The Magical Love ( Chapter 3) ~ chiku

Hello guys. I am back???????
Happy new year guys??. I know i am late. Sorry ?
Thank u sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Much ???????????????????????????

Note– twinkle is in Chicago. I am so sorry for the confusion. I am really sorry. I got confused and siyaapa hogaya????


I wore a ripped jeans with baby pink mickey mouse tshirt and white sneakers. I applied eye liner and my lip balm and took my favourite side bag. Yeaah!! I am ready.
Kunj called me and he asked me to come to same cafe, where i met him. I headed their and i saw kunj standing in baby pink tshirt, blue jeans and white sneakers. Omgggg our dress is so same. I blushed for no reason. I need to go to the doctor man!!…
Hey i said.
Hey, ummm meet my brother Rishi and his fiancé Nupur said kunj.
I greeted them too. They look so cute together.
Twinkle what a coincidence, yours and kunjs dresses are completely same said Nupur.
Yeaah i said chuckling.
And the thing started, me and nupur started gossiping. She told me many things about Chicago. I felt good. I didnt felt left out. They are very friendly people. I liked their company. Rishi he is very humorous person. He is fun to be around.
He was telling some or the other joke and was laughing all by himself and kunj, he didnt had another option rather than laughing.
We saw various street performances. It was just fun. Like seriously, i dont miss India. People are so talented over here.

We then went to one good restaurant. We ordered chinese food. We started playing games too.
Umm tera koi boyfriend asked rishi ( do u have any boyfriend?)
And the very next moment i started laughing. Naaa mera koi boyfriend nahi hai ( no, i dont have any boyfriend) . I said laughing hard.
Mazak kar rahi hai kya asked Nupur. ( Are you joking? )
Then i told my same hormonal problem to them. They looked at each other and burst out laughing, even kunj. I made a cute innocent face and they pulled my cheeks.
I gave my bright big smile and they captured that smile. Soon our food arrived and we gorged on it. It was just yumm.

We were wandering on streets when i saw a big book store. Guys do you mind if i go to that book store for few minutes.
Oh god, chill maar babe and go take you time said nupur with a grin.
I ran to that book store and started searching the book i wanted. I wanted LOLITA – A love story of an old prevert and a young girl. It is a spanish book but luckily i found it in english.
I was searching for some more books and to my shock i saw kunj also searching same books.
Book reading pasand hai ( do u like book reading?) i asked kunj
Pasand nahi pyaar hai ( its not just like, its love) said kunj with a giggle.
I giggled to his reaction.
Ohoo love stories he said pointing to LOLITA.
Um yaa. Tune padhi yeh book?? ( did u read this book) i asked him
Yaa … bhudhe ki love story he said laughing. ( old mans love story)
We giggled to this thing.. he is good, cute and I seriously like his eyes man. Bkue colour-my favourite colour for eyes. I always wanted that colour for my eyes.
Which book are you taking kunj i asked.
Agatha Christine he said.
Cool i said in a funny way and he giggled.
We paid for our books and headed outside.
We went outside and saw nupur and rishi kissing. Kunj made faces seeing them and I giggled.
I clicked their picture secretly. Awwwww!! They look soo cute together. Perfectly made for each other.
They stopped kissing and looked towards our direction and pased a chessy smile.
Lets click some selfies said rishi to avoid awkwardness. We clicked many selfies. The dropped me to my appartment and then headed to theirs.

After half and hour
I was sitting in my bed and suddenly my phone bepped
KUNJ – thanks for coming. We enjoyed alot. Specially rishi and nupur ??
ME- yeah i too
KUNJ – good night ??
ME- ?? good night ?

Hope u all like this. ???
It might be little small. Plzz do compensate. I will give the next one a long episode. I promise but if u all comment then only??????????????

Guys do comment. U all are my support system. Comment karna. Ache achae?????????????????

Chalo bieee
Tym to goo

Love u dearies?????????????????????☺️??????????????????????????????

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  1. Sameera

    Hayeeee chiku amazing yaar …
    Loved the episode soon much …
    Same dress same choice shha
    I loved them soooo much …
    Do cont soon ok …???

  2. Aksa_Nikoria

    Awwwww my shweetiee piee thank uuu sooooo much for posting it today
    thank you sooo sook much♡♡♡

    The epi was just soo cuteee
    loved Nupur and rishi♡♡

    and the same color clothes awwwwiieee sho sweet

    loved it tothe core
    post the next one asap
    love u soo much♡♡

  3. Sohi

    The episode was marvelous chiku
    The books selection were awesome
    Do continue and post soon bye

  4. Aamna_2690

    Waoh ☺??it was great dear??????loved there four bonding….. amazing…… hope to see u soon dear??
    Love u??

  5. Hey chiku.. My chocolatepaii ( can i called u coz i love chocolate and ur not less then a chocolate.. mmm yammyy..he he.. )..
    See finally madam posted her ff….Huhh….
    I know u took so long to post ur ff..but at least u posted it.. Thanks 4 it..he he..
    Now the epi is soo much awesome.. Twinj wearing their dressed matching unknowingly that’s so good… I was smiling while reading twinj convo man love it..
    Ab cmnt kardiya now plz madam post ur next epi soon..
    Wish u big Happy new year. May ur this year turn out to be the best and rest of next year stay happy always and keep smiling..
    Love you my chocopaii..

  6. Amazing just love their bond

  7. Awesome episode chiku I loved it

  8. SidMin23

    Awesome and twinj wearing same same cloth and twinj saw them kissing each other ????

  9. Presha

    Hey chiku its just awesome loved it

  10. A cuteee episode.???????

  11. Kritika14

    Heya dude! This was super cute ? Really loving the bond b/w Twinkle and Kunj! I really missed your ff, do post the next one soon! x

    Love you! x

  12. chiku dii what a epi….loved it

  13. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous epi

  14. Kruti

    Hey chiku
    That was an amazing epi
    Loved it?
    Continue asap

    Love u loads??

  15. SidVee_Yashvee

    Lovely epi.. and so cute.. loved it.. eagerly waiting for the next ❤

  16. SidMin

    Chiku awesome too good the episode was just as sweet as you are (but tu zyada cute hai ?)
    Loved Twinj talks about random things and Twinkle’s POV…. same colour dress was just so sweet
    Love you ?
    Post soon ❤??

  17. Amazing

  18. Ramya

    Super chiku so lovely
    Awesome amazing episode
    Loved it
    N was aooo cutteee
    Happy new year
    Loads of love keep smiling

  19. SidMinTwiNj

    Hey Chiku
    Awesome epi… Loved it to the core… Same color dress and same taste of reading books is so cute… Nupur and rishi are so sweet… Post next asap…

    Love you?

  20. Adya

    Literally I was missing this one. I love it Di..
    That was so cute and the bond b/w nushi(nupur and rishi) was worth praising. I love it..
    Post soon Di..
    Love you!

  21. Shalini15

    Hi Chiku, episode was awasome amazing n superb… twinjs dress were matching n their book choice too.. nupur n rishi were too cute… n hayeeee meri blue eyes ki diwani ab toh kunj ki aankhein bhi notice kar li.. well loved it… too good epi it was…. post next asap…

    Love you♥♥

  22. Aanya_pandey

    Such a sweet episode

  23. Baby

    😀 hey chocopie sry maaf kr degi naa mujhe
    tune bataya tha tune naya wala post kiya hai tab bhi mene
    cmnt nhi kiya yr busy thi shollliiieeee………….. 😀 i wish i culd show u my pout face
    hahahaa well srsly luving d stry yaar tooo cute♥♥
    luv u lods lods lods♥♥♥♥♥♥
    post nxt soon 😀

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