a magic of love episode – 27


sorry for late updates
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the episode starts with

all were in their shock…

bua : sanskar ( shouts)what is happening here..

suddenly sanskar drops swara down

kushi widened her eyes.

viren sees her & comes to her.
viren : bua… u here…
y u here…. how do u know the address.. that i mean . y u came here..
bua : i will say it later… but u say me first that what are you doing here… why you came here..
vire. : Bua … that … i.. here Ragini : (interrupts )and says bua this is my friends home so that I came here to give my good news to her..

bua : ( teasingly) oh… may i think that friend name is jeevika..
viren : ha…. ha… jeevika..
bua : oh..

swara & sanskar are standing like that without any moment

bua : ok… then.. where z jeevika…

Ragini takes to her.
bua sees and smiles…
bua : so you are jeevika…beta Tum Bahut Khoobsurat Ho so this is this reason y he loved u..

jeevika takes her blessinggs

bua : if you don’t mind can I talk with your parents about your and viren marriage
jeevika : ji…. but …
my parents
bua : oh… ho I mean your di and jiju
jeevika : you know them bua : ha…ha I read everything in my virens dairy.
anjali : Namitha Ji
bua : Namastey firstly I am sorry I came here without informing you

anjali : bua ji no problem don’t say like that..
shyam : haa ji…
bua : I came here to ask your girl to my viren
viren : bua….but …
bua : I read your diary …
shyam : oh… this is the reason..
bua : ha…
Anjali : we are happy with this relationship ..
they sees jeevika face…

she has a beautiful smile as saying ok..
everyone agrees

bua : then… who is he. ( pointing towards arnav )
anjali : he is my sweet brother arnav.
arnav : namasthe..
bua : namasthe..
arnav : we are all very happy to make relationship with viren and his family
bua : we to beta…but who is the girl that Khushi husband is carrying…
laksh interrupts and going to say something ..
but sanskar interrupts & says
sanky : laksh.. u please shut up don’t say anything
laksh : sanky…

bua : what’s going on why you are fighting …
Arnav interupts and says she is our close friend
we are friends i laksh swara sanky
sanky : ha….ha…with a fake smile
laksh : ha… yes.. we all are close friends..
bua : oh… ho.. ok then .. shall we fix the marriage..
sanky : hm… ok…
anjali : ok.. we are ready..
bua : sorry without any intimation I came here directly with Shagun..
shall we fix
anjali & shyam : ofcourse..
we are all so happy ..
bua : so AP and dp will give the shagun on behalf of viren
dP : why not… he z also my son

they are all a very happy…. Shagun ceremony was completed.
Arnav gives a smile to Khushi

Khushi z no expression
they all about to leave.

laksh meets personally to Arnav
laksh : arnav do you love my sister
arnav : yes… truly
laksh : then I can say that you were with the best voice and all the very best
arnav : thank u
they both hug each other

laksh : if you want any help then you can ask me I will help you because I also know what a lover fells on his lover
arnav : if need.. i will ask u
for sure.. & thanku once again

Shyam : congratulations Viren
Viren: thanku ji
they also hug Each Other swara Khushi Ragini and Jeevika Hug eachother with joy..
sanky : ( shouts) then who will hug me..
laksh : go and hug to your new wife…
sanky : no way why I will do that mistake knowingly.. I will not do…
kushi : what you will not do I
will only not make u to do that..

d.p calls everyonw out to say bye..
all comes out and says bye..
sanky also says bye to everyone

bua : sanky beta… you are not coming …??
sanky : ji….. vo…..vo…
laksh : y not… he z coming with u only…
arnav : sanky… bye yaar…
swara gives a cute & angry look to sanky…
sanky makes a pout face.

everyone leavess..

next day..

bua calls panditji and take the dates for 3 marriages…

she calls DP and inform the dates of engagement haldi Mehandi Sangeet and marriage

precap : arrangement of functions & arnav planning for date & surprise to propose kushi

Credit to: chery

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