a magic of love episode – 25


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the episode starts with..

laksh said sanky is kushi ‘ s husband
suddenly kushi & sanky shouts “nooooooo”
laksh: sh…
bua : what…. what no….
laksh : vo….vo….
sanky : that i & kushi…. are not….
laksh : (interferes) nothing…nothing buaji.. they already married..

sanky in a confusion expression.. kushi in shock…..

in r.m
swara : u…. mr.sanskar… i will not leave u… i know.. bczz of u something will happen…
arnav : let him come…
jeevika : my virenji is safe…
swara : di & jiju… i think now u understand… that y i asked him not to go..

scene shifts..
kushi & swara in same expressions.
a.p d.p exchanged shagun with bua..
ragini signals laksh a kiss..

laksh does same in return…
sanky & kushi gave an angry expression towards them..
laksh & ragini turned their faces opposite to them…

bua : d.p may i ask u one thing
d.p : ofcourse maa.. no need to ask … just give me an order.. i promise u i will fulfil ur wish..
a.p : ha maaji.. boliye..
bua : i didnt njy my grandchild childhood.. so now i want to see my granddaughters marriage at once.. even though one of them get married..
sanky in d.p ears…no.. papaji…no… plzzz dont accept.. save me… i cant marry again…

laksh : ok..bua… as ur wish..
sanky shouts… u…
laksh signals towards bua… : sanky u ….. jijaji….

kushi widen her eyes..
a.p : go & take blessings..
raglak took blessings of bua.
bua : ( to kushi) come on beta

sanky & kushi goes to her in a difficult manner & took blessings..
they bend down

viren ragini laksh laughs silently by seeing them..
kushi : i kill u sanky..
sanky : me too.. but firstly to ur bro..

the cermony was completed.

a.p & d.p left to home.
laksh kushi & sanky left to r.m

viren & ragini said to bua that they were going to temple but they reached to r.m before reaching laksh kushi sanky

in r.m
swara is burning on sanky

in laksh car… all were silent…
bt laksh had a funny smile by seeing these two…
they reached r.m
laksh : come on..
sanky : where …. i cant step inside… that swara will kill me…
laksh : nothing will be happened… everything will be good..i m here .. y to fear..
sanky : u… shutup..bczz of u only i m fearing..
laksh : come on yaar.. no problem…

they went inside…
a pindrop silence
all were in hall…
laksh kushi near the door..
sanky is behind them…
they came in

shyam & anjali are sitting in one place.. arnav in full of anger jeevika viren ragini in same expressionss…
sanky is standing behind them & searching for swara..

shyam : come on.. come on.. have ur seats.
anjali ( in a funny voice) : sanky y r u hiding behind them.
sanky ( shivering voice) : where z my cutiewife

all kept silent
a voice came from his back
i m here
sanky slowly turn his head
sanky : my cute swara… y r u like that..
swara is too much angry..
raglak control their laugh

swara : what u did there
sanky : i… i… didnt done anything.. but how do u know
jeevika : sanky we know everything we saw all through Khushi mobile
swara shouts sankyyyyy
sanky : I didn’t done anything that idiot laksh only tricked me
swara : i know that something will happen by you
sanky : really swara I swear I didn’t done..
Swara : who asked you to go I request you to stop but…
sanky : vo…vo… swara really..
in meanwhile
swara starts beating him with jaadu..

sanky starts running… swara starts chasing…
raglak shyam anjali viren jeevika smiles

suddenly sanky runs & stands behinds arnav by saying save me… yaar….
arnav : swara … its enough..
swara : arnav.. bt.. the pblm is going there only na.. who asked him to go ?
arnav : i said.. enough..
everyone are shocked..
sanky : thanks yaar … u saved me..
suddenly arnav catches him & says
who asked u to go there sanky… he punches him.. a lot..
sanky : hey.. stop.. y r u beating me..
if swara beat me.. that means i know the reason.. she z my wife… bt u..y u….
arnav ( in anger & frustration) : ( he reveals the secret) he says….. you become husband to the girl… to whom i m going to propose….

all were in shock….

Credit to: chery

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  1. Very funny ep actually i m slient reader to ur ff

  2. Superb Chery.
    Seriously the propose of arnav is awesome..☺

  3. Wow last scene arnav dialogue was awesome.. I really enjoyed. It’s funny LOL

  4. thank u sooo much….. guyzzz….. i am happy to read all ur comments… including silent reader comments also………. thank u

  5. o god!….that was realpy funny….am laughing here lyk crazy..hahahhaha…bechara sanky!

  6. Arnav’s proposing tho variety hogayi…hihi…poor arnav!

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