a magic of love episode 22


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this is cheryyyy my pet name is kushi.. dont confuse my fndsssss

the episode starts withhh

d.p : with shocked and ask is it swamini maheswari….!!!????
viren : yes….
kushi : wt happened to u… papa…….
d.p : is it swamini maheswari..
viren beta… is she reallly ur bua

ragini : ha uncle…. she is our bua….
viren : vo….vo….
d.p: come on Viren data is she is really bua to you …
viren : no….no….
all were in hell shock
especially Ragini is in shock… d.P : then what is the relationship between u& her???
Viren : actually she is our granny but she made us to call as bua..at the time Ragini was so small
d.p : where is your native place
viren : Rishikesh
d.p : address
Viren : says the address

by listening this…. d.p comes and hugs viren tightly and cries…
Kushi : papa what happened why are you crying…..
laksh : dad… what’s this…
viren : uncle… what happend
d.P : uncle nahi beta…. call me as mama….

again all were shocked.
ragini : mama…???
shyam anjali swasan arnav : what mama….?????
viren : what r u saying…
d.p : ha…( eyes r filled with teats…) i m ur mama… beta… swaminiji is my amma..
all in cnfusion voice….wt amma?????!!!!!

kushi : is she your mom?? i.e amma … papa aap kya keh rahe ho..
d.p: ha beta.. she had aranged my marriage without knowing me.. bt i loved ur mom .. there z no option at that time for me.. so i left that home & ran away wt ur mom… now i got my family back…
viren & ragini hugs to d.p
kushi, viren ,ragini ,laksh have a group hug to d.p

d.p : i m very much happy to get all of u back in my life..
ragini : mamaji… may i cl u papa…
d.p : dont ask me like that beta.. u r having to right to cl me as papa..
ragini : thank u papa..

kushi : papa .. will mum accept this.. is she like granny
D. P : haa shannu sh e also respect my mum very much but has no daring to speak out
kushi : then call her…now..
anjali : h…a.. uncleji kushi is right
she comes here then we will plan further..
d.p call to Annapurna and ask her to come to r.m and says the address.

after few minutes she came
a.p: what happened is everything is fine and all are fine ..???!!!
why you call this much suddenly ??..
laksh : mom… relax all are fine and everything z good
Khushi : papa… say everything..
d.p explain about Ragini land poor village and Ragini & laksh and who are viren & ragini
tears rolled down from a.p eyes

ragini comes to her .
a.p : come here… she hugs to Ragini and say call me as maaa even though I am your sasu maa..I want to give all the love and affection which ur mom wants to gives uu

laksh & kushi hugged each other
viren felts very happy for getting as such as mother in law…
all r became so sentuu…
sanky : ok..ok…one pblm was cleared … now another pblm starts…..
swara : what…

sanky : i know u will forget… tumko boolne ka aadhat hai na….yaaar… vo… swamini bua….
arnav : right.. so what is our next plan..
anjali : going directly with shagun will be the correct one..
d.p : ha beta… my amma is also straight forward..
shyam : then u say that we got this match through some marriage broker… it will be nice…
swara : then she comes to know thatu r all were unknowingly went there…
sanky : nice idea…

a.p & d.p also accepted..
sanky : bt who will go with shagunnn….

sry friend today is sentimental bt further episodesss i willl post funnny & funnny episodesss

Credit to: chery

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