sons …
I think pari di is lucky ..
About about me and Laksh ..
Will the destiny bring us together ……..
Will our parents agree …….
Keep reading ..

How was it guys ..plz support me by ur comments plzz

Credit to: Dolly

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  1. awww.. awsm dear
    its swalak & ragsan na…..???

  2. Very nice and interesting….I think it’s the pov of ragini..

  3. nice start.. interesting. u started with SwaLak but end up in SwaSan.. go ahead.

  4. Plzzzz keep swasan yaar…

  5. Nice dear. Pls continue

  6. Dolly di plzz upload ur love u swasan ff asap
    Waiting for the twist which will bring swasan together

  7. Is it Raglak

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