a magic of love (episode 5)

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the blank caller is none other than our kushiii

the episode starts with kushi going to morning cycling…
kushi: hiii
unknown : hellow
kushi and unknown person have a hug in a parkk

unknown : take this file.
kushi : thank u so much.
unknown : but be careful. both are so intelligent. if they know about me to give this file.then i am overrr.
kushi : no problem to u i will tale care.. but this is only for enjoymentt and onlyyy disturbenceeee…
unknown : not more than thatt.
kushi : ok my dear. how is ur lifee with ur bf.
unknown : yah! superbb….
kushi: anyway we are going to becomee ………….shh……
unknown : k yar i willl go.
kushi : bye again
they have a hug and theyy leavee

kushi came back to home.
near breakfast tablee
laksh : what shannu (kushi) you woke up this much early
kushi : kuchh paane ke liyaa kuch konaa padtha hai bhayyya
lakshh : ohhh!!!
kushi :(to herself) i want to enjoy by disturbing you otherwise you everytime steals myy sleeeppp.
laksh : ok everyone i got to go.
kushi : how is ur p.a bro
laksh: shh…..
kushi : i said p.a not more than that bhayya.. by the way what is her name?
laksh : ragini ( in lower voice) .. haaa she z fine.
kushi : oh! ragini maheswarii
alll r shockedd
laksh widen his eyes.
kushi : i mean ragini maheswari is an actor in swaragini serial bt she is only ragini na….
thats y i said
a.p : kushi … eat silentlyy..
laksh gaves an angry look and leaves.
d.p& kushi smiles.

in raizada mansion
arnav : ( call to aman his p.a)
today i am not coming to offfice.
aman : ok sir.
arnav : if any urgency then contact me otherwise dont disturb me.
aman : yes sir.
arnav : send me the fireign meeting files. i will clear those today from here.
aman : sure sir.
arnav starts and getting blank calls again and getting irritated.

arnav (himself) i cant switch off the phone but i am getting too much angryy
laksh & ragini reaches the rqizada mansion with their workers. they started their respective works.

laksh explaining the workers what to do which flowers to be decoratted.
ragini doing phone calls and orderibg the decorative items.
firstly started the cleaning work.
laksh is searching his files.
ragini : what are you searching?
laksh : the main file of the function.i think i gave to you..
ragini :you dumbo if i have i would given to u & only naa..
laksh : hmmm… blank face
ragini : remember where r u forget..
laksh : not getting
ragini : maybe at home
laksh : i think so..
ragini : you will go to home now?
laksh : i want that file.
ragini : ask someone to bring it.
laksh : yes
he calls shannu ( kushi)
kushi : hellow
laksh : shannnuuu… can u do my favour
kushi : it costss too much.
laksh : agreed. plz bring my file. he gave details.
kushi : k

next scenee
viren : hi (msg to jeevika )
jeevika no reply.
viren : hellow miss beauty
jeevika : who z this
viren : yesterday yours driver
jeevika : sent a smily sticker
viren : today also u r beautiful with a green dress.
jeevika : where r u?
viren : near you.
jeevika : means
viren : opposite to ur bus stop.
jeevika sees him and smiles.
viren : can i drop you.
jeevika : no thanku i will go by bus.
viren : then driver will be changed.
jeevika gaves a cute smile and goes to him.
they both are in the wayyin virens car
v drives car by seeing jeevika and hits one bike (ladiess bike)
she is in jeans with long top in half western dress but looking traditional with a side bag
she z our kushi going to raizada mansion
kushi: you cant see the road.
viren : i m sry
kushi :what sry i lost my bike.
viren : i ll get repaired
kushi : then who will do my work. i should go to raizada mansion now. you have to drop me.
viren : k before saying this he signs to jeevika.
jeevika signs k
they 3 in car..

precap : arnav kushi cute funny fight

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  1. Iss story me swasan nahi hai kya??????

    1. Hi… I will give their entry in upcoming episodes……in a special way….

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    1. why is khusi behaving like this….

      1. I changed modified her character from naughty to little more naughty….. I hope u liked this

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    Rock on

  4. Wow khushi. Excellent episode. I loved it.I am reading ur episode from but didn’t comment. So sorry for not commenting. Ur episode is awesome. Please post ur next epi soon. Eagerly waiting for ur next episode.

    1. Wow khushi. Excellent episode. I loved it.I am reading ur episode from first but didn’t comment. So sorry for not commenting. Ur episode is awesome. Please post ur next epi soon. Eagerly waiting for ur next episode.

    2. Thank u… No need to say sorry…. Buddy….. Enjoy by reading and given comments… I feel very happy to tread and ppost……

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