The magical ishqbaaz (character sketch)

Hi guys….. I am a big fan of Shawn Mendes and Harry Potter
how’s life?…so I am new to writing ff but I got so inspired by seeing all your ffs that I thought why not try it out

So it’s an ff about shivika mainly but other characters are also involved …this is gonna be kinda different as I am going to mix a bit of Harry Potter into it

For people who don’t know about Harry Potter here are some key words:
Muggles:people who do not know magic and don’t believe in it
Hog warts:wizard ins school

So here is the character sketch

Anika :she is a student at hogwarts ..but she her parents were muggles…they died in an accident…she was adopted by the weasleys ,a wizard family

Shivaay:a muggle …does not believe in magic…stubborn and arrogant his family

Rudra and omkara are his bros

Hermione granger:best friend of Anika ….Ned Ron weasleys

And guys as Anika is adopted she goes by the name of Anika weasley

So guys how’s it ??shall I continue with it or stop it

Have a good day


  1. MARY

    Hey I AM THE BIGGEST POTTERHEAD OF ALL TIMES . I wanted to write a ff mixing ishqbaaz and HARRY POTTER but couldn’t as I am not registered I had complete plot ready . Thank you for writing . I just saw you wrote I am a big fan of HARRY POTTER I got excited and opened it and a full surpise was waiting. Thank you , thank you very much .

    What’s your age so I can know if I should call you di or not . I am 17 studying in 12 th

    • Mendesarmy


      Hi Mary di…I am 15 .I am studying’s so nice meeting seems that we have some connections between our brains like voldemort and harry😀

  2. Naimee

    OMG…Harry potter with ishqbazz….I’ll love it …plzz do continue ur ff..n actually thanks for this..I’m highly exited for this..

  3. MARY

    My favourite book is 3 rd and 5 th . My favourite character is Severus Snape and Sirius Black . Which is yours ???

    And a fair warning ⚠ ⚠ ⚠ ⚠ ⚠
    If you have not yet read HARRY POTTER AND THE CURSED CHILD don’t read it . Its very bad . It’s standards don’t match with the series as it is not entirely a J.K.R. work even it’s not 10percent. I cried after reading it on 1st August

    • Anmol

      Hi Mary! Well i just wanted to say that i mean i dont wanna be rude but dont say that DONT READ HPCC because its like may be you didnt like it, it didnt matched the standard of other novels according to you and many others but may be someone can find it really inetersting. Yaa it could be better but you know the thing is the person who have not still read it will make a misconception. I value your opinion but what i want to say is that let everyone give a chance without any bad as well as good preconceptions. Let them form their own.
      I am sorry if you felt offended,

      • Mendesarmy


        Ohk ..I have nt read it yet ….but I read it’s main plot on the Web nd really dint like it ….anyways it’s just our opinions ….some may like it while some may not

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