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The magical ishqbaaz ep 13


Hi guys’s me again …I am extremely sorry…I was so busy….too many problems nd stuff….but now I am ok….I became a bigger potter head now…I am really sorry..I am ready to accept all ur hatred….

In the great hall
Harry:I have to face dragons in my first task
Ani:what r u saying
H:yes it’s true…
Ani:u will get through it
H:Sirius told a simple spell is the key to it
Hermione enter
Hermione:a simple spell to pass a dragon….hmm
H:u getting something?
Hermione:yeah…what r u best at?
H:nothing!i can fly well
Hermione:ya u got me
H:but we can’t have brooms inside
Hermione:bit u can summon them
H:hermione u r a life savior….I love u
H :I am really poor at it ..can u teach me when u r free


In the gryffindor common room

(Guys I really love Fred and George….s they will be playing a pretty large role in ani life…I would like to make it clear…even though Anika loves Harry a lot…she is more close to Fred and George…)

Ani:u know what nd Cedric r in a relationship now
Harry nd hermione:Congo
Ron :bl**dy hell!how dare u do that …don’t u know he is against our Harry!
Harry stares Ron in shock as Ron was angry at him
Ron:don’t think much!i don’t want mum crying
Shi:it wall all because of me….I gave her the idea
Ani:ohh ..shut up…he liked me too…but u were such a duffer that u messed up ur proposal
Shi:as if…I rejected her as she was a slytherin
Ani:so what?
Shi: come on …I don’t date dark magic related people
Ani:so from when have u started to talk as if u r a wizard
Shi:from the day I met u
Ani:but why???
Shi:because I want u!!!
They both share an eye lock…..all of the others stare at them
Shi:I meant as a friend
Fred and George enter….
Anika runs nd hugs them
Ani:it’s a success
Fred:merlins beard!!rhats amazing
George:ohh sis …now u will love him the most
Ani:(starts to shed tears)no one above u both brother
They three share a bone cracking hug

While the other stare at them not knowing what’s going on


  1. Are you dementia posting again the same thing ?

    1. ok i am sorry for the inconvenience but..i dint mean to hurt or annoy anyone…pls dont use words like these..nd i am not a dementia.i am sorry…i posted as i thought some people said they couldnt find my fan fic

  2. that’s o.k…how ever nice episord…post next..

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