a magic of love (episode 8)


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the episode starts with
laksh , ragini , jeevika & arnav in raizada mansion.

laksh : finally we have completed all the decoration.
this r.m is ready now…
arnav : thanku alll
ragini : welcome this is our duty.
arnav: ofcourse.
laksh : we will leave now. you njy the party of today.
arnav : you are also my guest.
laksh : mee

arnav : yes , the credit goes to u and ragini.
laksh & ragini : thanku
laksh : but
arnav : not to say but…. & that you and ragini are coming to the party. i am inviting u to the partyyyy kkkkkkk
laksh : k we willl be

ragini : k
arnav : crystal (jeevika ) calll ur friends also especially viren . he is a nice guy took responsbility of my sister that day.
jeevika : ok bhai
ragini smiles a little

arnav : lakshh… if you dont mind can i say something..
laksh : sure
arnav : can u bring ur sister along with u
i want to appologize her…. for my behaviour yesterdayy
laksh : leave it. she is usually crackkk. you done correct but scared a bit.i will bring her..
arnav : thanksss
alll r wenttt

at laksh home
kushi : mr.arnav singh raizada how dare u to lock mee.. now i will see how rescue u.
laksh enters homee
laksh : shannnnuuu (kushi ) ……
kushi : yes bro
laksh : arnav innvited you also with me to his dhi
kushi : i wont come there again
laksh : first listen to me.
kushi ; nooooo
laksh : he want yo u appoloize in this way.
kushhi feels little better good

laksh : you r coming with me todayy kkk
kushi : kkkk

next scenee

jeevika message to viren
jeevika : hai
viren : (immediately ) helloww
jeevika : are u freee
viren : always free for u miss.b
jeevika : can i call u.
viren : no
jeevika : bt y
viren : i will only call u…

call conversation
viren : now say miss. beautyy
jeevika : invitation for u
viren : where & by whom & why
jeevika : there many questions
viren : answer me one by one.. sry.. my habit of askingg.. it is my professional habit.
jeevika :bt i m nt ur client..
viren : sry
jeevika : its k today is dhi & jiju anniversary so u r have been inviting behalf of my brother & me
viren : yeahh thats what is ragini is doing there.
jeevika : yess
viren : sure i will
jeevika : thank u
viren : u r most welcome
jeevika : bye
viren : byee

evening cum party time

raizada mansion is decorated with full of lights & flowers

arnav is in dark green & brown suit …. welcoming everyone
viren came in white and sea blue colour suit
arnav : hi viren welcome
viren : thank u its so great

hari prakash takes him insidee..

viren sees jeevika and become statue .
she is looking awesome in violet colour saree with matching accessories

out side of r.m
ragini is waiting for lakshh
she is in black & white sareee
with light makeup and heavy ear rings with a free hair.
laksh came….
unknowingly he wore black & white suit looking handsome.
he sees ragini

laksh : h…e…lll…ooo….www…
ragini : hi … same pinch dumbboo pinching hardlyyy
laksh : sh …. kushi is here..
laksh & ragini kushi goess in

kushi sees the decoration and stays in the lawn
arnav : welcomes them thanks for coming
laksh : where is ur dhi & jiju
arnav : about to come in 1 hour
arnav : is ur sister came.
laksh : yess. she is outside watching the garden she loves to be there….
arnav : ok
he goes there
kushi is in red colour saree
with 3/4 th hands blouse and lookingg chooo cute( gps starts heart beat him )
arnav : miss kushi
kushi : mr arnav in low voice
arnav : hm.. thank you for coming here
kushi gives a romantic look
which straightly strucks to his heart.

arnav losts in her eyesss
ipkknd insyrumental music playsss

precap : raglaksh knows about virika love

Credit to: chery

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