What magic did u do? (Part 4)


Guys I guess know one likes my ff but I am writing for the people who read and like it and wait for my ff

As I am not getting so many comments I guess know one likes my ff
I request who ever reads to write a comment or give me some suggestions so I can also make it more nice In the way u guys like
Next day
While swara is going to her office sanskaar comes back of her and they both speak a lot
And suddenly sanskaar says I love u swara
Swara says I don’t love u I can’t even love anyone
SANSKAAR says why why why
Swara says I can’t make my get insulted
SANSKAAR says how will your father get insulted
Swara says we can’t get married we are of different caste
SANSKAAR says how many people are getting married now on days
Swara says they r different I am different
Then sanskaar says I Will Wait For You It was not hard for me to fall in love with you. You are so easy to love. The hardest part is being away from you, but I know that the best part is when we will be together again. I’m longing for that moment. God knows how much I miss you. We may be apart, but my love for you stays stronger and sweeter. My Love, all I ever need is you and all I want is to hold you forever. To laugh with you, to share each moment with you but for now I will wait for that sweet moment. When it comes, I will hold your hands forever.i love u swara i love u ms.swara mathur.
Sears says whatever I can’t love u and goes away
RAGLAK became best friend
After two days
It is ragini birthday
Ragini’s birthday celebrations are held by her friend pragya
RAGLAK goes together to the party in Taj in when they reach it starts raining
LAKSH says to ragini tell any of your friend to send umbrella as it is raining heavily
RAGINI says I love u laksh
LAKSH gets surprised and says what did u say
RAGINI says I love u laksh
After a minute
They both kiss passionately(lip lock)

After that ragini asks what is your answer laksh says I told u right like this and again they kiss
And they both go together and they go to the party and dance together (salsa)
Next day
Swasan return from Mumbai as they have some work they co-incendintely meet in the train
SANSKAAR says swara i am sorry for that day
Swara says it is ok
SANSKAAR says friends
Swara says ok friends

Precap-sanskaar kisses swara on her cheek and on her forehead in the train; raglak have a fight

Credit to: akshita

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  1. Nice but why raglak have a fight

  2. Hey..its really nice….Don’t think dat no one likes ur story…they r many silent readers so ….even I am a silent reader….ur story is gud plss continue

  3. Nice. Not bad keep it up

  4. swaragini fan

    SwaSan – Ye Maaya Chesave / Vinnaithandi varuvaya
    RagLak – Yeto Vellipoyindhi Manasu / Neethanae En Ponvasantham

    Make it happy end for SwaSan.. others let it be like in movie nt not climax lik tat 4 swasan..

  5. Very nice yr but u r taking it so fast…………show some nok jhok between swasan nd there r less swasan moments yr plz make it big

  6. Hey I didn’t understood u …how r those movies related to dis ff…even I know those movies

    1. Hey these scenes took place in the movies so they r related

    2. Raglak scene is same as like as NEP
      Swasan scene is as like as VTV

    3. And plz yaar dont separate swasan as VTV coz hero and heroin will not unite in that movie

    4. And VTV remaked in hindi as Ek Deewna Tha with Prateik Babber and Amy Jackson directed by Gowtham Menon Vasudhevan

  7. Nice dr…. why raglak fight

  8. Ya guys I also think it matches those film scenes perfectly

  9. Ur ff Is soo nice.. Don’t even bother about comments…

  10. If anyone understand tamil then
    In NEp
    Varun:vella sammaiya mazha paidhu nithya car la kudha irrukkula
    Varun:seri un frnds kita solli kudha kundhu vara sollu
    Varun:enna edhukku nu kekura ennaikku un B’D nithya unkaga dhan party hey neyae polana eppqdi
    Nithya:en V’D na ennakku enna pidhidho adhu dhana seiyanum
    Varun:seei unnakku enna venum nu sollu na…
    Nithya:i love u
    Nithya:i love u nu sonna enakku…(lip lock)
    Nithya:onnum solrathukku ellaya
    Varun:adhudhan sonnanae
    Varun:dho eppadi(liplock)
    And saindhu saindhu song

    And in VTV in Omana Penne song

    1. Sry yaar its eppadi, B’D,seri

    2. swaragini fan

      Nanum tamil than… apdiye VTV NEP ditto.. oru scene kuda marala..ena ava allapey pova.. inga mumbai.. avalo than diff. Starting la irundhu apdiye same

  11. don’t go fast drrr

  12. Athira in ye maya chesave hero nd heroin will unite at last

  13. Yaa i know naga and sam but in tamil and hindi they wont

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