a magic of love (episode 9)


thank you all
the show starts with

arnav lost in her eyes.
ipkknd instrumental music playssss
they both share an eye lock

arnav & kushi felt that they know each other before only.

both of them did not speak any word

Arnav came forward…
Kushi went back words….

in the middle of the garden
they’ve only there…..
everyone are busy inside
so nobody notices them….

Garden was filled with red roses & red colour balloons….

those are decorated for Anjali and Shyam…
suddenly rose petals fall on them….
it is very romantic place prepared by laksh & Ragini for shyam & anjali.

arnav places with hands over her cheeeksss
they were Too Close to each other….
Arnav is in a phose to kiss her
she just lost in his looks…

instrumental music of Arshi playssss

few mntes freeezed

suddenly Arnav mobile rings..

he didn’t care……..
again it’s ringing……
he came to know that what he is doingggg
he steps backwards and moves…. and lifts the call

Kushi stood there as she is a statueee
….. she did not understand what happppeninggg

arnav : hellow dhi
anjali : hi chotee….
arnav : where r u ?
anjali : just landed.
arnav : already did arrangements for you & jiju..
driver is it outside of the airport. … he receives u…. you both go to the farm house and refresh there
and driver will you bring here…
anjali : now y to farm house ?
arnav : dhii plzzz do what I say come fast

arnav cuts the callll
he recallls whatever happened before few minutes

arnav to himself what happened to me why I am attracting towards her ….he think of it and goes inside

inside of r.m
ragini : laksh do you know something I have a doubt
laksh : what doubtt
ragini : that my bhai….
laksh : he is not ur bhaiiii..
ragini : no dumbooo…
laksh : no in a sad voice
ragini : steps Laksh feet it hardly with her feet….
stop it
laksh : ouch! ok ok tell me
ragini : I think my bro is in love9
laksh : what ? love your bro
ragini : hmmmm i think so
laksh : that means your brother is in love alsooo
ragini closes his mouthh sh …..
laksh : then who is the girl going to become this my mad girls Babiee
ragini : it’s a promise you should not say to anyone top secret
laksh : ok my dear Hone Wali biwi abhi tum batao aap ka Hone Wali bhabhi kaun hai
ragini : vo…..vo…. arnav ji ki behna jeevika…
laksh : give an expression with an shock and surprise

they both were watching virika without their knowledge

Jeevika : thank you for coming Viren ji
Viren : invitation to personally Aaya Hai
jeevika : smiles
Viren : you look beautiful when you smile
Jeevika : Smiles and asks did your sister came
viren : ha she is somewhere in the function
Jeevika : ok go and enjoy the party
Viren : without you
jeevika : what
viren : how can I enjoy without you beauty
Jeevika gives a romantic look with a smile
Viren : something mesmerizing is there in your face
jeevika : is it
viren : yess…

scene shifts to raglak
Laksh : i think your doubt is correct
Rajini : yes always I am
laksh : your lawyer bro is becoming lover boy
Ragini : my bro is like me
Laksh : poor jeevika ji like poor laksh
Ragini : what do you mean
am i troubling you…
laksh : not at all in a teasing tone
Ragini : again you are making me angry dumbo
Laksh : no.. no ..no… no.. I can’t give you ice cream please …be cool darling….
ragini : hmmmm … u should be a good boy.
they both exchange their drinl classes with sweet smile smilessss….

precap : a new stunningg entry

Credit to: kushi

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