a magic of love maha episode 18

hi friends gd mnggg… today is maha episode funnnyyyy fulll episodeeee
i hope u njyyyy itttt

the episode starts with
arnav : what the
jeevika : bhayya ….good morning

laksh : shaanu…. stop shouting
Khushi shout loudly good morning
Swara : still louderr
sanky : you mad girls get out from here

he pull the other two boys and sleeps again
Ragini gives bowls of water to all…
Khushi : counting Started again 3 2 1
all four of them pours bowls of water on them
the three will wake in an anger.
sanky : you idiots how dare to pour water on us…
Khushi : sanky…. no dare…. only pour water…
again she poured the remaining water
laksh : stop this all…..
Arnav : stop…. U are alll disturbing us get out from here
Ragini : no way you should get up
Jeevika : we made a plan
arnav : what??!!!

kushi : sh… crystal not now nothing but you are all should come out with us
sanky : who will listen your words get out… get lost …

now all four of them poured buckets of water on them….
Arnav laksh and Sanky wants to punish them
they started running behind the 4 girls
they are all Rushed to the lawn

Anjali : stop…. .stop ….why all of you are running
sanky : not running chasing…
swara : ha ha ha u running or chasi ng what a joke
Shyam : o k ok stop fighting shall we start
arnav : what
jeevika : PITTU gamee…
laksh : in this morning
ragini : now only

everyone agreed and divided into two teams
two teams are ready…
team A : aarav , Anjali, (leader) , Arnav swara and Laksh.
team B : Shyam( leader) Khushi, Jeevika, sanky and ragini
the game starts now…

swara attempt first….
she strike and the Seven stone towers…
Shyam : Khushi catch the ball
team A Starts to rebuild it..
Khushi going to hit arnav with the ball

Swara : Arnav… move…
Khushi Misses to hit him
anjali : very good chotee… a dundeo 4 stones
swara : nahi mil raha hai di..
sanky : now you are done swara…. ( the ball in his hands)

Ragini : come on sanky…u can do it
laksh : swara… the stone is there …
aarav : di… Run fast…
sanky : swara….have this chocolate…
he throw ball and Swara…
balll hits to swara…
shyam : (shouts) out…. swara is out….

anjali : oh….ho… swara…
swara: you dirty sanky… made me out….
kushi sanky ragini gives hi fu
anjali : chote… stilll we want 3 stones

she didnt observe shyam is at her behind… he hits her… with ball…
she also outs..
still aarav arnav and laksh are there…

laksh : arnav do u got remaining stones??
arnav : searching..
jeevika : jijuu pass the balll….
she makes aarav out..

arnav rebuilds the tower with another stone.
still 2 remaining

ragini had the balll

arnav : lalsh.. near ur legs..
laksh bends to take it.. nut meanwhile..
ragini shouts loudly dumbo…
laksh suddenly gets up and signs not to call dumbo..
immediately she hits him…

only arnav remains..

he takes another stone and rebuilts the tower.
but tonly one stone left
the ball is in kushis hand
shyam 🙁 loudly) kushi come and signs to alll came
then all gather shyam said I had a plan to out of the great a.s.r
arnav is in busy is in searching

the all mad a plan.
arnav got the stone about to keep the last one and to win

Jeevika sanky and Ragini shouts di….very loudly
suddenly Arnav turns towards them and
Khushi hits with the ball
jeevika sanky and Ragini Shoutss di…. water plzzzzzz

arnav freezes them with anger..
team B had a hi fi and shouts PITTU
we won the game….

laksh : u all did cheating..
ragini : hey dumbo… what cheatinggg
laksh : sh… no dumbo…
anjali : k lets play another game.
arnav : now se.. who will wi.
kush i : k fne we are the winners….

swara : lets see…
sanky : you swara… again u will have a chocolate… ha..ha..
the game starts

kushi ,sanky ,ragini, jeevika shouts jiju….jijjuuu… jijjjuu

he his the 7 stones too hardly

kushi : what shyam.ji … this much hard… seee how will we search…
shyam : sorry
anjali laughsssss( aarav out of team he went for practice basketball)

anjali hold the ball
anjali : ji.. suniye..
shyam unknowingly.: ha.. ranisahiba…
she hits him
arnav : jijuuu out….

arnav , laksh and swara had hi-fi
kushi : i had a stone….
sanky : dont say out… built it..
arnav : listens it and hits her…
kushi made a pout face…

sanky : kushi…. you really not have a brain….who told u to shout that i have ball…
arnav smiles cunningly…
jeevika replaces the 5 stones only two are remaininggg…
ragini : sanky… take this stone…
swara : sanky… take this chocolate…
he confuses by listing the two…

swara hits him

swara& laksh & arnav had hi- fi
only 2 stones & only ragini & jeevika left..
ragini replaces another stone..
and try to run from there…

laksh : raginu…. have this stone..
ragini : give me it…
laksh : takes this…
he hits her hardly with the ball….

the balll hits her and ragini throws the ball out if court…

jeevika only left…
she is little far with the stone to rebuild the tower…
arnav : swara…. search the balll…
sanky : jeevika… run… we have to win…
suddenly the balll hits jeevika
they all frreezedd…
viren comes from behind…
arnav : wow…. viren… good shot…. but you…
viren : i just came & seeing your game and joined…

swara : superbb…. you made our team won…..
they all had hi- fi

precap: cute and funnnyyyyy fightingsssss

silent readersss are plzzzz comment plzzzzzz

Credit to: kushi


  1. Khushi

    Wow! Soooo nice episode, yaar.. Full of masti.. Liked it so much… Waiting for the next episode..??

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