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Hello everyone, i am back. I know i am late but i am sorry for that. I was stuck up in some work.
Thank you soo much to al those people who commented on my ff. thankll u soooooooooooo much?☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️

Guys twinkle is living in mumbai and now she got hwr job acceptance from Chicago. So she is goong to Chicago not Scotland. Plz domt get ?‍♀️ confused.
She is going to Chicago and their some adventure awaits for her???

Hope u all like this episode. Ismien toh hero ki entry ho gayi hai?????toh zyaada comments bande hai ab. Jitne aache comments utna jaldi post karungi ff??☺️????????

So here we come???

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Twinkle landed in Chicago after a tiring flight of 17 hours 60 minutes. She was jet lagged. She took her luggage and went towards the departure. Taxi and a driver was waiting for her with her name on a placard with her name written on it. The company she was joining gave her a good car and two bedroom appartment. She was given all the luxuries.
In about half and hour she reached her apartment and was contacted by her company seniors telling her about all the facilities. She was elated to see such a good and friendly behaviour of people. She was completely drained out, so she choosed to sleep and next day she would be touring Dublin as she would be joining her office in one week.

Next day twinkle got herself dressed up in a white one piece with work on the bodies and at the end. It was tight on her chests and flowing till her knees with three fourth balloon sleves. She wore beautiful ballerinas and some matching jewellery in her hands and fingers govin her a quirky look. Her hairs were crimped making her look hot and s*xy.

She went to a near by coffee shop and ordered musselli with stawberry sauce, making it a perfect combo for her breakfast.

Twinkle ( pov)
Mam your hankerchief i said someone telling me. As i moved my head i saw a man with perfect figure..small eyes..perfect pink colour lips.. pale complexion and blue eyes.
Ummm thank you i said. He smilled and continued looking for a vacant place. Then he turned towards me and asked if he could sit. I just smiled and nodded my head in a yes. He also ordered the same thing as mine.
Hey i am kunj.. kunj sarna , he introduced himself by forwarding his hand.
Umm i am twinkle taneja i said an we both shaked our hands in a good way.
Umm so your new here he asked.
Ya i cam yesterday only from Amritsar, India he said.
Wowwww, i am also an Indian although living here from past ten years. I am working in a very big designing comapny he said.
i also i said.
Name?? He asked
I also work their he said with a wide grin.
So i got a friend before joining, i said with a grin.
Yah offcourse he replied.

Okkk he is soo sweet. I am happy yeaaah.
The very next moment our breakfast came and we enjoyed it and talked about random stuffs.
So when are you joining he asked.
Next week i replied.
Soon we paid our bills and it turned out to a be a good breakfast for me.
We exchanged our number while having a walk in the near by garden. He is so cute, and funny and andddd i like his company. I know i am gone mad.
Do you have any girlfriend i asked.
No no, absolutely not he replied chuckling.
Why?? I asked .. oh god why i always ask stupid questions.

Ummm actually girls find me boring. I love playing video games. Whenever i go on a date i ask them to play them with me. I dont turn out to be a good host for them. They think i am not handsome and they find my dear brother Rishi more fascinating and interesting snd handsome. He shares a good bond with girls he said.
Wha about you?? He asked
I dont have any boyfriend. You know my hormones are not secreting properly since i was of 16. No crushes, no flings nothing. No guy friends too. I am quite intimidating. I am very outspoken. I end up insulting boys and this makes them agitated. So they are like hiee biee wala thing i said.

Its okay dude it happens. Chill. But you know you are the first girl i am talking from last 2 hours he said.
Umm ya same case. First boy i said and we end up bursting into laughters.
Twinki.. i hope you dont mind me calling that he said.
Ya sure I would love if you call me twinki i said with a grin.
You are free tonight ?? We will go for dinner he said.
Umm ya sure i said feeling excited.
Meet you tonight dost, need to rush to office he said.
We bid biee to to each orher and he went to his way and i just romed the streets of New York and went back home.

Hope u all like this. Mein kuch ? filmy nahi dikhaa rahi…
it happens sometimes we meet some people and then some thing happens and they bcz soo important ppl. This is also happening in my ff. they just shared a seat and ended up being frnds.
I will not show things that doesnt happen in real bcz this is a kind of realistic ff. hope u all like it?????

Guys please do comment because ur comments make me write more. ??????????????

Plzz do comment and if u all want to read something specific… do let me know???

Love u all☺️☺️????

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  1. Komal123

    Chiku it was beautiful!
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    The episode was fab
    Their conversation was cute
    One doubt how come new York in Chicago
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    1. Chiku

      Sorry it’s completely typing mistake. Twinkle is in Chicago

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  7. Chiku

    Guys twinkle is living in Chicago. I know its written dublin and new york too.. i am sorry about that mistake. Its just i got confused and wrote something. Sorry flr the inconvenience.
    Hope now its cleared❤️?

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