The Magical Love ( Chapter 5) ~ chiku

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These five days passed very nicely. We four enjoyed alot. They all are really very lovely people. I never thought i will meet someone like them and I really like kunj. He is very very sweet and cute too. He is handsome also and i love his eyes. I am ready as today is the first day of my office life. Woaaah i am soo excited. It feels so good. I am ready in my pastel pink one piece and a white sneekers with my black back pack. I am all done with eye line on my eyes and gloss on my lips. I am ready to go to my office.. oh yeaah!! Rock the world twinkle.

I reached my office in half hour. I headed towards the reception and showed my job acceptance letter to her. The receptionist took me to his cabin . Good morning sir she greeted. Good morning alice the boss said. His back was facing me. Umm i have heard this voice before also but where. I was busy recalling the man behind the sweet voice, when that person greeted me.
Good morning twinkle he said. Good morning sir i greeted and i looked upwards. I…i was shocked. Completely baffled. I was baffled to see the man standing infront of me. Kunj i mutter.
How is this possible??? You are my boss?? But you told me that you work here. You lied to me?? How could you do this ??? I shouted like a mad person.

Twinkle calm down please. I am sorry for watever i did. I am really sorry. Wen you told me you are going to work in my office, i had no other option then hiding the truth. I got a new friend, a sweet and a loving friend. I thought you would behave formally with me as i am our boss. I didnt wanted that. So to avoid that thing i lied to you. I am sorry kunj said.

Really you lier. You know what i hate you. So you told me you are a looser, you play video games, you are not at all charming, you f**king lier i again shouted.

Twinkle i do play video games, i am not at all charming and its just i am not a looser kunj said calmly.

Kunj who told you are not charming. You are very charming i said annoyed.

Thanks for the compliment.. and i am sorry twinkle. Please forgive me he said.

Stop making eye contact with me kunj. I really love your eyes and just because of your eyes i am unable to concentrate on our fight, i said being annoyed.

Okay then concentrate on my eyes sweetheart and we will think about your dismay later he said and grabbed me from my waist.

f**k off i shouted.
He made a cute annoyed face.
Excuse sir which block should we give to twinkle asked alice entering the office.
Adjacent to mine said kunj.

I gave him a death glare and went behind alice.

Alice introduced me to everyone and they were very friendly people. I like them i thought. We were all doing our work. I was asked to make some designs so i was doing my work.
Its been two hours i am doing my work continuously. So I thought to relax and went near the girl gang. I went and we started chatting as it was our lunch break. We were chatting, when suddenly my gaze fell on kunj. He was holding his ears and was making a puppy face. He looks soo cute but i am not going to forgive him and thats sure. I was looking at him when all the girls looked in the same direction i was looking. Kunj immediately bent down as he was tieing his show lace.

Awew he is sooo cute said one girl. Other said something and they all continued praising kunj. This was adding fuel to my anger. I was hell jealous. I dont know why i am very jealous seeing other girls praising him. I am feeling very possessive about him. Oh god!! What is happening with me.

The break was over and we were working. Twinki sir is calling you said alice. I nodded my head and went towards his cabin. So twinkle did you give any thought of forgiving me he said and sat on the table next to my chair.
No not at all i said.
Waise you look cute, when you are angry he said coming closer to me.
Stop your buttering. I am not a bread piece, that you will do buttering and i will forgvie you i said.
What ?? He said.
Umm wait what did i say??? I am confused myself. I am out of my mind completely.

Twinkle drink water and i will take you to the doctor. You need a doctor now. You are out if your mind he said laughing.
f**k off i said.
Not here twinkle, lets go to your house he said winking and coming close to my face.
Shutup i said and pushed me.
He was laughing like a maniac.
I am sorry he said in between his laugh.

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    Hey Chiku
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  2. SidMin23

    It was the cutest one and twinkle jealous when other girl praise kunj even this she is mad on him. And when twinkle said f**k off how cutly kunj said not here in your house ? ?????. Kunj was cute and asking her for forgiveness how sweet do post son.

  3. Aamna_2690

    The episode was super cute?? love twinkle’s anger? jealous? n kunj he was such a sweetheart ❤❤loved it??post next one soon dear ?
    Love u??

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    Awesome and cute
    Do continue

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    ohhh god chocopie too cute dear☺
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    well srsly twinkle jealous n kunj flirting n cute antics☺
    n also dey were soo straight forward……i mean lovely episode…….
    twinkle straightly told him to stop making eye contact as it looks cuten all wow…….☺
    loved it ☺
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    Awwwwww lovely chiku just loved it too cute twinj haww ???last dialogue was fab ???

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    Hehe Chiku the episode was just awesome 🙂
    The dialogues just too good 🙂
    Twinkle is so cute when she is angry and Kunj had an answer for each of Twinkle’s question ….
    Loved it 🙂
    Love you 🙂 Post soon 🙂

  9. Twinj are so cute
    I loved it
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    awesome amazing fabulous cute funny epi

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  13. I loved it chiku and kunj Was so cute making puppy faces superb ?

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    That was so cute….loved it
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    It was amazing! Love the twinj fights! Post soon! x

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