The magic of love last episode (edkv,krpkab)


Sorry for late but see i come before sunday

Epi starts…….
Sharvan with his family reaches sumo,s house whole house was decorated beautifully and sharvan was looking hot in red sherwani as well as dev in blue sherwani sumo,s parents greets them…..
Sharvan was looking for sumo…
Dev:ahmmm ahmmmm what r u looking for
sharvan:ahhh nothing….
Just then sona comes to them(she was wearing same pink blue saree which she wore in serial)
dev was mesmerized by seeing her and was completely lost in her
dev still lost sharvan put hand on his shoulder
Dev:(comes into his sences) yeah!!! oh hi sonakshi hru how is ur foot???
Sona:its fyn
sharvan:i must say u r looking beautiful
sona:thanku but ur bride is looking more beautiful see(she points towards sumo who was coming from upstairs wearing green and red lengha silver jwellery and having pallu on her head”guyz just imagine sumo in that”)
sharvan was mesmerized by her beauty guests greets sumo in her way meanwhile dev was mesmerized by sona,s beauty who was looking at sumo with smile……
Sumo comes to sharvan who was still staring at her
sumo:will u plzzz stop staring at me….
Sharvan:ahhh its not my fault someone is looking beautiful
sumo:thanku and someone is looking handsome….
Sharvan:as alwayz…..,,
dev comes out of his thoughts and thinks y he is attracted towards sona….
All four sits and enjoyed for while and sona gets a call she goes to pick a call but lights gets off and spot light falls on her and song plays
Aahatein kaisi yeh aahatein
Sunta hoon aaj kal aye dil bata
(sona looks here and there)
Dastakein dete hain dastakein
Kyun ajnabi se pal aye dil bata(other spot light falls on a guy standing at stage his face was not clear) Kuch toh hai jo neend aaye kam(sona walks towarda him and stands by his side )
Kuch toh hai jo aankhe hai nam
Kuch toh hai jo tu keh de toh
Haste haste marr jaaye hum (guy turns towards her he was none other then dev and flowers starts falling on them)

sona was lost in dev when she hears a phone bell and comes out of her imagination(SORRY GUYZ IT WAS SONA”S IMAGINATION 😛 😉 )
and looks at dev who was enjoying with sharman
sona u r gone mad she hits her head and goes to take call….
After while they all were having masti when sumo,s got cough sona,s ask waiter to give her water but waiter pour it on sumo,s dress
sumo:oh God what hv u done
waiter:sorry mam
sumo:its ok go now
sumo:guyzzzz i,m coming in a min
(sharvan gets wierd feeling)
sharvan:i,m also coming
sona:ahaa sharvan so curious…
Dev:hv some patience she is coming
sumo:(smiles ) i,m coming
she goes………
Meanwhile sharvan was getting a very strange feeling and suddenly smoke appears in whole hall everyone was looking to find that frm where it is coming
when dev,s eye fall on sumo,s room whose curtains were on fire
Everyone looks upstairs and sharvan runs towards her room he goes inside room there was fire all around and sumo was lying unconcious on ground
sharvan goes and takes her out of room
in other room doc checks sumo….
Doc:dont worry she is completely fyn she gets unconcious due to suffocation
every one leaves from there and sharvan holds sumo,s hand and sits on ground and tears roll down his cheeks
and song plays in bg
(Chahe main rahoon jahan mein
Chahe tu na rahe
Tere mere pyar ki umar salamat rahe Chahe yeh zameen, yeh aasmaan
Rahe na rahe
Tere mere pyar ki umar salamat rahe)

other side dev was on terrace thinking abt whole incident sona comes and gives him water
sona:r u fyn???
Dev:yeah how is suman
sona:she is fyn sharvan is with her

they both were quite for while and were looking on stars

sona:3 years before what ever happen that was not ur fault

dev was shocked

dev: i dont wana talk abt it

sona:but…..(she was abt to say smthng)

dev:cant u hear what i say i dont wana talk abt that now plz leave me alone

sona aheads to leave but she slips and was abt to fall from railing when dev pulls towards him and hug her tightly
dev:are u mad cant u walk properly if somethng happen to u then how will i survive from the time i had met u i had got some peace in me my pain has reduced what abt me if somthng happen to u i love u sonakshi
(dev was still hugging sona and sona eyes gets teary hearing this)
sona:i love u too dev i love u so much
just then dev realize what he said and break the hug

other side
sumo become concious sharvan gives her water and make her sit
sharvan: y r u so stubborn i told u not to go but u
sumo:(makes puppy face) i,m unwell and u r scolding me
sharvan: ok ok drama queen now hv some rest dont waste ur energy in fighting with me
sumo:plzzz take me to terrace i wana b in fresh air

on terrace
devakshi were already there
dev: i,m sorry i didnot meant that i,m really sorry
sona: y r u running dev and from what r u running i know u love me
dev: i,m not a good guy i,m a irresponsible person i could not take care of a small child how will i take ur responsibilty if u will be with me ur life will be spoiled
dev try to goes but sona holds his hand and and goes close to him
sona:for me u r perfect…. I dont want anyone else i just want u
(they hv a intense eyelock and were very close to eachother)
meanwhile sharman reach there and saw devakshi and smiles they go towards them but dev and sona were still lost in each other sumo shakes sona and sharvan shakes dev both feels awkward
sumo:i think tom one more engagemet is gng to be held she hugs sona
(sona blushes)
sharvan:bhai i,m so happy for u he hugs dev…….

Next day again the house was beautifuly decorated but this time there were 2 couples DEVAKSHI AND SHARMAN…….


so this was end guyzzzz i know it was really bad and boring but plzzz forgive me these dayz my mind is filled with physics formulas and chemistry reactions 😀

and yeah this time i,ll say that ur chappals and tomatoes are welcome but not rotten eggs han i,ll die of smell 🙂 😉

thanku for immense love nd support till now

and yeah i really dont hv any idea that my comments on every ff,s is posting or not becoz this network has become really weird if i miss to comment on any than plz forgive me and yeah plz pray for me i hv some entrance tests this month…. Ok now enough of my bak bak……

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  1. Awwwww sweet ending but why sooooo sooooooooon?????
    Anyway epi was very gud I loved it
    U enjoy ur eid a lot sweetu
    Take care

    1. Angel_pari

      Awww thanku sweetheart….

      Well eid khatam hogai ab parhai 😉

      1. Right lekin beghir eidi k?????

      2. Angel_pari

        Ok baba say what u want as eidi 😛

      3. Pray for my result and a one shot bssssssss
        Ziada hogaya??????

      4. Angel_pari

        Hahahaha blkul nh 😉
        half eidi to mil gai tmhara one shot post hogaya 😛 baki results ke lye pray kr rahi hn sweetheart apni k lye b or tmhare lye b 😉 😛

      5. Mtlb apne mere life one shot post kia h apna????? Seriously??????

  2. Oooyyyy……….ended…… 🙁 so soooon
    Aww btw d ep WS dam awesome who said u bored us I loved it to d core di…..! 😀
    N yeah all d best fr ur exams I will pray fr u…!! 🙂

    1. Angel_pari

      Awwww thanku so much sachi boring nh tha na 😛

      thanku so much and yeah do pray they are highly needed lots of love

  3. Prettypreeti

    It was not boring pari .I loved it and waiting for ur next ff episodes

    1. Angel_pari

      Really it was not boring?? Well thnku so much yeah i,ll post that soon 🙂

  4. Nice epi angel

    1. Angel_pari

      Thanku lily!!!

  5. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Very nice ff … nd it was not at all boring .. who said it is boring??? … nd best of luck for ur test ?

    1. Angel_pari

      Awwww thanks i,m glad that u all did not feel bor… And thanku sho much sissy 🙂

  6. Khushi

    Ended so soon???
    Anyways who said it was boring it was not boring at all di……just loved it they way u write it is really very real …….love u so much di……hehe di boys always get lost seeing beautiful girls??
    Loved sharman scenes and devakshi confession….. But plz di ab new ff ka 1st part jaldi post karna….plz plz
    Love u di

    1. Angel_pari

      Ary han baba jaldi post krungi islye toh ese b jaldi end kiya 😛

      and i,m too happy that u all did not get sleep while reading it 😀

      ahhhh jobless boys they dont hv any other work 😀

  7. Anth..bala tho Sab bhala..?☺
    Happy end..

    1. Angel_pari

      Hahahaha well said 🙂

  8. Nikita

    It was a very sweet ending pari di.. I’m gonna miss you…come back soon… Amazing episode

    1. Angel_pari

      Thanku nikki i,ll be back soon sweeto 🙂
      thanks for liking

  9. Simplesweety1

    Missed … It Will Be Missed 🙂

    1. Angel_pari

      I,ll also my sweet commenters 🙂

      1. Simplesweety1

        Hey .. Ur FF Has Been Finished .. So Why Not Read Mine And Comment Ur Review On It! The Name Is Kya Ma Manengi ? ….. A Devakshi FF .. Till Now 11 Episodes Are Uploaded!

      2. Simplesweety1

        Here’s The Link For All The Episodes !……+a+devakshi+ff

      3. Angel_pari

        Sure i,ll read it very soon thanku for links 🙂

  10. WeirdSister was short nd sweet…loved it to d core…!

    1. Angel_pari

      And i love u to the core 🙂
      thanku for liking

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