a magic of love (episode 6)


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the episode startss
they 3 in car.
viren : what work u r having there?
jeevika : y u want to her work?
kushi : i will not say… do u have any pblmm….
viren : no… but….
jeevuka : keep silent virenji
they reached the place
kushi get down & says to them.
kushi : i dont know you both you two are looking as awsome couple if you are. if it is correct upto then ok. otherwise i am sorry.
viren : (immediately) thank u sis.
jeevika : widen her eyes but smiled.
kushi : ok bye bhai.
viren & jeevika goes from there through viren’ car.
kushi covered her face with a mask and enter inside raizada mansion…

somee gps will be started to arnav along kushii alsooo.
fulll of air blow to arnav
some feeeeling to kushi.

kushi ( to herself) :then this is raizada mansion.(r.m)
fulll r.m is of with workers and decorative itemss.
laksh & ragini are inside of the house.

in meanwhile
viren :(to jeevika) this girl(kushi) is so naughty but nice.
jeevika : yes. she is cute.
viren : bt u r beautiful as an angel.
jeevika : do youu…..
viren: yes i like you.
jeevika : i didnt mean that
suddenly v’s hand touches js
hand accidently by changingvthe gear.
viren : sry
jeevika ; never mind.
viren : you r beautiful this much…. i think like your mom
jeevika : yes…
viren : where us she i did not found.
jeevika : she says about her family.
viren: sorry
what about your bhai?
jeevika : he is really god bt gets angry very fastly.
viren : i knew it.
jeevika smiles
they exchanged their personal numberss.

in mansion
kushi goes into the halll
arnav : who r u ?
kushi : who r u ?
arnav : temper started
what or whom do u
want? ( he also in mask )
arnav dresss is full of direty as he is also helpung in cleaning
kushi : you carryon your work. i will find myself.
arnav : really…
kushi : yes. ( before entering the house she wants to kniw who is arnav and gives blank call)
arnav : ( mobile rings) what theee
kushi notices him bur couldnt see his face of that maskk and unknowingly goes to store room
arnav: knowinglyy locks the door.from outside.
it s a big room.
after few mnts kushi came to know that she is locked in it
kushi : shouts to open the door.
arnav : laughs outside
kushi : open the door i m scared of darkness.
arnav : say, who r u ?
kushi : shoutss bhayyya bhayyya
arnav : whi z ur bhayya nio bhayya here this is my palaceee

kushi : do heelll with ur palace.

scene changes to near poooolll
laksh pous water infront of ragini
ragini steps on it and slips.
laksh catches her. qnd smiles.
laksh : after a long time of 24 hours again you came to me
ohhhh saathi reeee song playssss
ragini : achhha ji tooo long
laksh : stay away with me
ragini : whatt ?
and she moves back
laksh : came front and hugs her by Saying …..not now my devil is cmng thennn
ragini :k dumboo
lakshh and ragini hears the sound of kushi

precap : kushi unconsciouss arnav feeelsss to kushi

Credit to: chery

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