The magical ishqbaaz -ep 4

Hi guys ….so please comment guys if u like the ff…now I got my freedom nd I am so happy…now I get to hear all songs!!!!!so guys just came to know a Indian version of cold water by jb is being released on diwali???!!! So all Indian beliebers can celebrate even though I am not one….
Nd Draco malfoy is now a part of flash…omg. He is awesome

So,let’s start

Rudra:so u r the flash..the streak which saves the city??!!!omg ily so much
Goes nd kisses his shoulder nd Barry smiles
When he is about to leave ….his phone rings…after the call he falls devastated …..Harrison wells(Barry’s role model) was the one who killed Barry mom…

Barry:he cheated me Shawn
Shawn:we r gonna get through it….he will get what he deserves bro
Shivaay:yes nd when a person messes with someone who is close to oberois then we will make sure he is gonna get what he diserves
All smiles
Shivaay,onrush ,Barry,and Shawn hugs

In the hogwarts train

Harry:ani why r u tensed
Anika:what if I am put in slytherin
Harry:all the people put there r not horrible…its ur heart ❤️ which decides who are u r dear
Ron:that’s why we have u buddy….we love u dude
Harry:thanks mate…
Hermione:come on guys ..this is so cheesy
Anika:I love u guys too….but that blue eyed cat u know…stupid is still stuck on my head…he nd his ego
Ron:then why do even think of him??!!
They were gonna reach hogwarts so all change into their robes…
A girl enters
Anika:hi ! My name is Anika Weasley
Girl :my name is Aaliyah Mendes…I am a muggle … I don’t have any friends nd I am gonna get sorted so can I come with u guys??!!!
All shout sure!!
Aaliyah:thanks so friends?
So guys btw Aaliyah is shawns sister
Aaliyah sees Harry Aaliyah:omg Harry Potter!!!can I call u as bro ?
Harry :sure I and Anika r the same for me

From a far distance …its seen that Draco is admiring Aaliyah

In hogwarts…Anika and Aliyah r sorted to gryyfindor

But something unusual happens to Aaliyah…..everyone gets panicked..
Dumbledore:call her family
Harry:I will send an owl to her bro

The owl reaches oberoi mansion and stares
Shivaay : it would have been that stupid Anika …
Shawn :no….my sister is also went for her first year in hogwarts

They read the letter….its written that Aaliyah had been poisoned by an anonymous person…and she wants to meet her brother nd asks Shawn not tell this to their parents

Shawn:I have to leave to hogwarts…Barry can u come with me
Barry:sure I will come
Shivaay:I will come to…if now I am not there. For u then what r friends for
Shawn faintly smiles
Onrush also says then we will also come

All leave to hogwarts…..
They stand at the enterance of hogwarts astonished by its beauty

Then madame macgonnagal opens the gate and take them to the clinic …

When they enter Shawn nd Barry runs towards Aaliyah
Omru stand still astonished by the happenings
Shivaay and Anika looks each other and gets shocked ?

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