the magical ishqbaaz ep 8

Hi guys…hope you are doing well…….actually I have got a deep cut in my hand which is causing an hindrance for typing……so lets get in

All look at harry…
Anika:harry would have not done this
Ron:he is a traitor
Herm:stop it u r his best friend
Ron gaves an irritated look
Anika runs towards harry nd hugs him
Harry; ani leave m e..i have to go
Anika:no…u told u will be with me always
Harry: nd i will………..
He enters the room

Dumb:harry did u put ur name in the gob.?
Madame maxime(the headmistress of beauxbatons):e is lyin(she is French)
Snape:potter is responsible or all this!……the other houses wants to complain on harry to the ministry
Professor moody enter……..
Moody:if anyones got to complain its potter but the funny thing is he is not saying a word
Fleur(champion):why should e complain?…e as ze chance to compete ast e?
Mcgonaggal:ya and die…I wont leave this to happen to him …he is a small child
Dumb:we oblige to the rules…harry will take part nd there is no backing off…sorry harry its not in my hands
After a few hours
In the lawn
Anika is crying
Shiv;why r u cryin?
Ani:harry….if something happens to him..
Shiv: nothing will happen to him….he is harry potter
Anika: so…he is just a normal person…..nd now when ron is mad at him is not trusting him…he will be broken
Shiv :hehe…….cry baby….poor fellow
Anika: dont u dare say that!!!!he is not like u stone singh oberoi
She then leaves
Shiv tries to make her laugh the whole day…………
I know guys its small…but my hand really hurts….sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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  1. Shivu

    |Registered Member

    hi mendes, i hv just read ur whole magical ishqbaaz fanfiction, nd seriously its ausum. even i m a huge fan of harry potter series. ur idea to mingle ishqbaaz nd haary potter is out of d box…..plz do contine…nd take care

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