a magic of love (episode 4)


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calling bellll ringssss
arnav opens theee dooor
arnav: crystal (jeevika) where r u upto now? if you called me then i will come to u, to pick you right..
jeevika: sorrry bhaiii no chargee in mobbile. i missed the bus.
arnav: oh. ok. thats why i told you to take car with you.

he sees viren.
jeevika: bhaii. he is mr.viren vadera. best lawyer and our college guest.he onlyy dropped me.
arnav: ohh nice to meet you

by hearing the name ragini came out.
ragini : bhaiyaa aaap….. here
arnav : is he your brother??
raginii: haaa
arnav: itsss great
laksh: hello mr.viren ( in a slow voice)
viren : hai (in same voice)
it is late we willl leave now.
laksh: gave a look to ragini.
ragini: bhai… just for 5minutes planing is going to complete pleasee
virenn : ok by seeingg jeevika
jeevika: plzz have juicee
viren : no thank you
viren : kkk

arnavv: what the hell is thiss??? ( loudlyyy)
everyonee were shockedd
especiaaly viren is shakedd
arnav: i am sorrynot for you.
jeevika: what happened bhai..
arnav: some idiot is disturbingg me.
jeevika: what ? to youu
arnav : yes from morninngg
jeevika : whoo is that??
arnav:: i dont know. but by giving blank calls distirubed myy meeting.
viren: we can trace that number arnav.
arnav: i have tried. bt the caller is intelligent.
its a private number.

lakshhh gott doubtttt….
arnav: i will not leave them. if i got them i surely show them the hell.
after some time…
viren and ragini leaves to their homee.
laksh alsoo leaves home.

laksh reaches homee.
a.p: you became latee todayy betaa??
laksh: ha ma. there is a anniversary planning in raizada mansion.
you and everyone ate ur dinner?
a.p : haa
laksh : where is shanu( kushi) ?
a.p: i thinl she slept. she is in her room. go & wash your hands. i will keep your food.

lakshh enters kushi room
he founds kushi sleeping.
he takes her mobile and checks the call log.
bt couldntt find that the numberr.

lakshh (to himself): then she is not that candidate. my doubt is wrong. sorry shannu ( kushi) he givesa a cute kiss on her forehead and leaves.

kushi: ( to herself) good bhai.
you are correct doubtt.
who asked you to disturb me and my sleep.
now i will disturb you and your clients.
this is kushi maheswari.
thatt client & you aree finisheddd..

precapp:: kushi , jeevika, viren in one carr going to raizada mansioonn.

arshi scenes are goung to starrtt

Credit to: chery

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  1. superb…..chery give the link of previous epi……

    1. hi kriya…. just type…. in google search….. ” a magic of love written telly updates” i wil send u the links… u jst try this once… thank u sooo much for commenting.. i feel very happy……….

  2. plz tell paires

    1. Arnav khusi
      Viren crystal
      Laksh ragini

    2. arnav abd kushi
      jeevika and viren
      laksh and ragini…

  3. Superb Chery

  4. hahaha…..Khusi is really naughty…..
    superb episode

  5. thank u all of you….. yah kushi z soooo naughty…

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