The magical ishqbaaz -ep 7

Hi guys….it’s me…I am soooo happy today coz…I got a a1 in all my exams…nd I got 87/90 in sst which is the worst subject….nd I have to learn both india nd canada history…???poor me…but I got superb marks so I am jumping…

BUT another thing made me envoy on my dude coz he got to meet DANIEL RADCLIFFE today …during his trip

Uff let’s start

It’s a warm nd pleasant day in hogwarts
Rudra:bhaiyaa. …..where r u?
Om:where is shiva?
BY the time her mine, harty, baarynd shawn nd rom comes…
HArry:where is ani?
Ron:idk. ..maybe in her room
Herm :but she always sleeps with us ryt…she did not come to me yesterday
Om:now I know where shivaay is?
All run to ani room nd cup their mouth in shock seeing both sleeping in each others arms

Harry nd ron wake ani up…whereas..omru wake shiv up

It’s the first class in magic…nd it is potions!!!!so the teacher is Snape (guys if u want a clear image gow how they look u can google it )
Shawn:omg!!!guys…he looks horrible???
BArry:can he even smile…we r guests here
harry nd others enter

(Shivomru nd barry nd shawn r also provided with books wands nd robes)
snape:ohh…here they come. ..harry!!!ron!!her mine! !!off to ur seats immediately
Rudra:hey om,who is this man with a girl like hairstyle nd shouting like a pig???but om u have longer hair than him …so in this robes ..u look like a girl…so sweet??
OM:shut up duffer
Snape look at shawn:who r u?

SHawn:my ne is shawn ..I am aaliyah brother. …I will be here for quite a while
Snape:very well my dear boy…I will teach u everything
Shivaay:sir whatdo u teach?
Snape:potions! !!nd who r u?
Shivaay:I am shivaay singh oberoii. ..I will be here for quite a while
Snape:good…meet me…will be nice teaching muggles

ALL kids start with ur potions…..
Shivaay: hey what is this????lizards tail? ??yuck
Anika:hehe !!!do fast shiv or else snape will kill us
Shivaay looks at the wand:what is this stick??
anika:u r a duffer shiv!!that is a wand not a stick
Shivaay takes the wand nd tries to spell a chant…”win….gar….dia….nnnn…laa….vi….o….sa….”(I know this spell has nothing to do with potions but…I thought it would be fun to remake this scene with anika )
Anika:it’s leviosa not laviosa
Anika come nd holds shivaay hand nd helps him with the magic…the class ends

Everyone assemble in the auditorium on dumbledores call
Dumbledore:my children this year hogwarts is honoured to host the triwizard competition. ..two other great school have come to our school for this competition…all the students who r of 17 or more than 17 years of age can put their name is the goblet of fire
the girl of the other school enter..everyone r awestruck by their beauty
Shivaay:wow she is gorgeous
Anika:whay? ??stupid concentrate on ur business. ..she was getting jealous..but she doesn’t realise

The results r announced
GUYS actually I am reading goblet of fire now as I have only seen the movie…nd I forgot about the nes of the school…I have read only the before books…this nd the others I have not read !!the results are
Cedric diggory from hogwarts!!!
Anika:wow he is cute!!!
Shiv:I am far better than him!!! (He is also jealous but doesn’t realise)
FLEUR nd last but not the least Victor krum

They start to move when the fire starts to flame hugely….a chit of paper falls down…
Dumb:harry potter! !!!did u put ur name in the goblet of fire?
Harry:no sir …I did not do it

This ep ends with the shocked faces of harry nd dumb…angry face of ron…worried faces of shawn barry omru nd Herm. ..jealous faces of shivika

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  1. Vincy

    Interesting track

  2. Sat

    It is very nice
    Rudra jokes on dumbledore was quite good
    And shivika was very good
    Can yoi mention their ages as romance before 18 won’t suit well
    But still it is fine
    And waiting for the Triwizard tournament
    And are you going to change the tasks are are they the same
    Waiting for your next
    Please update the next epi ASAP

    1. Ya…thx…I wanted to add some humour but could come up with only that tho it was lame
      Ya…regarding the ages…I am confused as I dint think of that much…u can image how ever u r comfortable…
      The tasks r same but there it more into it….wait nd see

  3. Hey there ! Remember me ?
    I am that crazy fan of HARRY POTTER who was thinking to write an ff.
    I didn’t know you wrote more episodes . Sorry for never commenting . On 28 October I searched about 56 pages for your episodes but got only episode 1 and promo and I am also jealous of your that friend. Please can you post links of your episodes so I can read.

    1. Ya I will surely remember u …..
      Did u like the ff???
      Ikr!!stupid….how can she meet Daniel in starbucks ????

  4. Tulasi

    Hey yaar….nyc one…i used to read ur epi always but i was a silent reader.. i luvd ur concept

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