The magical ishqbaaz -ep 1


Hi guys!!!! I was very much overwhelmed by seeing the response which I recieved .thank you so much

So here it starts

It was a nice and peaceful day at the burrow (weasley house)…it’s November 28 th nd the entire house is busy with preperations as harry potter is coming to the burrow …as soon as anika comes to know this she freaks out…(she has never seen him before )
Ani:omg harry is coming …I have to be superb before him
Ron:come on sis chill ….He is not going to judge u on the looks(BTW guys ..Ron has only one sis nd it is anika….ginni is not there…so harry will be with hermoine nd Ron with lavender)
Ani:really ron (asks him innocently )
He come and hugs her
Here downstairs harry come nd soon harry becomes friends with anika

In the muggle world

A young man is shown deep in sleep …..dreaming about a girl …so beautiful and charming…
In the dream he faces the evil demenators (happiness suckling vampires)nd runs….but to his shock this girl comes and saves him …..He admires her beauty.but when she turned around to speak
Shivaay:wait !!u r a witch
The girls walks off nd shivaay gets off from his sleep and go to rude and omkara room to sleep with them

In the morning
Shivaay:how was your sleep?
Om:us was awesome e but why did u come to ur room
Shivaay:why can’t I sleep with my bro
Rudra:bhai stop telling lies I know you too are afraid of magic am I ryt??
Shivaay:uu duffer oberoi…shivaay Singh oberoi is afraid of none
Then he does his signature move nd leaves to the office

Here anika nd others are having their brunch when the decide to go to diagonal alley in order to buy books for the new term….in diagonal alley they meet hermione …all four of the hugged as they are best friends…..they got new stuff and that’s when they met draco malfoy …the evil duffer
Harry:draco !what brings u here?
Draco:why do u care ?Mr potter
Nd takes his wand in order to cast a spell
But before that anika chants*expelliurmus *thud draco loses his wand………

This ep ends with shivaay and anika faces …..
Hope you all liked it …..
Have a good day guys

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  1. Jazz1

    I really loved it but plz can u make it longer. And also post the next part soon

  2. It is very confusing so pls dont add english movie part hindi serials it dosent suit

  3. Hiii…nice part…I am also a big fan is harry potter<3…half blood prince is my favorite one…I have a request can add the twin brothers(George and Fred) plzz..if u don't want then no problem…. Love your fan fiction…thank u…:-)

  4. Hey I totally loved it and same request please add Weasley twins and please please don’t pair Ron and Lavender Brown. It was awesome please make it lengthier but how harry and weasleys are in Burrow on November 28th they should be at Hogwarts.

    The “DIAGONAL” aleey was funny . I remembered Chamber of Secrets.

  5. And Anmol have you seriously read CC and all other books because I don’t think you have read after reading your comment I think you have watched all movies only. I have a friend who is a mild potterhead and she read that and now she hates Harry Potter.

    Seriously Bellatrix ‘s and Voldemort ‘s daughter. Euuuuu……..

    If anyone agrees with me PLEASE READ IT WHOLE AND REPLY.

  6. Thank you so much for ur replies….but some people think it is confusing and will not mix with boll wood. …so i am thinking of giving of in this series…..

    But this will never make the thankfulness which I have for all the people who liked it to be reduced…and anyways if we want to know magic….hogwarts will always be there…nd potter heads r never gonna stop believing in magic

    Nd it’s kind request ….if u can pls go and hear to shawn mendes song…’s just a kind request….

    BYE guys ss
    Will miss u so much
    Love you guys

    -mendes army (it’s me only)

  7. Please don’t give up the series,please please. I checked the page , saw no update came to this page and read your message . Only some people think like that what about the others . Please please please.

  8. Yes Mary is right I also love your fan fiction plzz continue….with this only plzzzzzz its a request…:-)

  9. Mendesarmy

    Guys cool down… i told i am thinking only…I will continue it soon as my exams r gonna start…..nd to all who think my ff is not to desi kind….it’s because I am really inspired by English story’s and movies
    …i like them a lot …nd I also don’t know hindi

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