The magical ishqbaaz -promo 2


hi guys…..
first i wanna give a poll…the credits go to sat …as i have just copied the same thing from her ff…pls do reply
1)is my track becoming boring?
2) am I missing any important aspect or is my ff missing some essential qualities?
3) are you all happy with my ff?
4) am I concentrating only on Shivika or Ishkara or rumya?
5) is anything wrong in my grammar or ability to express?
6) can I extend this ff for a long no of episodes or stop by 3 or 4 episodes
7) this is the last question, out of 10, what are all your ratings, say me like a true reader

promo 1:
scene 1
harry nd the others r the chosen one nd they have no other choice than participating in the competition…
anika:shiv cedric is so cute na…i think i love him
shiv: ya i too think i love that girl
but how will we tell them….
anika: let me help u …nd u help me…deal?

promo 2:
shawn:how will we go home now….
barry: the way we came ofc
shawn: no..when the tournament is taking place no one can go out neither come in
barry: so we r stuck here
draco;hey guys wanna join us
shawn nd barry goes with them

hope you guys liked it

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  1. Nainaa

    Wow!! your promos seems to be promising.
    The park I liked more is Anika telling Shivaay that she likes Cedric and Shivaay telling her about the girl he liked and BTW who is that girl whom Shivaay liked? Or you wanted to reveal it in future then it’s okay.

    Dear! If you are willing please read my ff’s Love for life and ISHKARA- Ishqiyapa and Don’t forget to comment. You can get the posts in my wall.

    1. Thx u so much for liking it….I will reveal the girl later….
      Ya I will surely read

  2. You are doing well keep it up

  3. Great one yaar.. promo is so good ..

    1. thx u so much guys.will post the update ff tonight

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